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A Bit of a Dilemma

I think all moms want the same things for their children.  We want them to be pretty and popular.  I felt like I had achieved this with my older two.  People always tell me that Merlin is a very handsome little boy (even though I can’t see it) and he is certainly very popular with his peers and with adults, despite being extremely nerdy and odd.  Of course Starling is stunning looking, and while she has never  had a large number of admirers, she makes up for that in the quality of her friends.  Starling naturally just attracts the prettiest and most socially prominent of her peers.

Since Merlin came home from camp this summer there have been changes in my lil’ girl.  First of all, she began playing with her brother…all of the time.  I don’t want to say this is a bad thing.  It keeps them both out of my hair for a large part of the afternoons, but it certainly can’t help her reputation to be so friendly with one of the children from the genius class.

It is like my big smalls are friends or something. Weird.

It is like my big smalls are friends or something. Weird.

The part I am struggling with most however is Merlin’s friend Allie.  She has come over after school several times and she seems like a very sweet little girl.  It is hard to find a single speck of that horrible Fat Alice in this child.  Now Starling has started playing with her and this afternoon she asked to have her over even though Merlin was at soccer.  I offfered to go pick up Alcott or Amber or one of the other popular girls, but Starling said that she and Fat Alice, I mean Allie, were eating lunch together today and Fat Alice had an idea for a mystery club so they wanted to make a sign up sheet so everyone could join.  There is so much wrong with that idea.

When you look at Allie, there is nothing terribly wrong with her.  But won’t everyone always remember that she was once Fat Alice and wonder why Starling has an ugly unpopular friend?

This is why I am confused. She is no longer a fat mess.

This is why I am confused. She is no longer a fat mess.

I really don’t know what to do.

Lil’ Slugger

Several of my friends have mentioned that Merlin is a good baseball player so I decided to go watch him this afternoon.  Did you know that they have to hit the ball and catch the ball in the air too?  That seems like a lot.  Merlin also plays the pitcher some of the time and plays at the first base.

Sports are not my thing, but I think he has a lot of natural talent.  I was a jazz dancer when I was younger, so I am sure he gets his athleticism from me. He might end up being popular someday! It will be great for Starling to have a popular athlete for a brother instead of a genius nerd.

I only watched a tiny bit of the game (boring) but everyone seemed to think I was a supper mom for having such an athletic son. Except the “team mom”, Shirley,  said that I had missed my shifts making hot dogs at the snack shack.  I explained that I would never, ever sign up for that.  Honestly!

My baseball guy!  Where do I purchase steroids and other performance enhancers?

My baseball guy! Where do I purchase steroids and other performance enhancers?

Maybe I should hire some coaches and other trainers this summer to make sure he keeps ahead of the competition.  I’ll ask Ty if he is available.  He will probably want a distraction from his broken heart by then anyway.

That School is Crazy!

I am still so frustrated with the school and their absolutely ridiculous and arbitrary way of deciding who is gifted.  Starling is so smart, especially for a girl!  How many girls can there possibly be who got a B in math last year?  I’ll bet Starling is the only one.  She is such a wonderful and curious little girl.  I found her after school today, measuring away for some assignment.  Why does she have to be held back in that way?  She learned measurement LAST year and she needs to be challenged!!!!!

Warning, genius crossing!

Warning, genius crossing!


Meanwhile, the gifted teacher acted like he had no idea what I was talking about when I told him that a violin is a girl’s instrument.  Hello?  And this is a TEACHER!  Wow!  Finally he agreed to give Merlin another instrument.  The first day he came home with a practice drum pad.  Well, we marched that right back.  Now Merlin has a guitar, of all things.  Oh well, he seems to like it anyway, and I guess the rest of us will have to walk around with ear plugs in while he insists on practicing every single day.  UGH.

He'd better not start listening to heavy metal.

He’d better not start listening to heavy metal.

At least Starling is one of the most popular girls in her class.  She has tight knit little clique and they are all very pretty to top it off.  I couldn’t be happier to have her friends over.

Starling with two of her MANY friends.

Starling with two of her MANY friends.

I went in one more time today to ask about gifted classes for Starling and the office lady told me  that the decision had been made and I needed to move on.  I even offered to give up Merlin’s spot for her and was told, “It doesn’t work that way.”  I don’t see why not.  It is all so frustrating that it has given me a my grain!