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Go Ladies!

Sometimes Cari is a true genius, so it is no wonder we are such good friends.  She does this thing with her ex-mother-in-law where she won’t let her see Amber for weeks and weeks and then, when the  MIL is absolutely desperate to see her granddaughter, Cari gets her to babysit whenever she wants her to.  Last night she had her watch Amber and all three of my kids while Röbert was out of town and “James” was visiting with his own (grown) children at the family compound.

Cari and I decided that after we split a small side salad at the new bistro in town, we should head over to the local sports bar, just for fun.  We were surprised how crowded it was on a Monday night.  And even more surprising was that every screen in the bar was tuned to a lady’s soccer game.  Did you even know that girls played television sports?  Except for tennis or figure skating, I have never heard of such a thing. Should Starling play sports games?  I don’t know.  I am worried about her getting weird muscles.  Anyway, these girls were still mostly quite attractive, so I guess it is okay to play soccer for ladies.

Go American Soccer Lady Team!  Win the tournament!

It is really quite thrilling to get involved in the cheering, even when you aren't sure what is going on.

It is really quite thrilling to get involved in the cheering, even when you aren’t sure what is going on.


Sports Fans

I have never really cared for sports, except going to the gym, which I love.  There is just something so boring about watching sports.  Röbert likes outdoor sports like hiking and riding his bicycle and other water things (ugh, kayaking) but he will still sit down and watch sports that have nothing to do with mountains on television if I don’t stop him.  You should have seen him with college basketball a few weeks ago.  It was crazy!

When I discovered Merlin playing soccer last week I was so surprised.  I mentioned it to Cari later to see what she thought about it and she was also shocked that a child who was as intellectual as Merlin could also be an athlete, but she reminded me how popular the athletes were in high school and that sounded like a good thing to me.  Karen’s sons both played sports in high school, but I don’t think they were very good.  In fact, I remember her telling me that Clement always “rode the bench” in baseball.  It might be fun to have a jock in the family!

I tried to sign him up for soccer but they only have a travel team in the spring and they try out in February.  Jeanie, the woman who I spoke to at the league, was quite rude when I tried to explain how good he was.  She said something about people who sign up to coach and then quit, which I totally had to do because I have lots of other obligations, which I didn’t take into account.  Anyway, we can sign up for the fall and try out in June, I think.  I can’t wait to wipe the smirk off of Jeanie’s dumb face.

I thought it would be nice for him to try an American sport, so I called the baseball league and they have already started their season too, but they agreed to put him on one of their regular league teams.  Röbert was surprisingly enthusiastic and actually went shopping, only it was at the sports store.  They spent yesterday morning out at the field practicing and Merlin had his first game last night.  He did not ride the bench, and he hit the ball once while I was watching, but it was a foul or something.  He was so happy, though, which is, of course, the most important thing to me.

After he and Röbert practiced this morning.  The equipment is so expensive.  I think he can do some work to pay me back, though.

After he and Röbert practiced this morning. The equipment is so expensive. I think he can do some work to pay me back, though.

The whole thing started me thinking about what kind of elite sports he could be really good at if I had thought to start him a bit younger.  I immediately signed Hummus up for “toddler tennis”.  I only had to fudge his age slightly.  He and I went and hung out at the courts yesterday afternoon and the other parents were right up my alley.  Slightly intense, but in a good way.  And I think Hummus will be really good at it, once he figures out what he is supposed to do with the racket.

This picture makes him look like he is hitting the ball, which is why I posted it all over social media.  The other ones you could tell he was a lil' confused.

This picture makes him look like he is hitting the ball, which is why I posted it all over social media. The other ones you could tell he was a lil’ confused.

I have to ask the trainers at the gym about conditioning for tennis, baseball and soccer!

Soccer Prodigy

Last fall we signed both of our big littles up for soccer.  It seemed like a good sport for networking.  Of course Merlin ended up on a team where all of the parents were haughty and aloof, and his practices and games were all at inconvenient times.  We stopped bringing him after the first weekend. Starling was on a team with her then best friend, Rachel, and Rachel’s dad was the coach, which meant Starling got to play the whole game every week.  But then she and Rachel had a falling out over some little trinket that accidentally ended up in Starling’s book bag, so Starling quit soccer too.  We never even thought about sports after that.

Yesterday after school I looked out back and Starling and Merlin were playing soccer again, and Merlin was really good.  Starling has always been a gifted athlete of course, she takes after me, but Merlin is a nerd.  How did he ever get get to be so good at soccer?

He was doing all of these fancy foot moves and bouncing the ball off his head.

He was doing all of these fancy foot moves and bouncing the ball off his head.

When I asked him where he had learned to play he said that he played it with his friends at school.  That made sense at first, but then I thought about his geeky, weirdo, uncoordinated friends, and I realized he was lying.

I ended up not giving him anything to eat or drink until he told me how he really learned to play soccer.  He was crying and begging and saying, “I promised! I promised!” but children shouldn’t keep secrets from their mom.  After a few hours outside in the cold without a jacket he finally told me; Ty has been teaching him soccer during recess and after school.

