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That Snake

This morning, when I was getting home from my run, Karen was hanging around my mailbox in a suspicious manner.  “Hi, Lah Lee,” she called out and I was ignoring her perfectly when she asked, “How is your friend?”

I froze.  What if she had somehow figured out that Stefan and I had been misbehaving?  I mean, they were just innocent lil’ kisses, but what if she had seen us and misinterpreted them?  She would not be above going to Röbert.  That snake would love to see my happy marriage ruined.

“What friend?” I asked. “I have lots of friends.  Does your lil’ friend have any more court dates coming up?”  Then I walked inside.  As I was closing the door I heard her say, “Your tall friend.  You know, the pretty one.”

What the hell does that mean?  All of my friends are tall and pretty.

Girl’s Night Out

It is Thursday and Cari and I were feeling a bit frisky.  Röbert came home early from work so I allowed him to put the kiddos to bed.  Let him listen to Merlin blabbing on about baseball for a few hours and see how much he believes that I should be more patient.

We decided to dress down and go to a dive bar.

We are looking cute but casual.

We are looking cute but casual.

I had told her how much fun it was to drink PBR with Ty at this crazy bar a few months ago so we went looking for a “dive” bar, and hoped to run into a few hipsters.

We didn’t have any place in mind except I had heard one of the young teachers at school talking about where she was meeting Ty and some other friends for a beer last week, and that place sound pretty hip to me.

It took us a while to find it.  The neighborhood was way more sketchy than we expected, but we thought that Rico’s Lounge might be nice.

Fine Food?  I hope so!

Fine Food? I hope so!

When we got inside there were absolutely no hipsters and we felt kind of uncomfortable, but Cari ordered a Miller Lite, so we were stuck.  I looked at the menu and it was not fine dining at all, but we ordered the chicken fingers and I got a plastic cup of vodka and lemon juice.

At the end of the night we made some interesting friends (Martin has a trailer from which he runs some sort of manufacturing business) and Cari had gotten some phone numbers for her friends at the drug rehab center.

I don’t think this bar was the Rico’s we were looking for.


A Romantic Evening

I woke up this morning with a bit of a my grain so Röbert was happy to let me sleep in, and he even brought me breakfast (black coffee, my favorite!) and the newspaper (actually Us Weekly, we don’t get a newspaper) in bed so I could relax.  What a wonderful husband!

We were up late last night having an absolutely wonderful time with Röbert’s friends from college and their wives, who are now such dear friends to me.  We barbecued steaks and ate outside for the first time this spring.  I love casual fun evenings like we had, filled with laughter and happy memories.

The only uncomfortable part was that we could actually hear Karen crying really loudly in her house, which overlooks our yard.  I was mortified for her, felt kind of sorry for her, but also, it  put a real damper on our own festivities.  I asked Röbert to go over to encourage her to stop crying, but he would not go over.  So finally I had to walk over there and found her looking even worse than I imagined.  Her whole face was red and puffy (well, even puffier than usual) and she has gained a bit of weight since I last saw her.  I invited her to come join us but she wasn’t interested (thank goodness!  Imagine that pulling up to join our group of young, chic friends, LOL!) I told her we could hear her making some noise and I wanted to make sure she was okay, and she said something very rude and slammed the door in my face.  At least she stopped wailing, so we could enjoy ourselves after that.

I told Röbert how rude she was to me and shed a quiet tear, and I think he now understands what a monster she really is.

At the end of the evening one of the gals took a quick snapshot of us, which is already my favorite photo ever.  I wonder if it would be weird to send it to a few select friends and neighbors, to remind them how happy we are and to prevent any gossip about us?  LOL.

So happy with my guy!

So happy with my guy!


When a Door Closes You Can Sometimes Open a Window or Even Another Door or a Chimney

Röbert gets home from his trip tonight and I am really looking forward to seeing him.  I wonder if he found the photo I left to replace the one of Karen I found?  I decided on the one of me in my nighty, so I expect he will be happy to see me too!

Karen was also supposed to be at the beach for a few days, but she got back yesterday evening and she looked like she had been crying.  Good.

The more I think about her hiding that picture in Röbert’s luggage, the sicker and crueler I realize she is.  I have been a wonderful, generous friend to her, so for her to act this way is just despicable.  I did find another picture I plan to put in his luggage.  I know this one will make him laugh, so I kind of hope he actually finds it.

She sure looks ridiculous here.  What could she have been thinking, pursuing my hotty?

She sure looks ridiculous here. What could she have been thinking, pursuing my hotty?

I was still feeling very upset about the whole situation, but I got up early and, using Starling’s binoculars, was able to watch her weeping in her backyard for a an hour or so before I left for the gym.  That cheered me up immensely.  Whatever made her leave her beach house early sure made her miserable.

I can think of no better use for Röbert's telephoto lens.  That is one ugly cry!

I can think of no better use for Röbert’s telephoto lens. That is one ugly cry!

When I got to the gym I saw Margie and her weird twins heading up to the children’s open gym so I told Starling and Merlin to follow them in.  A parent is supposed to be there for these vacation open gyms, and I was relieved that Margie could be there so I could make it to my Morning Stretch and Complete Body Conditioning before Spin With Quinn.  Margie seemed a bit perturbed when I picked the kids up, but I am sure she was just making up the dental appointment she missed.  I think there must be something wrong with the public address system in the gym, because I never even heard them call my name.

I love ya, Morning Stretch!

I love ya, Morning Stretch!

When I went to pick up Hummus from the childcare he was crying and clinging to that woman, Renata.  I don’t know what she does to make him so unhappy, but I plan to complain.  He is crying every time I pick him up lately, and I swear she rolled her eyes when I gave her a piece of my mind yesterday.  I don’t think she will have her job for very long.  I am a very important gym member, and she should know her place.

