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Acting Like a G. D. Baby

Starling told me that Merlin has been getting teased at school because of how he dresses.  I think he should be the one doing the teasing because the rest of the boys wear stupid ugly sweat pants and dumb t-shirts.  I like my fellas to look like lil’ gentlemen.

Yesterday I was out shopping and I found a darling outfit that I just knew would be “cool” for school.  It even has skulls on the pants.  When Merlin came downstairs this morning he was sniffling and acting like a baby.  I told him to buck up and stop crying.  Honestly, he just wants attention all of the time!

Adorable! He looks great. And it is a very "cool" look. I am sure the other children will be kind.

Adorable! He looks great. And harem pants are a very “cool” look. I am sure the other children will be kind.

Friday Night Circus

The budget the school gave me for the faculty party was ridiculous.  Last year my understanding was that it was held in the past president’s yard with a keg and a boom box, and still the board all had to chip in.

That was not going to happen on my watch.  I wanted to do something middle eastern with all of the cute girls doing belly dances etc, but the cost of the carpets to cover the lawn was astronomical.

Merlin suggested we have a circus theme, which seemed kind of trite until Starling pointed out how colorful it could be.  So circus it was.  I contacted Cari’s friend at the party rental place and he found us a circus tent that he let us have for free with the table and linen rental.

It looked so cute when Krystyn and I finished decorating.

Such fun! And like Merlin pointed out, school is crazy and scary like a circus sometimes.

Such fun! And like Merlin pointed out, school is crazy and scary like a circus sometimes.

It was just cocktails with heavy appetizers and a small three piece country group playing live. Margie was of course angry that her husband’s band wasn’t asked to play, but honestly? No.

I found a steal on a darling jumpsuit for the evening.

I love a good bargain! I didn't spill a thing on it so I may return it today.

I love a good bargain! I didn’t spill a thing on it so I may return it today.

Of course Röbert always looks great!



Merlin painted a couple of those cutouts for photo ops.  I thought they were kind of embarrassing, so I set them up across the yard from the party, but once the teachers got started, whoa nellie, they were ready to party.

LOL Ty! Never change!

LOL Ty! Never change!

Ty came alone.  So sad.  I wish he could find a nice girl.  Starling’s teacher, Ms Cole, brought her roommate who is a lawyer, and absolutely beautiful.  I wonder if she knows Ty?  They would make a wonderful couple.

I like to make a signature cocktail for my parties and last night was “Juggler’s Punch”.  I made up the recipe myself.

Juggler’s Punch

Fill glass with crushed ice.

Pour in vodka.

Garnish with a twist of lime and 3 cranberries.

It was a big hit!

I sent out bills to all of the board members to chip in this morning.  Last year the cost per person was $15 and this year it is quite a bit more.  I think I will keep my phone off for the day!


Lazy Summer Days Ahead

The last day at my children’s school is Tuesday, June 16.  Doesn’t that seem kind of early to everyone?  I just love, love, love spending time with my littles, but summer is a LOT of time with them, and I am just so busy.  I always end up running myself ragged trying to stitch together people to watch them so I can get to the gym and to my book club and to all my other important stuff.  Now that Karen is unavailable, I might really be in trouble.

Does anyone have year round school where they live?  Because that sounds absolutely fantastic to me. Maybe Cari could run for the school board in the next election so we could get us some year round school around here.

And speaking of book clubs, do you all have one of “those” members in your little group who always chooses some kind of “deep” read when it is their turn to choose the book?  Tiara seems like a nice enough person, but our book for June is the worst.  It is a crazy long one about a ship sinking approximately forever ago.  Who cares?  Didn’t Sopihie Kinsella write a book recently?  Anywho, I will not be reading that one.  Boring.  We might have to extinguish Tiara’s torch at the next tribal council.

So, in anticipation of all of the summer good times, Cari and I went to the beach this morning and took a couple of casual photos as we sunbathed on the beach.  No selfie-stick required, because “James” was kind enough to send a photographer with us.

This photo is cute.  It was a spontaneous candid as I was just hangin' out.

This photo is cute. It was a spontaneous candid as I was just hangin’ out.

Kiddos in bed, wine in tumbler.

Kudos to Me

This morning we held a lil’ pow wow to rehash what went well and where we needed to improve on our planning for next year’s gala.  For the most part we all agreed that it was a pretty epic party.  But there were a few things we need to work on.

