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So Happy Together

As some of you have already guessed from my recent posts, Röbert and I are once again living together.  We are both overjoyed.  It is like our honeymoon all over again, except with fewer little arguments over the quality of the hotel.

After the tiny incident, when I decided that 29 days of spiritual healing were what I needed, Röbert moved back home to take care of the littles.  He came to the ashram place to share some healing events with me and we agreed that we should give our marriage another chance.

All of you who were asking me to take his photo off of my blog can just suck it now.

5:20:16 cropped

I don’t think you will ever find a cuter and happier couple.


Marital Happiness

It is so wonderful to be married to your absolute best friend in the world!  Röbby and I “get” each other on a level which most couples can never even dream of understanding.

Because we are so completely blissful together, Röb moved into a condo closer to his work over the weekend.  He is now able to get to work earlier each day, so he can make even more money to support his beloved family.  The move also gives me more freedom to spend one-on-one time with the kiddos during the week, and I am sure we will be happier than ever!

I know that our thoughtful decision to live separately during the week and maybe some weekends will bother those people who are stuck in the past and don’t understand modern marriages, but for us it is absolutely perfect and has only brought us closer together.  I am sure that our time together will be even better than ever after spending time apart.

I have also decided to stop using my wheelchair, despite my constant, unendurable pain.  It is just too hard to carry such a bulky thing to the car by myself.

This morning I got the kiddos off to school by myself and was able to make it to the gym with a smile on my face.  I am a glass fully full gal!  And I had a fully full glass of vodka to celebrate.

1:31:16 sad eyes

Changes are fantastic, y’all!

I could not possibly be any happier right now!!!!!




MLK Round Up

Yesterday was a day off from school for the big kiddos, but there is never a day off for a busy work from home blogger like me!  I had no idea how I would entertain my wee ones all day with the wintry weather we had and all my important duties at the gym etc., so I signed them both up for a day of service.

Hummus’s school actually doesn’t believe in Martin Luther King.  They say he is a hoax and everyone knows it, so we were covered there.  I signed Starling up to perform some songs and serve cookies at the senior center but old people scare her, so Röb took her to a local 55+ active living community and she dropped some oreos off in the sales office there instead.  Then she got to go help Daddy at the hardware store, the grocery store, the dry cleaner, the paint store, the garden center, the oil change place and a meeting about the new swim club we are thinking about joining.  There is no sense letting Daddy have too much free time on his hands right now, and Mommy is so badly injured that he needs to help out.  It was a very special, very long day together for those two.

Merlin was signed up to do some work for Habitat for Humanity, but when I dropped him off they told him he was too young to work on the building site, but couldn’t reach me on my phone to pick him back up.  Oh well, he had a wonderful time reorganizing their files for them and fixing up a few problems with their computer systems. In the end they told me he could come back anytime.  They must all have a high tolerance for nonsense talk!

1:18:16 Merlin

The sweater is from his grandparents.  Hideous, right?

I didn’t have time to help others, what with my busy blogging schedule, but I took a lil’ time to hang out in the sauna and get a healing massage at the gym.  Still no sign of that bitch Cari, and Krystyn thinks she may have quit the gym completely.  Good.

Husband of the Year

This morning was the holiday party at the gym.  The theme this year was “Ugly Sweaters”.  Clever, right?

Cari and I purchased matching sweaters months ago and they are hysterical, but she texted me this morning to tell me that she couldn’t make it.  I know we are all busy this time of year, but who is more important at Christmas than your besty?

Röbby could tell I was sad and he offered to take the littles off to school for me.  When he got home he had bought matching sweaters for him and me to wear to the gym. What a sweety!

They sure are ugly.  Not exactly ugly like the other sweaters, but he was soo cute to try.

They sure are ugly. Not exactly ugly like the other sweaters, but he was soo cute to try.

The party was fun and everyone was so happy to see my handsome hubby there.  The past week I have felt closer to him than I ever have before.  I might even go cross country skiing with him sometime, LOL!

One weird thing happened.  I thought that I saw Cari down the corridor from the boxing room.  I called her name and waved but she just disappeared into a locker room.  I could tell Röbby had seen her too.  He was so upset for me that he turned bright red.  She must be really excited about my Christmas present!

For Crying Out Loud

I don’t know what is going on with schools nowadays.  All of a sudden they are so sensitive and picky about what the kids are wearing.  Starling’s outfit is too skimpy, Merlin can’t wear a swing top and today I got called in to Hummus’s sweet lil’ nursery school because his outfit was deemed inappropriate.

One of the reasons I send him to a wholesome Christian preschool is so he can celebrate Christian holidays at school. I see nothing wrong with this outfit.

One of the reasons I send him to a wholesome Christian preschool is so he can celebrate Christian holidays at school. I see nothing wrong with this outfit.

Miss Sherrilyn said that they don’t celebrate the secular Christmas traditions and for some reason Santa is too “worldly” for their school.  She reminded me that Christmas is a Christian holiday, did I know that?  Of course I know that!  I get my children all spruced up and drag them to church every single Christmas and Easter, although I may just go on Christmas Eve this year so we can skip dinner with Röbert’s mother.  Anywho, I had grabbed some clothes from the lost and found at the gym so I could change him quickly and get back in time for Aerobic Boxing, I really didn’t have time to stick around for a lecture TYVM.

Speaking of Christmas, I can’t wait to see what Röbert has bought for me this year.  With Cari’s help I am sure it is something amazing!

I finally asked the ladies in the office at Starling’s school where Ty has been.  It seems that he is the teacher who is taking a leave of absence!  I wonder what is wrong.  I drove by his little house a few times and it looks like he hasn’t even been staying there.  Poor Ty.  Maybe I should stop by his parent’s home tomorrow and drop off some cookies or something so I can ask him a few questions.