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Pool Issues

Yesterday I was so happy to see good old Karen bustling around and getting ready for cocktail party at her home.  She used to throw lil’ get-togethers around her pool almost every weekend in the summer, but since we had our tiff, she has seemed down and less social (and fatter).  Anyway, it is important to keep yourself busy, and I was glad to see Karen getting ready for a few friends yesterday.

Unfortunately, late afternoon, when she ran out for a few minutes, her whole pool seemed to back up somehow and it was a real mess.  It was filled with leaves and dirt and who knows what else, and the pump was broken.  Poor Karen!  She had to have her party indoors because her normally beautiful garden was a real eyesore.  I don’t want to have to call anyone, but if she doesn’t get taken care of soon, then I might have to let the zoning people and the bug people know that she has this unsightly, unmaintained mosquito breeding ground in her backyard.  It would be a shame if she had to get rid of her pool.  She loves that pool almost as much as her husband and dog.  Ooops!

It seems like she just doesn't care anymore.

It seems like she just doesn’t care anymore.

A mutual friend told me at the grocery store this morning that there was a part missing from her pool that is also out of stock at every pool store for miles around and it will be a few weeks before they can get order it and install it.  It is a tiny little part, just a few pennies, but it has to be ordered from Asia, so her pool may be out of service for the rest of the summer. Poor Karen.  What did she ever do to deserve such terrible luck?


Gettin’ My Shop On

I have to admit that this week has been a bit of a disappointment with Starling.  All she wants to do is go to the pool with Amber, and when they get there they just sit at a table near the snack bar and talk about all the girls they don’t like.  How much is there even to say about Fat Alice in a bathing suit?  Hideous…done.  But apparently that topic is way more meaningful than quality time shopping with mean ol’ Mom.

This morning I had planned to take her to the city.  Röbert’s mother had agreed to take Hummus for the day tomorrow, so he wouldn’t get bored driving up to pick up Merlin (that was the fastest week ever!) and so I dropped him off a bit early this morning with her housekeeper while she was at the hairdresser.  I am sure she will be delighted with her little surprise!

When I got home, Starling was dressed but not cooperating at all.

Sullen little thing.

Sullen little thing.

I’ll admit that I lost my temper and raised my voice the tiniest bit with her.  She said she didn’t want to go.  Oh well, more credit cards for me!  I let her get in her swimsuit and dropped her off with Cari again.  Girls!

I had a wonderful morning shopping till I felt like dropping and now I am going to stop into a nice cocktail bar and have something refreshing before my spa treatments this afternoon. Both things I couldn’t have done with Starling in tow!  I want to be all sleek for the weekend.

I am not completely heartless.  I have some lovely frocks for Starling in the bags!

I am not completely heartless. I have some lovely frocks for Starling in the bags!

After we pick Merlin up tomorrow, Röbert has arrange for a house on a lake for the night.  It had better be nice, because I am missing a fourth of July black tie dinner with my book club.  I am so excited; a lil’ luxury lake excursion!

Afternoon at the Pool

I saw Karen packing up her car for a trip of some sort today, so I decided to invite Cari and Amber over for a fun afternoon at her pool.  I know Mitch would want us to enjoy it, as long as we didn’t disturb Karen, so this was the perfect opportunity.

The kids were all having a wonderful time (except Merlin, who still had to mow the lawn and finish cleaning the playroom).  Cari brought “James” along to liven up the party.  He chose not to swim, but it was good to hang around with him!  According to Cari, he absolutely loves her new car and has been driving it everywhere since they bought it.  Everyone loves a convertible!

Just friends, but so adorable together!

Just friends, but so adorable together!

Röbert won’t be home until late tonight so I think I will throw a lil’ pool party for my book group!  Margaritas and mysteries anyone?