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Coffee with Stefan

Since I have been home, Röbert has been extra sweet and solicitous of my needs.  Obviously I have been in excrutiating pain a lot of the time, but I try not to let my guy see me like that.  I am terribly stoic, you know.

One of the drawbacks of all of this loving care is that I hardly have a moment to myself.  Recovery means that I am spending a lot of time healing (napping and watching important documentaries about world affairs and bachelors trying to find their one true love among 26 beautiful women) and a fair amount of time talking to doctors about pain relief.  I really haven’t had time to see my special guy Stefan since he got home from his ski trip, but we have been keeping up by text message etc.

This morning I suggested to Röbby that since Piti has her day off on Sunday, he could take the children to visit with Grandmama while I caught up on some sleep.  I don’t want that crazy foreigner, Piti anywhere near my angles!

I quickly got dressed in a sweet lil’ frock and drove downtown to meet Stefan for coffee.  I am so lucky to have a handicapped tag now so I can park easily and don’t have to walk.  I should have had one made for myself years ago!

Stefan and I talked and talked but we just don’t see any way to make our relationship work right now.  He is planning to start on a trip around the world next month and as much as I want to go, I don’t think it is possible.  I tried to convince him that we could just see first world countries with a high standard of health care and easily access to high quality strong and effective pain relief, but he seems to think that to see the world you need to also go to dirty places.  So, no.  He should be back in a few months, and maybe then this star-crossed relationship has a chance.  Damn you Piti or other crazy jealous foreigner or hater who shot me!

1:17:16 Stefan

We are completely, completely adorable together

I guess I would have missed Starling from time to time too.




Happy Thanksgiving 2015

On Wednesday I volunteered to deliver the meal that the PTO had collected to a needy family who has actual children at our school.  I didn’t realize that there were poor people in our school district.  We pay high taxes so we don’t have to live near poor people.  By volunteering I looked caring, found out who the poor family was (no one my kids play with, thank goodness) and saw what everyone donated (thanks for the $.69 can of cranberry sauce, Johansen family,  I hope you were still able to feed your own family after that generous contribution).

Margie had made a lovely spinach gratin that I was sure the poor family wouldn’t really appreciate, so I replaced it with some canned beets I had in the cupboard and put it in a pretty casserole and wallah!  My contribution to Thanksgiving dinner with Grandmama was complete.

On Thursday we slept in and then started getting dressed for dinner at Grandmama’s.  Röbert was surprised she had wanted to host us since she has been pretty standoffish since that time the children destroyed her precious antique carpet, but I told him that she had called late at night and was quite insistent, despite being obviously tired and slurring her words a bit.

My lil' turkey looked adorable, as usual.

Starling sang Turkey in the Straw for 8 hours straight.  Adorable!  I can’t believe they go back to school on Monday.

I came downstairs and you will never guess who was waiting in my living room?  Stefan!   We had agreed not to see each other but he told me that when Röbby called him he couldn’t resist.  It was very awkward, but it was nice to see him and he brought the most beautiful flowers.

The chemistry is just undeniable when you see us together.

The chemistry is just undeniable when you see us together.

We all piled in the car with my lovely gratin and a pecan pie that Stefan had brought, but when we got to Grandmama’s she was just leaving to come to our house for dinner.  She is obviously a very a confused old lady.  She started accusing me of all sorts of unsavory things and we had to leave in a hurry.  When I got home I ran up to my room to cry and then I had a terrible my grain.  It was just so awful with my special guest and on such a wonderful family day.  Röbert made soup for the kids for dinner and I had a lil’ sip of vodka.  After dinner I told Röbert to play some board games with the kids and I went up to bed.  Once again, St. Lah Lee saves the day.

Her New Bestie

By the time Kathy finally made it downstairs this morning I had missed Barre and Spin, but it didn’t matter.  I had planned a special day for her to pour her heart out to me.

I had suggested we could go shopping, but when she came downstairs in this number I decided to tske her back to the state park I had been to with Stefan. I couldn't be seen with her dressed like this!

I had suggested we could go shopping, but when she came downstairs in this number I decided to take her back to the state park I had been to with Stefan. I couldn’t be seen with her dressed like this!

While we were driving she told me that Stefan had offered her a very generous settlement, but she just felt it was wrong to profit off of him in that way.  Normally I would have been texting Krystyn for the name of her ruthless divorce lawyer at that point, but instead I just agreed with her.  “You don’t want anything of his!” I said, “Make a clean break.  You can get by just fine on your adjunct professor salary, right?”  She admitted that she might need to take on a part time job too, but I encouraged her to be independent.  LOL!  I was laughing so hard on the inside.

