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My First New Year’s Resolution

If I have to hear one more time about Augusta Wollard going to meet with the modeling agents in New York City on February 6…I will just continue to smile politely and redirect the conversation.  But honestly, Sondra Wollard is the most stuck up and boring person alive, and no one cares about what Augusta is doing for the entire year of February!

Of course Starling is constantly being stopped on the street and asked if she is a model and every single person who I have asked has agreed that Starling is by far the prettiest and smartest girl at her school.  For me, her education is just a bit more important than a career modeling and a lifetime of eating disorders because of feminism and so forth.  I don’t understand why the other moms all ask Sondra about her boring daughter’s boring meetings in New York, because they all must agree how tedious the topic is.  Not interesting, Sondra.  Please move on!

But me?  I’ll just continue being the superior person here and help some of the other, uglier little girls feel better about themselves by listening to their moms talk about the fucking travel team.

8:16:15 baby

She was beautiful and smiley even as a baby!

What the Heck?

I am actually furious right now.  I ordered school pictures of all of my children to enclose in my Christmas cards this year and Starling kept forgetting to bring hers home.  I finally marched into her school yesterday afternoon to pick them up.  It was quite a scene trying to get the school to unlock her locker and it wasn’t until I found it myself and began jimmying it open with a jacknife I had confiscated from Merlin before school that someone managed to find a custodian with some sort of universal key.  The photos were in there, so problem solved!

When I got home I discovered that they had somehow distributed the wrong photo to us.


LOL!  Who is this kid?  Her poor mother!

I brought the photos back to the school and demanded a refund but the office ladies seemd confused.  I guess I will have to take Starling over to the mall this weekend to get her photos retaken.  A mother’s work is never done!


Leaving My Angles

The hardest thing about my 29 days away was how hard it was on my lil’ angles.  Starling suffered the most.  Since I got home she has not been interested in looking at photos of my ashram or hearing stories about my healing experience.  It is all about Starling and how she wants to hang out with her friends and what kind of phone she wants for her birthday.

4:15:16 starling

Can you drive me to the mall?

I plan on grounding her until we are able to fully share the experience I have had, and our relationship is back to where I want it to be.

Raising kids is so hard.  They sometimes seem more interested in their friends than their family, and that ain’t right!

Home Again

I must say, I was surprised at how poorly Röbert took the news that I would like a trial separation.  Obviously, I expected him to be upset by my text, but I didn’t think he would leave so many voice mails using some very spicy language!  I couldn’t even listen to them. I had to call his mother and ask her to drop the children off because clearly her son is overwhelmed with grief right now.

There was snow again this morning and school was closed, but I was able to get Hummus and Merlin over to All Praise Our Blessed Little Lambs Preschool, where I knew Miss Sherrilyn would be happy to put Merlin to work on one of the projects around the compound.  I could tell Starling was upset about something and I wanted to give her the opportunity to tell me what it was.

This afternoon, after we made fun of weak people who eat lunch, she asked me what a word means.  Apparently there is a new little girl at school who called Starling “emaciated”.  When I told her that it meant extremely slender she was so relieved!  We decided to do some extra exercise to celebrate.

2:15:16 starling

No wonder her nickname is “Starving”.  She looks amazing!

A Castle for my Princess

I hired a few architecture students from the university to make a “Frozen” castle for my lil’ Elsa yesterday.  I was expecting them to do it while she was at school, but school was cancelled so they had to do it quietly while Starling played inside.

When she saw it this morning she was just thrilled.  I let her stay home from school today to play in her castle.  It was just darling the way she sang “Let It Go” over and over again. She asked for gloves which could make ice, but those we couldn’t get, LOL!

1:24:16 castle

You couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face!

MLK Round Up

Yesterday was a day off from school for the big kiddos, but there is never a day off for a busy work from home blogger like me!  I had no idea how I would entertain my wee ones all day with the wintry weather we had and all my important duties at the gym etc., so I signed them both up for a day of service.

Hummus’s school actually doesn’t believe in Martin Luther King.  They say he is a hoax and everyone knows it, so we were covered there.  I signed Starling up to perform some songs and serve cookies at the senior center but old people scare her, so Röb took her to a local 55+ active living community and she dropped some oreos off in the sales office there instead.  Then she got to go help Daddy at the hardware store, the grocery store, the dry cleaner, the paint store, the garden center, the oil change place and a meeting about the new swim club we are thinking about joining.  There is no sense letting Daddy have too much free time on his hands right now, and Mommy is so badly injured that he needs to help out.  It was a very special, very long day together for those two.

Merlin was signed up to do some work for Habitat for Humanity, but when I dropped him off they told him he was too young to work on the building site, but couldn’t reach me on my phone to pick him back up.  Oh well, he had a wonderful time reorganizing their files for them and fixing up a few problems with their computer systems. In the end they told me he could come back anytime.  They must all have a high tolerance for nonsense talk!

1:18:16 Merlin

The sweater is from his grandparents.  Hideous, right?

I didn’t have time to help others, what with my busy blogging schedule, but I took a lil’ time to hang out in the sauna and get a healing massage at the gym.  Still no sign of that bitch Cari, and Krystyn thinks she may have quit the gym completely.  Good.

Beautiful Dancer

One of the parts of school that Starling is enjoying the most is her drama club they created just for her.  And her favorite part of drama club is dancing and choreography.  My lil’ princess loves to dance!

She has been begging me to sign her up for dance class, but I just don’t have the time to drive her all over town for classes and such.  I am absolutely overwhelmed with my commitments without adding any more.  I need a lil’ “Me” time, especially right now.  I decided to surprise her with a dance photo shoot instead of the whole class thing.  The photographer was a little confused about why we were doing a dance photo shoot for a child who doesn’t actually take dance, so I had to give her a lil’ piece of my mind.  She shut her prayer hole and started snapping away after that.

I love this shot of her "practicing" in casual clothes.

I love this shot of her “practicing” in casual clothes.

Maybe if another family can drive her to every class and perhaps lend her some shoes etc. we can work it out.