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Poor Ty

I ran into Ty this morning while jogging.  He looked as though he was on his way home from church or something.  It was hard to tell because I was using a telephoto lens to see him.

Does he look upset here?  Like maybe a foreign hussy might have just broken up with him by text message?

Oh no!  That is what you get when you date girls with accents!

Oh no! That is what you get when you date girls with accents!

Well, I guess we already knew that Renata has no class, and now he does too. I hope someone warns him that women who are not born in America always use the excuse that they lost their phone and someone else must have broken up with you by text message.

Runners Everywhere

When my gym fired Renata from the child-care center they allowed her to stay on as a trainer of some sort, only she comes to your home.  According to Krystyn there was apparently some real crazy at the gym who also wanted her fired , and she was scared to run into her.  LOL.  I wonder who it was?  Maybe Fat Alice’s mom?

Anywho, I guess Karen is now employing her to teach her to run or something.  It is sad to watch.  Poor Hummus was so upset to see Renata that he was literally banging on the windows and yelling.  Poor scared lil’ guy!

Maybe Renata will be cruel to Karen too.

Maybe Renata will be cruel to Karen too.

I called Karen to ask her to get a different running coach because, obviously it doesn’t matter to her, but poor Hummus was so upset.  She said something extremely rude and hung up on me!

Later I told Starling it might be good for her diet to get a lil’ exercise so she went to run around Karen’s yard while Karen was out shopping.  By mistake she trampled all of her flower beds.  What a shame.  Karen has always taken such pride in her gardens.

Sweet Starling had no idea that you shouldn't crush young plants by running on them.  Oops.

Sweet Starling had no idea that you shouldn’t crush young plants by running on them. Oops.

Karen called me later and I was tempted to say something rude back to her, but I am a lady, so I told her that I had no idea what she was talking about and hung up.

I think I will take Starling out for a tiny cup of frozen yogurt later, since she deserves a lil’ treat.

Lazy Animal

When Beefeater was living with his previous owner he was so fat and lazy, it was sad to see.  Even the first day or two we had him he was kind of logy, as if he had been drugged.  Who knows what was going on in that house with that cruel madwoman.

Now he is still fat, because even a dog can’t lose weight without some proper diet and exercise, but he is back to his old self, eager to play and just eat a tiny bit.  He might even enjoy a diet pill ground up in his diet dog food from time to time.

This morning I found him ready and waiting for me to take him for a nice long run when I got up.  I thought he might be a doggy genius (like Merlin) but it turns out that I had left the leash on after our late evening run yesterday.  Oops!

Pwease take me for a widdle run.  I don't want be ugly and fat.

Pwease take me for a widdle run. I don’t want be ugly and fat.

I think I might make a video of him with that Sarah McLaughlin song and send it around to all of our neighbors.

When I describe someone as a lazy animal I am not referring to the dog.

What a Wacky Week

I have been thinking about my lunch with Mitch this week and I have decided not to tell Röbert about it.  We are so, so happily married and I know he is a jealous man when it comes to his lovely wife, so I think I shouldn’t say anything.  What do you think?

Röbert is going away again for a few days.  I think to the mountains, I am not sure.  There is nothing strange about this, at ALL.  Some people need to get their minds out of the gutter!

I dropped Hummus off at his playgroup this morning at 6 AM.  He loves it so much and it gives me a lot of time to do the things that make me feel good about me.  Loving myself is the greatest love of all!  I then went to pilates with the gals from my book club and out to lunch afterward.

I look so nice here.

I look so nice here.

I got home and Merlin had forgotten to get Starling up and make sure they both got to school, so they had missed the day.  He can be so irresponsible!  Starling was running around, so those of you who said she is a lazy little thing need to mind your own damned business.

My lil' athlete.

My lil’ athlete.

Merlin was playing with his dinosaurs, trying to show off how smart he is once again.  Those look awfully plastic and fake and unhealthy, don’t they?  I may have to do some editing in his room again this weekend.

Dinosaurs are not necessarily proof of genius.

Dinosaurs are not necessarily proof of genius.

The children all look so exhausted today, so I think I will send them up early.  Then I have another bottle (or 6, lol) of rosé waiting to honor breast cancer awareness month.

Happy October!