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My Beloved Beefy

Karen and I didn’t get home until late on Saturday, so I couldn’t pick the kids up right away, but I was able to get Beefeater from the neighbors I left him with.  I was so happy to see my Golden Guy.  And of course, Beefeater loves me more than anyone! This morning I got a text from Röbert asking when he could come by to get his dog.  His dog?  Never!

I let him know that he can pick the children up from school tomorrow, since he will not be a weekend Daddy, but the dog is mine.

2:15:16 beefy

It would break the poor critter’s heart to be removed from my loving care.

Next thing you know Röbert will be making further unreasonable demands.  The time is right for me to put my foot down.  Which is why I have a lawyer dropping by his office this afternoon with a few lil’ things for him to sign.

Old Friends

Röbert was supposed to pick the children up after school yesterday, but he said he had to work late and then this morning he wanted to get their rooms “set up” in our second home so he couldn’t pick them up until noon.  By the time he got here I had fed them lunch and Hummus had fallen asleep. Röb actually tried to leave him behind.  Fortunately he had fallen asleep in his car seat (which I had kept him strapped into since yesterday afternoon, just in case).

After they left I decided to clean out the freezer and I found a couple of bottles of vodka I had forgotten about and four credit cards that Röb had frozen in blocks of ice for me last year.  Three of the cards are expired, but one has quite a bit of spring in its step still.

I am heading over to see Karen in a couple of minutes.  She and I always had a lot of fun together and I think we could agree to disagree about Renata.  Right now I feel like she and I have a lot in common and I have an idea which might interest her.

12:30 toast

Besties back in the day!