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This morning I got an unexpected call from the school again.  By unexpected I mean that I picked up the phone call by mistake because usually I avoid phone calls from that place because it is always some big misunderstanding like they want me to pick up a supposedly sick child when I am busy at the gym or shopping.

Today was a HUGE misunderstanding.  They asked me to come in to talk about Starling and would not take no for an answer.  There is this really drippy girl in Starling’s class named Chloe.  Starling complains about her all the time because she s always trying to make the other children be kind to each other or buy donuts to raise money for books for underprivileged kids.  You know the type: annoying and bossy.  Well apparently someone put a dead animal in Chloe’s lunch bag and they think Starling did it.  Maybe Starling said she did, I am not clear about that part, but she would never do that and also she would never push Chloe over in a mud puddle and Chloe is lying about that part, definitely.

Anywhoo, Starling is spending a few days at home with me, which will be such fun but does seriously mess with my schedule.  Maybe Röbert can take her to work with him or something.  She was so sad about the false accusations that I had to buy her a present.

A surprise for my sweetie!

A surprise for my sweetie!

All this mess is giving me a my grain.