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Wednesday Update

It seems as if the police may really have thought that Ty was just a witness to my shooting.  According to Krystyn, they brought his mom in for questioning early this morning.  I don’t think his mom is one of my besties, and I doubt she would be jealous enough to shoot me as I made a perfect yoga pose, but she sure was rude the last time I saw her!

I am in so much pain that I had to go to a Minute Clinic this morning for some extra medication.  The nurse practitioner was very sassy about my list of prescriptions I thought might help me out, but she gave me a couple of Tylenol 3s when I refused to leave.  They actually look exactly like regular generic pain relievers, but I am hopeful they will help me sleep a little tonight.  I might go to the emergency room to see if they can also help me out with a few prescriptions.

Merlin has a project about “service” that he is very excited about.  He has to help someone in need with the gift of time.  I suggested that he give me some assistance, since I am in so much pain (honestly, your worst pain is nothing compared to what I am experiencing) and I need the garage straightened out.  He said that would be a selfish gift and so he is collecting socks for homeless people.

Homeless people need a home, not socks.  Come on!

Maybe he could donate this hideous shirt instead.

Maybe he could donate this hideous shirt instead.