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Suspect List

  1. Karen
  2. That sales woman at Sparkles who is always giving me the evil eye.
  3. The cart guy at the supermarket.
  4. Gals from the back row in spin who are jealous.
  5. Maybe the guy at the licker store who seems possibly criminally insane.
  6. Other jealous ladies from the gym.
  7. Ties dad seemed pretty mad a couple of weeks ago.
  8. Molly from high school who thought I might have cheated to win head sheer leader.
  9. Roberts ex accept she lives in some country I have never her of.  Check and see if she came home for holidays.

That is all I can think of and mostly they are not likely because they probably love me to.  I am a very lovable lady.  It must have bin a case of mistaken identity.

I will give this list to the police though.