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Happy Bastille Day

Bonjour et heureux le jour de la Bastille. Ce matin Merlin avait une jolie rose pour moi, mais j’aimerais qu’il avait choisi une plus jolie couleur. Les fleurs rouges sont de type ringard.

Merlin semble ridicule, mais il voulait me faire plaisir, je suppose. J'espère que les jeunes garçons du soccer n'a pas taquiner le trop mal.

Merlin semble ridicule, mais il voulait me faire plaisir, je suppose. J’espère que les jeunes garçons du soccer n’a pas taquiner le trop mal.

Starling était dans un certain état d’esprit et refusait de porter le costume de Jeanne d’Arc J’avais obtenu son. Elle va également profiter de ne pas manger le délicieux crêpes J’ai acheté pour les garçons pour dîner ce soir.

Hummus dormi la plupart de la journée parce qu’il avait un petit extra Benadryl avec dîner hier soir. Ma mauvaise! Quand il se réveilla, nous avons regardé la programmation éducatifs pour les enfants en français.

J’ai célébré en achetant certains designer français Vêtements. La liberté, l’égalité et vraiment beau, élégant chaussures !

Gettin’ My Shop On

I have to admit that this week has been a bit of a disappointment with Starling.  All she wants to do is go to the pool with Amber, and when they get there they just sit at a table near the snack bar and talk about all the girls they don’t like.  How much is there even to say about Fat Alice in a bathing suit?  Hideous…done.  But apparently that topic is way more meaningful than quality time shopping with mean ol’ Mom.

This morning I had planned to take her to the city.  Röbert’s mother had agreed to take Hummus for the day tomorrow, so he wouldn’t get bored driving up to pick up Merlin (that was the fastest week ever!) and so I dropped him off a bit early this morning with her housekeeper while she was at the hairdresser.  I am sure she will be delighted with her little surprise!

When I got home, Starling was dressed but not cooperating at all.

Sullen little thing.

Sullen little thing.

I’ll admit that I lost my temper and raised my voice the tiniest bit with her.  She said she didn’t want to go.  Oh well, more credit cards for me!  I let her get in her swimsuit and dropped her off with Cari again.  Girls!

I had a wonderful morning shopping till I felt like dropping and now I am going to stop into a nice cocktail bar and have something refreshing before my spa treatments this afternoon. Both things I couldn’t have done with Starling in tow!  I want to be all sleek for the weekend.

I am not completely heartless.  I have some lovely frocks for Starling in the bags!

I am not completely heartless. I have some lovely frocks for Starling in the bags!

After we pick Merlin up tomorrow, Röbert has arrange for a house on a lake for the night.  It had better be nice, because I am missing a fourth of July black tie dinner with my book club.  I am so excited; a lil’ luxury lake excursion!

Shopping With Röbert

Yesterday was the day I was supposed to plan as a special day with Röbert.  He had suggested shopping, which was sweet, but I didn’t really want to do that because we have different definitions for the word “affordable”.  I decided a spa day would be perfect, but Röbert got a call confirming our mani-pedi, and told me that he just didn’t think he felt comfortable with that.  Just like I don’t feel comfortable with camping, I guess.  So we ended up shopping anyway.

Here’s the thing, as nice as it was for Röbert to offer, it wasn’t as much fun to do with him as it would be with one of my gal pals.  He really doesn’t like poking in stores and I think he looked bored at the makeup counter.  I did get some cute everyday things, but I didn’t dare look at the designer places or even glance towards my favorite purses.

We went to the cutest lil’ cafe for brunch and we were seated on the patio, which was fantastic.  I think Röbert enjoyed that part.

I did manage to find one or two things to buy.

I did manage to find one or two things to buy.

Our next date should probably be to a neutral place.  No mountains, no stores…maybe a fashion show or antiquing.


Feeling Better

Today was Abraham Lincoln’s birthday or something.  Who knows, it was a day off for Röbert, which meant I was going to let him spend the day with the littles and see how much he likes being stuck with the constant neediness and boring conversations. I was pretty sure after about 5 minutes he would understand why I had earned more than costume jewelry for Valentine’s Day, not that I have given that a second thought.  It’s water under the bridge.  I know he was planning on going skiing so I got up very early and went to the gym.  Then I took myself out for a nice brunch with a couple of gals from spin class.  We saw Margie at the restaurant but pretended we didn’t.  LOL.

Kyrstyn had heard that there was a shoe sale at this sweet little boutique in a town about an hour from here so we went over and did a lil’ retail therapy.  There wasn’t actually a sale but who cares, the shoes were all darling.

Röbert had the nerve to be angry when I got home, but I burst into tears which shut him right down.

