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Winter Blues

I am such a cheerful and giving person, that most people would never guess that sometimes winter makes me sad.  I had planned on meeting Genni and Merry, two new friends from my barre workout, for coffee and maybe a teeny bit of shopping at the new boutique in town this morning, and I was really looking forward to it.  Since Röbert’s mom and my parents are absolutely selfish and don’t love their grandchildren enough to want to visit with them, I had arranged for a girl who works at the dry cleaner to come by and babysit for Hummus.  But when she didn’t show up at 9 AM, as we had arranged, I called her and she had some lame excuse about the weather being bad and she is scared to drive on ice, blah blah, blah.  Let me tell you, she will not soon forget the words I had for her about her laziness and lack of a work ethic.

I went downstairs to discover that Röbert was actually still home, as were Starling and Merlin.  I was furious with them, skipping school is not okay in my book, but according to them school was closed.  After I called up the Superintendent of Schools to give his answering machine a lil’ piece of my mind, I realized that I could leave all of them with Röbert, since he was apparently planning on working from home.

Believe me, this is way too casual for work!  He looks like a homeless person with his shirt untucked like that.

Believe me, this is way too casual for work! He looks like a homeless person with his shirt untucked like that.

I thought I was being very quiet as a I snuck out the back door (Röbert can be very sensitive about needing time to “work” when he works at home), but Röbert apparently heard me and I heard him say, “Good luck!”

The entire yard was filled with snow.  It was awful and I burst into tears.  It would have taken me forever to dig a path out for my car and the road was still unplowed.  I went back inside and called the Public Works Department to remind them to plow my road and ask, very politely, if they could maybe do my driveway too, while they were at it.  The lady who answered the phone was extremely rude and her supervisor will be hearing from me.

I am an active person and I like to be out and about.  Merlin was driving me batty with his constant requests to go outside and sled and he actually wanted me to make hot cocoa for him and Starling.  Sure.  As if I have a recipe for something like that.  Everyone knows that is what Starbucks is for.

Finally, at 11:25, I gave up and just invited Karen over for a lil’ girl talk.  She is overweight and elderly, but she beats talking with my children.

Seconds before we started in on the vodka shots.

Seconds before we started in on the vodka shots.

We watched Ellen and The Chew and then she told me a really funny story about Margie that I would repeat here, but I don’t believe in spreading gossip.  Suffice it to say that if Margie thinks her hideous husband is faithful, then she needs to go look at the cars in the parking lot in front of the Sleepy Hollow Motel one day at lunch time.  She thinks she is so much better than the rest of us.

Now I am going to shut my eyes for a few seconds because I have a lil’ my grain.  The kids are watching Frozen again and I gave them a lil’ whiskey in the instant cocoa Karen brought with her, to keep them docile.  Instant cocoa!  Can you imagine?  It even had marshmallows in it.

Exhausting Week

I broke down and sent Starling back to school on Wednesday.  It was just too hard on me having her home all day, although she was a lil’ angle the entire time and hardly bothered me for a second.  Merlin would have been asking a million questions but Starling quietly went and found educational shows on the television.  As a matter of fact, she now has me recording something called General Hospital (maybe she will be a doctor someday!) and My Strange Addiction for her every day!  It was still pretty cold out when she went back on Wednesday, but my lil’ rebel wanted to “look pretty” so she wore a lovely spring dress.  Her old nag of a teacher called me to tell me that Starling HAD to go outside so she needed appropriate outdoor clothing in the winter, blah, blah, blah.  I gave her a piece of my mind and now Starling will be allowed to go and sit in the office and read if she chooses not to dress for outdoor play.

I wanna look pretty. Mama!

I wanna look pretty. Mama!

Röbert was out of town and missed all of the snow fun.  He had the nerve to complain to me about his business trip.  He said the planes were all delayed, it was all pretty boring, and he spent a lot of time in hotel conference rooms and visited some kind of plant or something.  I have no idea, I was so furious that I couldn’t even hear him.  I am sure that all of us stay at home moms would love a few days of pampering at the Holiday Inn Express in Duluth, and he needs to just pipe down!

I had to miss a whole day at the gym because of snow but that seems to be just fine by Röbert, as long as the gym is open for HIM when HE needs it. Ugh.  I can't.

I had to miss a whole day at the gym because of snow but that seems to be just fine by Röbert, as long as the gym is open for HIM when HE needs it. Ugh. I can’t.

I am so tired, right down to my core, that I will have Röbert take care of dinner for the kiddos and I will pamper myself with some spa treatments and a Lifetime extravaganza in my bedroom tonight.  I think my good friend Joe Merlot might stop by too!


Snow Day

We had a blizzard!  Oh my stars, it was snowin’ and blowin’ yesterday and all I wanted to do was crawl into my bed and sleep.  Of course that wasn’t possible.  I got everyone up extra early because I wanted to be nice and safe and slow while driving them to school.  When we got there the the school was all locked up.  I called the principal at home and she was very sweet but said they were closed because of the weather!   Have you ever heard of such a thing?  Excuse me, my littles need to be educated, and not just when the teachers feel like showing up.  I was even ready to drop Starling off for the day and give it another chance.  I think the school could at least try to keep the other girls from bullying her by calling her a bully, and I had a lot to do.

I had dressed in my gym clothes already so I decided to head over to the gym and try to get the child care people to watch Starling and Merlin too.  I thought they could be great “junior helpers” for the day.

Reporting for spin duty Cap'n!

Reporting for spin duty Cap’n!

It took forever to get there because tree limbs had fallen down all over the place, blocking roads and what have you.  And when I finally made it…closed!  They had better reimburse me for 1/31 of my monthly membership fee, because that is not right.  I could see several other mommies also trying to get in.  I am sure they will hear from us tomorrow.

So I was stuck heading home with all three children for the entire day!  Horrible!  As soon as we got home Merlin started asking about going sledding.  Ugh!  It was so annoying.  Finally I told them that if they all got themselves dressed entirely on their own they could go out back and I would watch them from the window.  Well, Merlin got all the clothes organized and even helped Hummus get dressed.  Next time I think I will hide their mittens or something.  It would give them a fun scavenger hunt like game, and I won’t have the mess of snowy boots etc. when they get back in.

I think Röbert and I need to seriously talk about moving to Florida.  This gives me such a headache!

I think Röbert and I need to seriously talk about moving to Florida. This gives me such a headache!

I called Val on the phone and we had a nice chat about the gym and how angry we were about it closing, because it really was the worst sort of inconvenience.  When the kids were done, Merlin got their clothes all put away in the mudroom and then made hot chocolate for them.  It was only instant, which I would NEVER serve.

After dinner I put them to bed and made a lovely hot chocolate for myself with some Belgian Chocolate i had hidden away and a lil’ cognac.

Happy snow everyone!