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A Reunion of Friends

Do you have people in your life who just exhaust you?  I am not talking about the ones who are a little bit annoying, or the ones who just don’t know better.  I am talking about people who are sure they are better than you and lord it over you every single minute, even though you know that they are not better than you at all?  Those people?  Let me tell you about my weekend.

Stefan, Röbby’s best friend since forever, was in town last week for a meeting with some investors.  I am not really clear about what he does for a living, but it is entrepreneurialish and he makes a lot of money. He had to stay in a downtown hotel during the week and then moved over to one of our guest rooms on Friday.  Of course his wife, Kathy had to make a big effing deal about how important she is at work (adjunct faculty at a community college) and couldn’t make it until Saturday morning.  Who cares?  She is a pill.

Stefan is completely delightful and we had so much fun Friday night with some burgers on the grill and a little trip down memory lane with Röbby.  I had Röb’s mother send over some funny photos of the boys growing up and we just laughed and laughed.  I also found some videos that they had made as teenagers.  They thought they were going to join the cast of Jackass apparently.  I left them downstairs with those and a case of IPAs and went upstairs and watched chick flicks.  I don’t think Röbby made it up before 3 AM, but they had such fun.

Also, did I mention? Kinda hot.

Also, did I mention? Kinda hot

It is amazing how damaging an unhappy woman can be to a happy get together…

Kathy showed up on Saturday morning in total “look at me” mode.  Oh look at the special and expensive hostess gift I bought you!  Aren’t I special, watching football with the men instead of hanging out with the other gal in the house?  Look how much I know about everything!

By dinner time I was DONE.  I had spent a lot of time picking up the side dishes from the catererers and it was not easy to get the Merlin to fold the napkins the way I wanted him to.  Hostessing, especially hostessing a someone like Kathy, is exhausting.  They were planning to  go and meet a couple of people from the PhD program she and Röb had been in together after dinner and I felt a lil’ my grain coming on.  Then I heard her outside (helping the guys cook the steaks, of course) asking Röbby if he had been in touch with Claire.

Rude bitch. Yes, that is what she wore to go out. "Look how much more casual I can be!"

Rude bitch. Yes, that is what she wore to go out. “Look how much more casual I can be!” You look like a moose, Kathy.

What the heck?!  Röbert is happily married with a beautiful home and a beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter and two sons!  He even has a dog!  He is NOT thinking about his dreary old girlfriend.  I am sure Kathy talks to her all of the time and has to listen to her pining away for the “one who got away”, but that is not Röb’s problemo. Was Claire going to be in the group they were meeting later?  That I wanted to see.

Good bye my grain!  I ran upstairs and threw on some skinny jeans and a cute top I had in my closet and came down to join them.

You should have seen Röbert's and Stefan's faces when I came back down. You should also have seen Kathy's LOL. Game, set, match community college instructor!

You should have seen Röbert’s and Stefan’s faces when I came back down. You should also have seen Kathy’s LOL. Game, set, match, community college instructor!

The rest of the night was pretty dull until I got their fat friend Brad to do a few too many shots and twerk with Krystyn, who was at the bar with some of her friends.  Brad’s wife is also a real sourpuss, by the way.  Claire was not there after all (at some kind of dig thing in Spain or something) but I had forgotten how popular I was with the other guys in the PhD program.

I think Kathy was hoping Röbert would regret dropping out and taking a job in software sales to get married, but obviously he has a wonderful life.  I wonder why she is so bitter?