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Friday Night Circus

The budget the school gave me for the faculty party was ridiculous.  Last year my understanding was that it was held in the past president’s yard with a keg and a boom box, and still the board all had to chip in.

That was not going to happen on my watch.  I wanted to do something middle eastern with all of the cute girls doing belly dances etc, but the cost of the carpets to cover the lawn was astronomical.

Merlin suggested we have a circus theme, which seemed kind of trite until Starling pointed out how colorful it could be.  So circus it was.  I contacted Cari’s friend at the party rental place and he found us a circus tent that he let us have for free with the table and linen rental.

It looked so cute when Krystyn and I finished decorating.

Such fun! And like Merlin pointed out, school is crazy and scary like a circus sometimes.

Such fun! And like Merlin pointed out, school is crazy and scary like a circus sometimes.

It was just cocktails with heavy appetizers and a small three piece country group playing live. Margie was of course angry that her husband’s band wasn’t asked to play, but honestly? No.

I found a steal on a darling jumpsuit for the evening.

I love a good bargain! I didn't spill a thing on it so I may return it today.

I love a good bargain! I didn’t spill a thing on it so I may return it today.

Of course Röbert always looks great!



Merlin painted a couple of those cutouts for photo ops.  I thought they were kind of embarrassing, so I set them up across the yard from the party, but once the teachers got started, whoa nellie, they were ready to party.

LOL Ty! Never change!

LOL Ty! Never change!

Ty came alone.  So sad.  I wish he could find a nice girl.  Starling’s teacher, Ms Cole, brought her roommate who is a lawyer, and absolutely beautiful.  I wonder if she knows Ty?  They would make a wonderful couple.

I like to make a signature cocktail for my parties and last night was “Juggler’s Punch”.  I made up the recipe myself.

Juggler’s Punch

Fill glass with crushed ice.

Pour in vodka.

Garnish with a twist of lime and 3 cranberries.

It was a big hit!

I sent out bills to all of the board members to chip in this morning.  Last year the cost per person was $15 and this year it is quite a bit more.  I think I will keep my phone off for the day!


So Disrespectful

Merlin called home a lil’ upset last night.  He is loving his ridiculous camp (I am sure it is nerd heaven!) but he said he overheard Mr. Williams shouting at someone on his phone yesterday and he doesn’t like to see him sad.  Poor Ty!  I wonder what could be bothering him so much?

I was worried that Renata might not have found his dog yet, so I drove by his house to see if I could spot Dementor, and I spotted a whole lot more!  There was an absolutely wild party going on at the house.  I have no idea how many people Renata even knows, but it seemed more like she had posted a “Free Kegger” sign at a local university rather than the little invite she had on her Facebook page to a couple of girlfriends yesterday.  She was (of course) crying in the front yard again.  It seems like that is all she does lately.  Someone must have called the police, because while I was driving by the craziness, several squad cars pulled up.  Uh-oh!  I hope there weren’t any underage people there.  That would reflect poorly on Ty as the homeowner and a local teacher.

It was too dark (and I was too shocked) to snap any pictures last night, but I did manage to get this one of the yard this morning.  Renata certainly seems pleased with the way she destroyed all of Ty’s hard work.

I would certainly never send this to Ty, but I may have to post it on Instagram.  She is not a good person.

I would certainly never send this to Ty, but I may have to post it on Instagram. She is not a good person.

I want to know if she was actually arrested so I am heading over to Cari’s to see if we can access the police database.  Cari is a whiz with computers!


Pool Issues

Yesterday I was so happy to see good old Karen bustling around and getting ready for cocktail party at her home.  She used to throw lil’ get-togethers around her pool almost every weekend in the summer, but since we had our tiff, she has seemed down and less social (and fatter).  Anyway, it is important to keep yourself busy, and I was glad to see Karen getting ready for a few friends yesterday.

Unfortunately, late afternoon, when she ran out for a few minutes, her whole pool seemed to back up somehow and it was a real mess.  It was filled with leaves and dirt and who knows what else, and the pump was broken.  Poor Karen!  She had to have her party indoors because her normally beautiful garden was a real eyesore.  I don’t want to have to call anyone, but if she doesn’t get taken care of soon, then I might have to let the zoning people and the bug people know that she has this unsightly, unmaintained mosquito breeding ground in her backyard.  It would be a shame if she had to get rid of her pool.  She loves that pool almost as much as her husband and dog.  Ooops!

It seems like she just doesn't care anymore.

It seems like she just doesn’t care anymore.

A mutual friend told me at the grocery store this morning that there was a part missing from her pool that is also out of stock at every pool store for miles around and it will be a few weeks before they can get order it and install it.  It is a tiny little part, just a few pennies, but it has to be ordered from Asia, so her pool may be out of service for the rest of the summer. Poor Karen.  What did she ever do to deserve such terrible luck?


Happy Independence Day!

We got up bright and early this morning and dropped off Hummus with his Grandmama for the day.  I had left him there yesterday, but I guess she didn’t understand that she was supposed to keep him, because her housekeeper was waiting with him in my house when I got home yesterday afternoon and she didn’t seem at all pleased with me.  Ugh.  Why is Röbert’s mom such a pill?  Anywho, she was so insistent on a specific pick up time today and I was really surprised that Röbby said late afternoon.  The camp is a bit of a drive but late afternoon?  It turns out that there is a tournament at the end of camp!!!!  Horrible!  I was expected to sit through several games of soccer and an awards ceremony?!?!

