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Cover Boy

Yesterday morning Margie Harris called and mentioned that Merlin was on the cover of the new brochure about the gifted program at the children’s school.  I was surprised, and wondered out loud if that was okay to use his photo without my permission, but apparently one of those eight million papers I signed the first week of school IS my permission.  Who knew?  I never read those things.

The cover model!  I think he looks a lot like me here.

The cover model! I think he looks a lot like me here.

Anyway, Margie wanted to know if Merlin wanted to come over after school today to play with her twin boys who are also in the gifted class.  I think the twins are kind of weird, but Merlin was really excited to go over there, so I am breaking my “no playdates for Merlin” rule, and allowing it.  I hope he doesn’t come home wild!

I left Hummus at his playgroup until 6 (actually 6:15…oops, we were late!) and picked Starling up early to take her out to the zoo and for ice cream sundaes.  It is always a special time with my lil’ princess.

Mommy and her best friend!

Mommy and her best friend!

Poor Starling must have been tired though, because she kept complaining, even when I bought her new toys.  “I feel funny.”  “Can you scratch my head for me?” All afternoon long.  I love the kid, but it did wear on me.