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Problem Solved

I’d had enough of Starling hanging around and asking me to do things with her all day yesterday, so I packed her off to school this morning, kicking and screaming.  When we got there I had to drag her inside to the office and it turns out that she had actually been suspended again for bullying.  The reason she refused to go to school yesterday was because Röbert and I were supposed to go in for a meeting with the principal and a school counselor and the poor little dear was scared to tell us.

This adorable lil' moppet would never bully anyone! She's a lover, not a fighter, Paul.

This adorable lil’ moppet would never bully anyone! She’s a lover, not a fighter, Paul.

I met with them alone, and signed her up to talk to the school counselor twice a week instead of going to music class.  Mrs. Weems, who teaches music, has a really distracting hairline, so Starling can’t concentrate in there anyway.  Starling wasn’t excited about meeting with the weird school counselor until I explained that it was a good place to complain about friends.  I think she needs an outlet for that.

Once that was taken care of, I was free to leave her there, so I scampered right over to the gym.  I have missed my morning routine!

After Pilates for Pros, I was walking to the bookstore, when I happened to see Renata again.  She was sitting at that new outdoor cafe next to the park, enjoying what looked like a frothy, fattening cup of java.  How lovely for her.  Maybe it will give her the energy to stalk me some more!

I know some people think she is "cutish" but I just don't see it.

I know some people think she is “cutish” but I just don’t see it.

As I passed her, I noticed that she got up to go inside the building for a moment.  In this day and age it is really not safe to leave food and beverages unattended, but maybe it is fine in Guam or Canada or wherever she is from.  It is really none of my business.

After I had made my purchase at Books A Million, Krystyn called to let me know that Fat Alice’s mom was signed up for Spin to the 90’s again, so I was racing back to gym to see that, when I heard sirens.  I was shocked to see who was being loaded into an ambulance.

I wonder what could have happened that she became ill so suddenly?  She looked fine twenty minutes earlier.

I wonder what could have happened that she became ill so suddenly? She looked fine twenty minutes earlier.

Renata being taken to the hospital does make me reflect on the fragility of life.  I will give my three lil’ angles an extra big hug before I pack them up to bed tonight!

I wonder how I can support Ty through this crisis?  I am sure he really doesn’t care, but I want to be a friend to him anyway.  I hope she isn’t a marijuana addict or have a heroin problem or something.

Final Debate Thing

Even though the children are home on Spring Break this week, Merlin had a debate championship this morning.  Ty encouraged me to go and see what Merlin does, but it sounds pretty boring and I had an important Pilates class this morning.  I’ll take Merlin at his word that he is really good at it so there is no point in me going at all.

Last time he went I know he felt underdressed so I borrowed a suit for him from Karen.  It belonged to one of her boys when he was Merlin’s age and Merlin looked so grown up in it.

It was nice to have him gone for the day.  He is so chatty and energetic that it exhausts me to be around him.

It was nice to have him gone for the day. He is so chatty and energetic that it exhausts me to be around him.

Starling was happily playing secret agent up in her room with the binoculars and Robert’s camera and telephoto lens all afternoon, so after we got home from the gym it was just me and Hummus.  I put him down for a nice long nap and I took a rare moment to myself and watched a few television shows that somehow got recorded by mistake.  I don’t even know how to use the DVR.   Finally, when I just couldn’t ignore Hummus’s screams anymore I brought him downstairs with me and decided to take a few laps around the backyard.  I had totally forgotten that Ty would be dropping Merlin off and so I was wearing kind of a skimpy workout gear, but I am sure he didn’t even notice, we are just such close friends.

It was a tiny bit chilly out, but this is my favorite gym outfit, perfect for an impromptu run around the yard.

It was a tiny bit chilly out, but this is my favorite gym outfit, perfect for an impromptu run around the yard.

Great news!  Merlin won again and he is very young to be a state champion or something.  Anywhoo, I wonder if Ty would like to stop by for dinner sometime?  I will have to ask him.

Busy Work at Home Mom

Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate all of you who take the time to read my lil’ ol’ blog each day?  Well, I do!  Not that I make any money doing this, but I am hoping that soon certain businesses will realize that all of the smart and savvy readers of My Three Angles just might want to buy their products. Then they can just start sending me beauty or fashion boxes (Hello? Stitch Fix? Is that you at the other end of this pretend phone call?)  or maybe even some money.  Right now I consider this blog my job, and let me tell you, being a work at home Mommy blogger is no easy task!

Röbert and the big kids are all up and making all kinds of noise by 7 AM every day, and it is hard for me to sleep through.  When he travels out of town or has a meeting am the one who has to get Merlin and Starling on the bus.  I am up early too.  I need to get to the gym for my 9 AM kick-boxing elite class, and Hummus would be devastated not to spend as much time as possible in the child care there.  After kick-boxing elite I usually have a sauna and then coffee in the cafe before I meet some friends for barre or pilates.  We end the day with spin class or kettle bells most days, then Hummus and I rush out to pick up the ingredients for dinner from a restaurant or gourmet shop.  Sometimes I am so busy I forget to even grab lunch for me and Hummus, LOL!

