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Samanthas Everywhere

Don’t you just love American Girl dolls?  They are so expensive and you can buy so many accessories for them.  I love watching Starling playing with hers.  Of course her favorite is Samantha.  Samantha is one of the girls with books written about her.  Her story is that she is very wealthy.  Many of the other American Girls have tragic hardships in their lives.  Who wants to read about someone else’s problems?  Not Starling.  My mother gave her another doll, one with short hair for crying out loud, last Christmas and poor Starling cried and cried.  So now everyone knows that all she wants is the lil’ rich doll and so she has ten or twelve of them.

I went into the the playroom this morning and it was Samanthas everywhere. LOL.

We have a huge bin filled with darling lil' outfits for her Samanthas.

We have a huge bin filled with darling lil’ outfits for her Samanthas.

Merlin, on the other hand, hasn’t even looked at his toy since Christmas Day.  I don’t know why he thinks I will buy him that expensive chemistry set when he won’t even play with the hand painted building blocks he did get.