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Still Here

There were some complications last night so I will be spending one more day at least in this dam hospital.  This is not fun at all.  You would think with all of the exercising I do that my body would just be better and heal faster then any ones.

I cant weight to be home with my adorable littles and just hug and hug them.  It is not right for a mother to be away from her children at Christmas time.

I also cant stop thinking about who might have wanted to shoot me.  Of course it is probably some random hunting type accident but what if it was not?  There is no one who does not like me.  I am a very loveable and popular person.

I keep asking Robert where my friends are and why they are not visiting with me.  He told me that it is a busy time of year and I am at the lake harmony hospital an hour from home.  I still think it is suspicious that no one is here with flours.

I may work on a suspect list for the police.  I think they might appreciate the help.

Happier times with my big littles

Happier times with my big littles