I feel a lot better, not that I was really upset about that Hallmark holiday, if you catch my drift.  I am sure Röbert will find a real anniversary of an important event in our lives to celebrate and get me some actual jewelry.

Aren't they a ll sweet?  I don't know what I will do with all of them but I had to have each and every pair.

Aren’t they a ll sweet? I don’t know what I will do with all of them but I had to have each and every pair.

Now I am going to let him handle the dinner and bath and bedtime while I have some wine and watch all of the Lifetime movies I have recorded.

Samanthas Everywhere

Don’t you just love American Girl dolls?  They are so expensive and you can buy so many accessories for them.  I love watching Starling playing with hers.  Of course her favorite is Samantha.  Samantha is one of the girls with books written about her.  Her story is that she is very wealthy.  Many of the other American Girls have tragic hardships in their lives.  Who wants to read about someone else’s problems?  Not Starling.  My mother gave her another doll, one with short hair for crying out loud, last Christmas and poor Starling cried and cried.  So now everyone knows that all she wants is the lil’ rich doll and so she has ten or twelve of them.

I went into the the playroom this morning and it was Samanthas everywhere. LOL.

We have a huge bin filled with darling lil' outfits for her Samanthas.

We have a huge bin filled with darling lil’ outfits for her Samanthas.

Merlin, on the other hand, hasn’t even looked at his toy since Christmas Day.  I don’t know why he thinks I will buy him that expensive chemistry set when he won’t even play with the hand painted building blocks he did get.


Getting Back to Normal

I have Röbert taking all of our Christmas stuff down right now.  It is time to get our lives back to normal.

It was an unseasonably warm day so Röbert encouraged me to take a drive over to the kayak center and take my first lesson.  It is such a thoughtful gift and I really think I will be an excellent kayaker once I apply myself, so off I went!

Well, when I got there I just didn’t feel like doing it.  Yech!  The kayaks were all scratched up and used looking and I was wearing such a pretty cashmere sweater that I didn’t want to ruin.

Can you even imagine?  Used kayaks!  Not for me.

Can you even imagine? Used kayaks! Not for me.

So I drove home and decided to kill some time shopping.  I went to the jewelry store to see if they had an after Christmas sale or something, but no luck.  Oh well.  I got myself a delicious lunch and relaxed, and that is what is important, a little me time, not necessarily the kayaking, right?  I guess maybe if Röbert bought me a nice new kayak or something.  I will have to see.

I hope those poor children in a foreign country are enjoying my other Christmas gift about now.

Christmas Cheer

I had the most wonderful Christmas ever, because it really is all about time spent with people you love and sharing laughter and spreading joy, etc.

A couple of my friends were instagramming their gifts and and actually bragging about them instead of just focussing on the important things and how VERY, very thoughtful the giver was. I found it quite vulgar.

But I will do a lil’ braggin’ here, because I have the most thoughtful husband, who truly loves me.  I had mistakenly thought that I really wanted this lovely glittery necklace that I saw at the jewelers last week when I brought my hubby in to just look, but Röbert told me we couldn’t afford it.  LOL, I thought he meant he was going to race back and buy it for me but of course he had a much better idea for me.  Because he knows deep down what a good and caring person I am, he made a donation in my name to a charity that helps sick children or children in the third world or something.  It really doesn’t matter, because I DO care about that cause VERY much and that is exactly how I want to spend my money, not on shallow but lovely things like jewelry.  Missy can just shut her mouth about her stupid Tiffany’s Christmas any time now.

He also bought me kayaking lessons which, hello? I just can’t be more excited.  He said it is so we can spend more time together which I am sure is much better than it sounds.  After all, outdoors etc. on a gorgeous day for a few minutes is fantastic.  I haven’t had the chance to tell him about that awful tent last week (it’s not that I can’t, it just hasn’t come up in conversation), but I hope that is not what he is picturing because that ain’t happening.

Anywho, he was all excited about the lovely new camera I bought him yesterday so we dropped the kids at my parent’s to get spoiled and drove up to the mountains to do photography today.  He even packed a picnic lunch for us which was SOOOOO thoughtful and I could see that darling little inn from where we sat on the very cold hard ground, but he is just so sweet and thoughtful.

My darling husband.  It is so cute that he wants me to spend time in the great outdoors.

My darling husband. It is so cute that he wants me to spend time in the great outdoors.

Well, let me tell you, he does like hiking around etc.  After about twenty minutes I insisted that he bring me back to a coffee shop in town where I was able to do a lil’ shopping on the web while he hiked or whatever for 3 more hours.  Yikes.  I found some great after Christmas sales.  Then, as we were leaving, Röbert told me that I looked beautiful and took a very artsy picture of me.

I do look cute.

I do look cute.

So, I am the luckiest gal in the world!