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A Lil’ Time on my Own

So I woke up early this morning and decided to make a special breakfast for my whole family.  I have been having a lot of my grains lately and sleeping in a lot, so this was a nice treat for everyone!  And for me, yum, mimosas!

8:2 kitchen


After breakfast Röbert had to leave on another business trip!

8:2 robert

So I guess my life as a single mom continues.  It sure is hard and I wish my friends could begin to understand so they would be able to support me a little bit better!  I cried and cried, then I took the children out for a drive.  When we passed the Liebners’ house we could see their children were out back playing, so I told the kids to run back and play with them.  I just know the Liebners won’t mind having my lil’ angles for a few hours.  They are never a bit of trouble.  Of course Hummus was asleep.  He seemed to be about to come down with a cough earlier so I had given him a little preventative Benadryl in his lunch bottle and he was out like a light.

At last, a little me time.  I drove us right to the beach!


The waves were great!  It made me feel so much better about being a single mom!  It takes a village y’all!

Life’s a Beach!

The children and I had been planning a trip to the beach for today and we were so excited!  I was upstairs getting dressed and I heard Starling shouting outside.  I ran out to find her covered in mud!  Ugh!  I started to get mad at her but then she told me that Merlin had shoved her into the mud!  That boy!

starling mud

I found Merlin in his room playing with his dinosaurs and he pretended he didn’t know what I was talking about.  He is so sneaky!  I don’t know how he even got inside and cleaned up that fast.

We decided that we couldn’t very well leave him at home so he came to the beach with us but waited in the car with his summer reading books.  The windows were all down but some people just overreact.  I was scolded by several people when it was time to leave.  Oh well, they need to mind their own business!

In all the hullaballoo I managed to leave Hummus at home strapped in his carseat!  Ugh.  He was fine when we ran back to pick him up!

Hummus carseat

I had a nice man take my picture in my new dress!

anchor dress

Hummus and Starling and I finally made it to the beach.  I was exhausted!  Starling had a wonderful time!  She always looks so joyful on the beach!

starling beach

Hummus had a good time deconstructing the sand castle that the children near us had spent the morning making.  Their Mom needed to mind her own business as well!

hummus beach

Guess what?  When we got back to the car Merlin was just fine, thank you, and he had finished his first book!