When we get home it is time for a nap for Hummus and I spend at least 45 minutes writing and watching television and keeping up with my social media and talking on the phone and doing kegels and looking through catalogues and looking luxury homes up online.  Then I relax until Merlin and Starling get home.  They always have a lot to say, so I distract them by handing them my old iPad, so they can play games, or I put Frozen on the television.  Both activities are very educational since they are both so very creative.  Hummus loves to spend the afternoon quietly entertaining himself in his crib.

I try to have dinner on the table by 4 PM, because children need their sleep, then Merlin gives the baby his bath and they all go upstairs to bed by 5:30.  The big kids are allowed to read in bed, but they have had colds coming on, so they have been exhausted from the Benadryl all week, so it is pretty quiet up there by 5:45 most nights.  Röbert checks on them when he gets home, so I, at last, have a moment to myself!  Phew!

I made myself a lil' dinner last night.  The martini was my appetizer, then dinner and dessert are on the counter.  LOL!

I made myself a lil’ dinner last night. The martini was my appetizer, then dinner and dessert are on the counter. LOL!


Still Shaking!

I just had the most unbelievable experience at the Sullivan’s house.  Karen and I were getting ready to go to pilates and she asked me to run up to her son Roger’s bedroom to grab her gym bag while she answered the phone.  When I got in there Beefeater was on the bed, enjoying a lil’ nap in the sun, as dogs do.  I took the bag and as I passed the bed I may just have slightly touched the dog with the corner of the bag.  I could hear Beefeater start to growl behind me and omg!  He attacked me!

This is a vicious, ferocious animal.

This is a vicious, ferocious animal.

I have never been so scared in my whole life!  I ran from the room and shut the door behind me.  Karen ran upstairs and we could hear the dog flinging himself against the door.  I showed her the selfie I just happened to be taking at the moment he attacked and she was truly shocked.  Beefeater always seemed to be such a pleasant dog.  Now he seems like a monster.

Obviously we cancelled our pilates and Karen called Mitch to come home and a vet to come sedate the dog.  I don’t like the idea of living next door to such a vicious animal, especially with three lil’ angles running around my yard and now the Wozinskis on the other side of us have children as well.  Poor Karen has some thinking to do!

Since pilates was off I came home and put on my snuggly fall clothes and had a couple of glasses of wine before the children got home.

What a beautiful fall day!

What a beautiful fall day!

What a Wacky Week

I have been thinking about my lunch with Mitch this week and I have decided not to tell Röbert about it.  We are so, so happily married and I know he is a jealous man when it comes to his lovely wife, so I think I shouldn’t say anything.  What do you think?

Röbert is going away again for a few days.  I think to the mountains, I am not sure.  There is nothing strange about this, at ALL.  Some people need to get their minds out of the gutter!

I dropped Hummus off at his playgroup this morning at 6 AM.  He loves it so much and it gives me a lot of time to do the things that make me feel good about me.  Loving myself is the greatest love of all!  I then went to pilates with the gals from my book club and out to lunch afterward.

I look so nice here.

I look so nice here.

I got home and Merlin had forgotten to get Starling up and make sure they both got to school, so they had missed the day.  He can be so irresponsible!  Starling was running around, so those of you who said she is a lazy little thing need to mind your own damned business.

My lil' athlete.

My lil’ athlete.

Merlin was playing with his dinosaurs, trying to show off how smart he is once again.  Those look awfully plastic and fake and unhealthy, don’t they?  I may have to do some editing in his room again this weekend.

Dinosaurs are not necessarily proof of genius.

Dinosaurs are not necessarily proof of genius.

The children all look so exhausted today, so I think I will send them up early.  Then I have another bottle (or 6, lol) of rosé waiting to honor breast cancer awareness month.

Happy October!

Hangin’ Around

Starling is just so very, very excited to be playing soccer.  She was on a team with Coach Mari but it was totally unfair how Coach Mari favored all the children over the children who are good at soccer (like Starling) so I called the league and had her changed to a team coached by her best friend Vivian’s dad.  He had better let her play much more or he will be hearing from me.

Show me your soccer muscles!

Show me your soccer muscles!

I think Starling is missing her Daddy a little too.  I spoke to him last night and he is mountain biking this week.   I knew it had something to do with mountains!

See? A mountain in the background.

See? A mountain in the background.

Röbert will be home tomorrow, and not a moment too soon!  I can’t wait to get a few seconds to myself, aside from the hours that the children are all in school every day.  I met someone at the supermarket this week who home schools her 5 children.  Have you ever heard of that?  It is absolutely nuts!  They are home with her all of the time.  Like summer year round.  Yikes!

Starling missing her Dad.

Starling missing her Dad.

For some reason our neighbor Nancy gave Merlin one of her son’s old costumes.  We are not speaking so I can’t even ask what the hell she was thinking.  I came home from the gym and Merlin was running around absolutely wild in it!  I had left him home because the gymnastics class I have Starling in while I do my Pilates would not be fun for him, no matter what he says! Anyway, I waited until he fell asleep and threw that ratty old costume away.  I think the time may have come for me to give Nancy Sullivan a piece of my mind!

As if he needs another excuse to be wild.

As if he needs another excuse to be wild.