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OMG!  Emergency!

So, while it may seem to some that our marriage is perfect, sometimes Röbert just gets the teensiest bit angry with me.  This week would be an example.  When I called to let him know I was in San Jose, he had already apparently heard about it from my parents, who I guess are also somewhat annoyed (it is like they are missing the love your grandlittles gene or something!)

wheelbarrow photo

Röbert and I in a happier moment!

In the end, after a very frustrating conversation he agreed that I should stay because I promised him that I would learn so much during the convention, make lots of important connections, learn to monetize (love that word!) my blog and probably get some sponsors!

Well, ugh.  It turns out that I had so much fun that I did not make it to a single session, meeting or speaker.  I did go to a lot of parties, the details are a little fuzzy to me.  The people I met, while a lot of fun, also all ended up having blogs with a similar following to mine (2 page views a week, more or less; one from my mom and one from my dad).  Also, no sponsor.

I may also have implied that I had purchased a nonrefundable round-trip ticket (I bought one way) because i thought with the money all my roommates would reimburse me for the room before they left, I would have enough to get home.  Well, I woke up this morning and everyone was gone, no cash or checks left for the room and when I went to the front desk the room charges were all still on the card I found in Röbert’s sock drawer!  And someone had bought a lot of minibar candies and room service and watched porn! OMG!

So now I need to try to get some sponsors before I go and I don’t know how that works.

7:27 golf

#golf #titleist OMG!  #sponsor  Maybe someone will at least send me some free golf balls to give to Röbert or something!

7:27 Starbucks

#starbucks #Peets #Idon’tcare #coffee

7:27 David

#DavidTutera #weddinggown  I swear, I will wear one of your super sparkly poofy gowns to run errands if you will just help out a gal with whom you shared a special moment this weekend!

Picnic Time!

Now that June is here it seems like we should always be picnicking!  Our neighbors, the Sullivans, invited the whole gang over for a picnic tonight.  I was asked to bring dessert, and i knew right away what to bring!  Watermelon!  But before Hummus and I could go shopping, I needed to clean the house.  So I put on my favorite caftan, and off to clean the upstairs.  A mother’s work is NEVER done.

caftan photo

Hummus and I tried to go to the new market, but they close midday for “Siesta” so we went to the local supermarket to get the watermelon. Can you see  how sleepy he looks?

shopping cart photo

We got home just in time to greet the older kids as they arrived home from school.  I sliced my watermelon and ran upstairs for a quick bath while Hummus napped.  I heard some squawking from the sun room, where I had left the watermelon out, and guess who had “borrowed” a chicken from some neighbors we barely know and was chasing it around?  I will give you a hint, it wasn’t Starling!

chicken photo

That very same little scamp got sent up early to bed while the rest of us went next door for our picnic.  I hope he could hear everyone playing in the pool and regretted his behavior!  The Sullivans seemed upset that he wasn’t with us, but so be it!  He was naughty so no treats for him.  I had a great time with their dog!

picnic photo

After dinner the hubby and I frolicked in the Sullivans’ wheelbarrow.  What a great day for a picnic!

wheelbarrow photo