Despite all the stress of my morning and my friendship with Karen being kaput, I did run into Cari, the mother of Starling’s new little friend, Amber at Spin with Quinn.  We just have so much in common and I can tell we are going to be fast friends.  She is an actual single mom, which means her husband has to send her money and she doesn’t have to do his laundry anymore.  Sounds ideal, LOL!  She let me drop all of the kids with her ex-sister-in-law for a playdate and we went for a nice long lunch, complete with cocktails.  It was nice to finally relax and take some time for myself, and we laughed so hard when she told me she had seen Fat Alice’s mom in cross fit.

Cari is fun and fit, unlike certain other friends I used to have.

Cari is fun and fit, unlike certain other friends I used to have.

For a big treat tonight I am letting the children “Make their own salad” using all of the leftovers in the fridge, then sending them to bed early so I can slip into something comfortable and a glass of wine!

Busy Work at Home Mom

Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate all of you who take the time to read my lil’ ol’ blog each day?  Well, I do!  Not that I make any money doing this, but I am hoping that soon certain businesses will realize that all of the smart and savvy readers of My Three Angles just might want to buy their products. Then they can just start sending me beauty or fashion boxes (Hello? Stitch Fix? Is that you at the other end of this pretend phone call?)  or maybe even some money.  Right now I consider this blog my job, and let me tell you, being a work at home Mommy blogger is no easy task!

Röbert and the big kids are all up and making all kinds of noise by 7 AM every day, and it is hard for me to sleep through.  When he travels out of town or has a meeting am the one who has to get Merlin and Starling on the bus.  I am up early too.  I need to get to the gym for my 9 AM kick-boxing elite class, and Hummus would be devastated not to spend as much time as possible in the child care there.  After kick-boxing elite I usually have a sauna and then coffee in the cafe before I meet some friends for barre or pilates.  We end the day with spin class or kettle bells most days, then Hummus and I rush out to pick up the ingredients for dinner from a restaurant or gourmet shop.  Sometimes I am so busy I forget to even grab lunch for me and Hummus, LOL!

When we get home it is time for a nap for Hummus and I spend at least 45 minutes writing and watching television and keeping up with my social media and talking on the phone and doing kegels and looking through catalogues and looking luxury homes up online.  Then I relax until Merlin and Starling get home.  They always have a lot to say, so I distract them by handing them my old iPad, so they can play games, or I put Frozen on the television.  Both activities are very educational since they are both so very creative.  Hummus loves to spend the afternoon quietly entertaining himself in his crib.

I try to have dinner on the table by 4 PM, because children need their sleep, then Merlin gives the baby his bath and they all go upstairs to bed by 5:30.  The big kids are allowed to read in bed, but they have had colds coming on, so they have been exhausted from the Benadryl all week, so it is pretty quiet up there by 5:45 most nights.  Röbert checks on them when he gets home, so I, at last, have a moment to myself!  Phew!

I made myself a lil' dinner last night.  The martini was my appetizer, then dinner and dessert are on the counter.  LOL!

I made myself a lil’ dinner last night. The martini was my appetizer, then dinner and dessert are on the counter. LOL!


Go Ski Racers

Röbert mentioned last night that he was going to the mountains today.  One thing that I have noticed is that he is sometimes a lil’ inaccurate about what time he is leaving.  I decided to surprise him and got all the children up and dressed at 4 AM since he said he was leaving at 6 AM.  We all slept in the car for an hour and then, surprise! I am sure he was delighted to have all of us go with him.

He had to stop to make a few business calls, but then we had the most amazing time skiing together.  At first he seemed jumpy, but I just know he enjoyed spending his day taking Merlin and Starling up the bunny hill.  Bonding time is so important.

They were very energetic all day!  Röbert must have had so much fun with them.

They were very energetic all day! Röbert must have had so much fun with them.

I was able to drop Hummus into the Little Mountain Goats program at the lodge and then went to the outlet mall about an hour away,  There was a Coach store there!  Win!

When I got back to pick everyone up I guess the mountain had been closed for about an hour, so they had plenty of time to wrap it up and get ready for me.  I let Röbert drive everyone home while I had a nice snooze.

I am about to meet my date for the night, Mr. Pinot.  i am not sure if his last name is Grigio or Noir.  Röbert is having a lil’ Daddy time, getting his babies ready for bed.

Family time is the best!

Super Bowl = Super Fun

Well, I am very excited about the super bowl thing this evening.  For the first time in quite some time we are hosting the party here!  I sent out e-iinvitations to everyone in the neighborhood except the Wozinskis.  I even invited that crazy family who don’t speak any English, because I want the Wozinskis to realize that I didn’t invite them on purpose.  I hope they feel as bad as I did the day they refused to homeschool Starling for me.  I want them to feel that bad every day for the rest of their lives.

Anywhoo, there was some crazy mixup because it turns out everyone was already invited to the Sullivans.  I called Karen and asked how she had managed to lose my invitation AGAIN!  Honestly, she is such a space cadet.  She seemed flustered and upset and agreed to move her party here.  She is bringing her food so I went to the gourmet grocery this morning and picked up some healthier alternatives.  I am sure her dips and chips are fine for most people, I won’t judge, but I want everyone to be able to nibble on some bruised kale salad and vegan gluten free pizza at my house.

I saw some millet kale crackers and decided, what the heck, buy those too!  It will be quite a party!

I saw some millet kale crackers and decided, what the heck, buy those too! It will be quite a party!

The one bad part is that Karen insisted that the Wozinskis be included, so I promised to call them and invite them myself.  I am going to make it clear by my tone that I don’t want them to come at all.  I am pretty good at that sort of thing.

Happy Basketball everyone!