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What the Heck?

I am actually furious right now.  I ordered school pictures of all of my children to enclose in my Christmas cards this year and Starling kept forgetting to bring hers home.  I finally marched into her school yesterday afternoon to pick them up.  It was quite a scene trying to get the school to unlock her locker and it wasn’t until I found it myself and began jimmying it open with a jacknife I had confiscated from Merlin before school that someone managed to find a custodian with some sort of universal key.  The photos were in there, so problem solved!

When I got home I discovered that they had somehow distributed the wrong photo to us.


LOL!  Who is this kid?  Her poor mother!

I brought the photos back to the school and demanded a refund but the office ladies seemd confused.  I guess I will have to take Starling over to the mall this weekend to get her photos retaken.  A mother’s work is never done!