We sat under the tree where Stefan and I had kissed last week and talked about what a really bad person Claire is and how she had always seemed two-faced to me.  All at once, Kathy saw all of the signs.  LOL.  I encouraged her just to make a clean break with Claire too.  There is no sense in questioning her about something she will only deny.

When we got home Kathy told me that she had always misjudged me.  I reminded her that she had listened to Claire, who thought I had stolen Röbert away from her.  It was Claire who drove Röbert away with her wanting to get married and wanting to be grownup all of the time.  Claire is the one who is maybe canoodling with her husband now.  Claire is the bad person here.  LOL.  She told me I am a very good friend.

Kathy is right. I am a very good friend.  I am just not her friend.


Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Late this afternoon there was a knock at my front door and some muffled sobbing outside and you won’t even believe who showed up at my home!  Kathy!  She was looking for Röbert and she was crying buckets.

Apparently Stefan left her.  He told her he was in love with someone else, but wouldn’t tell her who.  He also said that the other person was not his reason for leaving her, that he didn’t love her anymore.  Wow!  That must have stung. LOL.

If you dress in lumpy sweaters you don't get to keep cute, rich husbands.

If you dress in lumpy sweaters you don’t get to keep cute, rich husbands.

She asked if she could stay overnight.  What could I say?  I was dying to hear the whole messy story.  I rushed her right up to the guest bedroom and brought her a cold glass of wine and ran her a bath.  I even brought out the nice guest towels and fluffy robe.  LOL.

Then I told her how I had always suspected that Stefan had a thing for her best friend, Claire.  LOL LOL LOL!  Had he been traveling abroad much lately, because I knew Claire had been working on some archaeological thing abroad?  Hahahaha!  Yes, it turns out that Stefan has been doing quite a bit of travel!  LOL a million times.

I left her and called up Le Petit Bistro for some food and gave the children a little mac and cheese and sent them up early.

When Röbert came home I was all solicitous care with Kathy and, of course, he was kind but wanted nothing more than to sit quietly and watch ESPN.  What man wants to listen to someone cry about their failed marriage?  I got her a tiny bit drunk and sent her up to bed.  I couldn’t wait to text Cari and have a good laugh!

I Feel a My Grain Coming On

I just got a text message from Stefan, and not a naughty one.  He said to find a sitter for the kids tomorrow and he will take care of getting rid of Röbert for the day.  We need to talk.  I am not sure if I want to talk.

I am so confused right now.  I think I had better go shoe shopping to settle myself.

I think I need a few pairs of shoes, and maybe a purse or seven. LOL

I think I need a few pairs of shoes, and maybe a purse or seven. LOL

Seeking Advice

Ever since Wednesday, Stefan and I have been texting each other non-stop.  There is nothing explicit, but he is very flirty with me.  It is exciting and fun, but I feel a tiny bit guilty because we are both married.  I am very happily married.  I am sure Röbert would feel betrayed if he knew we had kissed.  I know I would be very upset if he flirted or even had an affair with my best friend.  I would take it extremely badly and, despite keeping up a brave front, I would lose confidence in myself and feel absolutely terrible for a long, long time afterward, even if he ended the affair  I think something like that would be the worst blow I could imagine.  I would be tempted to give him a bit of his own medicine if he ever did that to me, which I am sure he never would.

On the other hand, it delights me to think of that bitch, Kathy, discovering that her husband doesn’t love her anymore.  I would like to be there for that lil’ revelation.

Anywho, I had a lil’ sit-down with Cari over a lush’s lunch (martini’s with two olives for sustenance!) this afternoon.  I knew that Krystyn would disapprove of the flirtation, since Luke had several affairs before leaving her for his Muy Thai instructor, but Cari is very European in her thinking.  I knew she would have some good advice about my situation.

It is nice to have such a wonderful friend. Karen turned out not to be so trustworthy in the end.

It is nice to have such a wonderful friend. Karen turned out not to be so trustworthy in the end.

Cari saw the photos of Stefan and some pictures of his homes and cars and then looked up his net worth online and said she thought it would be fine to continue a little harmless flirting.  Maybe it might even spice things up with Röbert, if you know what I mean!  I guess I will just continue my little texting friendship for now.