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So Wrong!

The police have gotten it all wrong from the beginning!  I keep telling them that I am a prominent and popular blogger, and that they need to look at foreigners and extremists to discover the perpetrators of my shooting.  I even suggested that some of the men (not Miss Sherrilyn or the other delightful ladies) at All Praise our Blessed Lambs Church might be involved.  They do walk around with firearms and inexplicable beards all the time, after all.

Detective Wallace is just so rude and dismissive.  He has been so focussed on just one suspect, one of the few people I know is not involved.  I think the police set him up in the manner of Brendan Dassey, and forced a confession.  I am disgusted with the entire justice system right now.

Ty!  He would never!

Ty! He would never!

Also, the charges seem pretty lame.  Trespassing?  It was clearly an attempted political assasination and I am incredibly frustrated with our city government right now.  Mayor Renfrew has a lot to answer for, and I will be wheeling myself to the next open council meeting to ask a few questions.  Lah Lee, defender of the little people.  I would go to law school and become a super-lawyer if it didn’t sound so tedious.