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Valentine’s Excitement

The children reminded me last night that they needed Valentine’s cards for school.  Why did they wait until the last minute to tell me?  Starling claims that she and Merlin have been asking for weeks but I am sure that I don’t believe that.  Anyway, we went to the drug store and all they had left were some Hello Kitty ones and a set of Barbie cards.  Starling wanted the Hello Kitty ones so Merlin will be handing out Barbie cards.  He didn’t seem happy, but that’s what you get when you wait until the last minute.

After school, Merlin wanted to make a gift for me for tomorrow.  It was so cute at first, but when I found out it was just another one of his stupid paintings I was very disappointed.  Why can’t he figure out how to make something I want?  I already have about a million coloring pages of hearts that Hummus made for me at the gym day care.  Why would I want an ugly painted heart?

"I want to paint you a picture, Mommy!"  Ugh, spare me.

“I want to paint you a picture, Mommy!” Ugh, spare me.

Starling was playing her lil’ heart out at her piano.  She composed a beautiful piece of music for her dear old mother.  She knows that I am a true connoisseur of music and would enjoy anything she makes.

The song went, "heart, heart, love you, heart, love, poopy..." LOL.

The song went, “heart, heart, love you, heart, love, poopy…” LOL.

I am also VERY excited about Valentine’s Day.  I keep thinking about the brooch and the necklace that I pointed out to Röbert.  Do you think he will get me both?  I think he might.  When I was showing the pictures to Starling this afternoon, Merlin had the nerve to tell me that Röbert had not gotten those for me.  I am sure that he did and I told Merlin to mind his own beeswax.  Someone went right up to bed with no dinner at 4 PM.

Happy Valentine’s Eve!  I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight!

A Serious Discussion

I felt as if Röbert and I had a lil’ communication problem at Christmas.  You may recall that he got me just the sweetest, most thoughtful gift imaginable, kayak lessons.  Unfortunately, the kayaks were all used and dirty looking , so I ended up lying about taking the lessons and spending that time getting spa treatments instead.  Well, I started getting very excited about Valentine’s Day, just thinking about the jewelry I was bound to receive, when it occurred to me that a person who thinks of kayak lessons for Christmas might not exactly “get” Valentine’s Day.

I sat him down this morning with a catalog from the jewelry store, and I let him know, in no uncertain terms, what would make a good Valentine’s Day present.  I am so excited!

He was laughing like I was joking, but I think that was to throw me off.  He loves to surprise me!

He was laughing like I was joking, but I think that was to throw me off. He loves to surprise me!

I wonder if he will get the necklace or the brooch?  Which would you want?