Merlin was apparently very upset last fall when we stopped taking him to soccer.  I know that he wept at the time and tried to give me his favorite toys to “pay” for the league fees, but I didn’t think that it really bothered him to quit.  Ty was apparently a star soccer player in college, and he believed he would play in Europe until he had a devastating injury, so he has taken Merlin under his wing and taught him some kicking skills.

You know, everyone teases me about Ty, and how he must have a crush on me, but I thought we were just buddies.  But Ty taking all this time this year with Merlin really makes me wonder; would he be doing this for just any kid?  There obviously has to be a reason that he does special things for him all of the time, like teaching him debating, or give him a Halloween costume, or teaching him soccer.  I certainly feel bad if I have somehow led him on.  I am so very happily married that of course I am not interested in Merlin’s teacher!





I have some really terrific news; those soccer guys did not go on strike.    Today there were actual live soccer games and I bought myself a ticket to one so I could experience a little European culture.

It was quite a long drive to the game, and boy, was it ever cold out when I got there.  I decided I should get a little exercise to keep myself warm, so I walked up and down every set of steps in the stadium.  It sounds easier than it was, actually.

There were more people there than you would think.

There were more people there than you would think.

The game itself is practically unwatchable.  The rules make about as much sense as a physics textbook, and there was practically no scoring.  What the hell was I even supposed to cheer for?  I did get a lot of exercise and then I left.

I didn’t see anyone I know.

Hurrah for Sports Games!

Last fall Merlin and Starling both played soccer for a little while.  Then it became super inconvenient because they both had games at different times and so I took Merlin off of his team so I wouldn’t have to spend my entire Saturday watching little kids whiff away at a spotted ball.  Starling quit a week later because it was boring and she hated one of the girls on her team for being ugly.

They did look cute in their lil' uniforms!

They did look cute in their lil’ uniforms!

Anywhoo, I just found out that soccer is an actual sport game, like baseball, except European and classy.  They even call it football, which is confusing.  People who like soccer, I mean football, wear scarves and are called hooligans.  Grown men play it and sometimes even women, but just not on real teams.

There are even American football teams, but here they are called soccer, like the children’s games (I know!).  Right now the players are deciding to go on strike, like teachers do all of the time.  There was a picture of some local hooligans in our paper this morning and you will never guess who was sitting in the front row; my most hipster friend, Ty!  I had no idea he liked soccer even, but he has a scarf, so I guess it is true.  Some of them were interviewed about the strike.  In my humble opinion, it would be a shame if they went on strike.

It looks like they were getting together at a local pub to watch a game.

It looks like they were getting together at a local pub to watch a game.

I think I might really enjoy getting to know more about this fascinating sport.

Fall is Funtastic!

It is another beautiful day because I am spending it with my most favoritest people in the world, my beautiful family.  We started the day with soccer for Starling.  Merlin didn’t go this week because he had a game at a time that was just not convenient for the family.  Why don’t the people who run the sports leagues take our schedule into account, I wonder?  Anyway, we were able to move a few things around so Starling could at least make her game and, once again, she is just a fantastic athlete, not to mention the prettiest girl on her team!  Fortunately her new coach played her and her best friend the whole game.  I could hear some of the other moms complaining, but if they cared so much they should have made sure their own children had their best friend’s father as a coach!

Starling just adores all sports!

Starling just adores all sports!

We walked home to get a little exercise and guess what I saw?  These flyers were posted all over town!

Apparently Karen Sullivan’s dog Beefeater has disappeared!  She LOVES that dog.  Too bad we are no longer friends so I could help console her and search for him.  I wonder where he could be?  I took all the flyers I saw home, so I could examine them more carefully in case I should ever spot Beefeater anywhere.

I can't imagine where Beefeater has gone!

I can’t imagine where Beefeater has gone!

Hangin’ Around

Starling is just so very, very excited to be playing soccer.  She was on a team with Coach Mari but it was totally unfair how Coach Mari favored all the children over the children who are good at soccer (like Starling) so I called the league and had her changed to a team coached by her best friend Vivian’s dad.  He had better let her play much more or he will be hearing from me.

Show me your soccer muscles!

Show me your soccer muscles!

I think Starling is missing her Daddy a little too.  I spoke to him last night and he is mountain biking this week.   I knew it had something to do with mountains!

See? A mountain in the background.

See? A mountain in the background.

Röbert will be home tomorrow, and not a moment too soon!  I can’t wait to get a few seconds to myself, aside from the hours that the children are all in school every day.  I met someone at the supermarket this week who home schools her 5 children.  Have you ever heard of that?  It is absolutely nuts!  They are home with her all of the time.  Like summer year round.  Yikes!

Starling missing her Dad.

Starling missing her Dad.

For some reason our neighbor Nancy gave Merlin one of her son’s old costumes.  We are not speaking so I can’t even ask what the hell she was thinking.  I came home from the gym and Merlin was running around absolutely wild in it!  I had left him home because the gymnastics class I have Starling in while I do my Pilates would not be fun for him, no matter what he says! Anyway, I waited until he fell asleep and threw that ratty old costume away.  I think the time may have come for me to give Nancy Sullivan a piece of my mind!

As if he needs another excuse to be wild.

As if he needs another excuse to be wild.