1.  Some people were dressed terribly!  Margie and that woman with the weird hair both came in capri pants.  Does that sound festive?  Some of the men wore jeans.  Even Ty, who was on the committee, showed up in khakis and a madras shirt.  Next year we need to hire security to kick underdressed people out.

2. The VIP area definitely needs to be addressed.  Weird kids kept trying to sit up there.  Again, security needs to be a priority.

3. More photographers!

4. The food was totally fab, but I didn’t like the idea of paper napkins and plates at a gala.  I was scared something might happen to my dress, which I had tucked the tags in on so I could return it today.  Luckily it was fine, because Röbert would have blown a gasket if we had to actually pay for it.

Everything else was perfection.  I even received a standing ovation when I arrived at our brunch meeting! LOL

I am so humble that a group of people cheering for me is a lil' embarrassing.  But it was a good party.

I am so humble that a group of people cheering for me is a lil’ embarrassing. But it was a good party.



What Would You Do?

I may have mentioned before that Starling is absolutely brilliant and a wonderful student, but she finds school difficult.  This year has been particularly hard on my lil’ princess.  There were some claims that she was a bully (untrue), a couple or maybe four or five suspensions for bullying and then the inevitable bullying by other students and their parents about Starling being a bully.  That is not right!

She has also been complaining about being bored all year and I have had multiple phone calls with her teachers about what they need to do to challenge Starling more.  She would like more field trips, more high interest enrichment like performing plays about fairies that she writes, dressage instead of gym class, and just more.  The teachers seem uninterested in even discussing our ideas, particularly very late at night when I have my best ideas, and I am feeling frustrated.

This morning Starling told me that she was no longer going to go to school.  She didn’t fight me or anything, just refused to go.  I immediately called that lovely private school in the next town over to see if I could drop her off there (I thought that Röbert and I could figure out the tuition etc. later).  Did you know that you have to apply ahead of time to go to fancy private schools?  Wow.  I just thought you needed to show up with a check.  Also, more expensive than I expected.

Homeschooling is a no go.  I am far too busy with my blog etc. to have time for that.  But what can I do?  Is there a free alternative to school?  Something that is super-convenient for me?

She is far too smart for her public school teachers.

She is far too smart for her public school teachers.


Committee Meeting

Cari and I were up late last night, ironing out the essentials of our End of Year Party.  I can’t even believe what a mess the committee members have made of what would have been an easy task if they had simply followed our directions.

The party is in less than two weeks and this is what they have arranged so far.  For dinner: pizza and two liter bottles of soda.  For entertainment: the Man Space Band, which is a bunch of overweight dads who play in their spare time and are awful!  For children’s activities: a couple of party games and a craft made out of popsicle sticks and glue.

Does this sound like a party to ANYONE? 

No one even called Drake to see if he is available.  I am sure he isn’t now, but he might have been when I told Marsha to contact his people.  You never know.

So Cari and I drafted a twelve page manifesto and went out for a mimosa or two before our committee meeting.

Page eight.  We have a lot of great ideas, but it is going to mean work!

Page eight. We have a lot of great ideas, but it is going to mean work!

The meeting lasted six hours and was very lively.  Some of the committee members quit because they think our ideas are “too hard”.  Fine.  They can go to a crummy party with pizza and soda instead of the spectacular gala we will be having.

It was dark out by the time we left the meeting.  Phew! I need a lil' vino.

It was dark out by the time we left the meeting. Phew! I need a lil’ vino.

I am letting Röbert have the fun of bathing the kiddos and putting them to bed while I rest on my laurels and my 450 count Egyptian cotton sheets.  It is hard making people do what they should do.


End Of Year Planning

Now that the end of the year party is coming up, I decided to check in with my committee members to see how things are moving along.  I must say, a couple of them were a bit snippy with me.

So I decided to catch up with Ty.  I knew he would give me the real story about the areas in which my committees are failing me.  I happened to run into him at a restaurant where I had heard that he likes to get his breakfasts. Luckily there was no girlfriend in sight.  Maybe someone called her and left a cryptic message about a sick relative in a heavy foreign accent or something?  Who knows?

Breakfast with my buddy.

Breakfast with my buddy.

Anywhoo, Ty mentioned that some of the committee members might be a lil’ perturbed that Cari and I haven’t attended any meetings but keep sending out emails reminding people of all of the things we need to have done.  Apparently some of the requests are considered a “waste of time”.  So I guess we’d better attend the meetings, starting with the one tomorrow. We’ll see how they like our focussed attention.

Voluteerism is important but exhausting!