I can’t even begin to describe how tedious it was.  Some of the parents seemed to think we were all there to make friends and this one man had a mustache and was wearing a Game of Thrones t-shirt.  I died.

The awards ceremony was very cheering though.  Lots and lots of awards for my lil’ angle!  He got some dumb ones of course “Kindest Kid” and “Most Spirited”  (I’ll say he is spirited!) but then he won the overall award for best player in camp so the mustache guy and his troll wife can suck it.

We drove back to Grandmama’s to pick up Hummus and were heading out to the lake but I had forgotten Starling’s outfit for tonight at home.  Röbert kept insisting that we couldn’t go home, but I needed that outfit, so I cried until he brought me back to get it.

Guess who is having her lil’ Fourth of July party again this year, despite being humiliated and fat and single and having not a friend in the world?  Karen.  I guess she waited until I was out of town having a fab overnight at a gorgeous lake house with my hot husband to bribe a few other pathetic people to come over and eat her food.  Whatever.

The lake is very upscale for a lake and the house is darling.  Small, but Röbby did well.

And Starling looks so cute in her lil’ outfit that I am sure Röbert agrees that the detour home was well worth it!

Ahoy mateys!  Batten down the hatches for adorableness.

Ahoy mateys! Batten down the hatches for adorableness.

I don’t care at all about Karen’s stupid party but I would love to know who is there and what is happening.  Not that it isn’t obviously completely pathetic, but still.  Also, since it is right next door, I feel like I should have been invited or at least informed.  Not that I care at all.  I wonder who she even found who would come to her awful, grim party?  I couldn’t care less.


Afternoon at the Pool

I saw Karen packing up her car for a trip of some sort today, so I decided to invite Cari and Amber over for a fun afternoon at her pool.  I know Mitch would want us to enjoy it, as long as we didn’t disturb Karen, so this was the perfect opportunity.

The kids were all having a wonderful time (except Merlin, who still had to mow the lawn and finish cleaning the playroom).  Cari brought “James” along to liven up the party.  He chose not to swim, but it was good to hang around with him!  According to Cari, he absolutely loves her new car and has been driving it everywhere since they bought it.  Everyone loves a convertible!

Just friends, but so adorable together!

Just friends, but so adorable together!

Röbert won’t be home until late tonight so I think I will throw a lil’ pool party for my book group!  Margaritas and mysteries anyone?

Happy Memorial Day

On Memorial Day it is important to remember the real meaning of the holiday; grilling, parades, America and the beach.  We are doing a little of all of that at my house!

This morning we went into town to watch our local Memorial Day parade.  Well three people watched the parade while two of us marched in it.

First came Merlin with his baseball team.  I wish they had nicer uniforms.  I need to get on that if he plays again next year.  He may be on the travel soccer team by then.

They weren't going to let Merlin hold the banner until I stepped in.  Some of those other kids can barely hold a bat, why should they be front and center?

They weren’t going to let Merlin hold the banner until I stepped in. Some of those other kids can barely hold a bat, why should they be front and center?

Since I had to be at the parade anyway, I thought it would be fun to march in it.  I approached the staff at my gym about doing a lil’ promotion and they decided I was perfect advertising for them.  I wore a tiara and a sash that said “Ms. Bikini Bod 2015”  I passed out flyers for the gym as I walked along the street, and when I got tired of that I saw Margie sitting along the parade route, and gave her the rest to hand out.  She dropped the ball on the gala, she needs to help out somewhere!

Princess Bikini Bod is in the house, yo!

Princess Bikini Bod is in the house, yo!

After the parade I sent Röbert over to the beach with the kiddos for some fun in the sun.  I simply have too much going on with the gala and a very special event on Wednesday to join them, plus it is a public beach.  Ick.

We usually go to a big party at the Sullivans for Memorial Day but we didn’t receive an invitation this year.  I really don’t think it is happening, so I have invited all of our friends and neighbors over here later.  Röbert will grill for everyone and I had a caterer whip up some salads and sides.  It should be fun.  I hope we don’t keep Karen up too late.  I think Mitch might stop by with the boys, who are home from school and staying with Karen until their internships start up.  Such nice kids, despite their upbringing.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

A Romantic Evening

I woke up this morning with a bit of a my grain so Röbert was happy to let me sleep in, and he even brought me breakfast (black coffee, my favorite!) and the newspaper (actually Us Weekly, we don’t get a newspaper) in bed so I could relax.  What a wonderful husband!

We were up late last night having an absolutely wonderful time with Röbert’s friends from college and their wives, who are now such dear friends to me.  We barbecued steaks and ate outside for the first time this spring.  I love casual fun evenings like we had, filled with laughter and happy memories.

The only uncomfortable part was that we could actually hear Karen crying really loudly in her house, which overlooks our yard.  I was mortified for her, felt kind of sorry for her, but also, it  put a real damper on our own festivities.  I asked Röbert to go over to encourage her to stop crying, but he would not go over.  So finally I had to walk over there and found her looking even worse than I imagined.  Her whole face was red and puffy (well, even puffier than usual) and she has gained a bit of weight since I last saw her.  I invited her to come join us but she wasn’t interested (thank goodness!  Imagine that pulling up to join our group of young, chic friends, LOL!) I told her we could hear her making some noise and I wanted to make sure she was okay, and she said something very rude and slammed the door in my face.  At least she stopped wailing, so we could enjoy ourselves after that.

I told Röbert how rude she was to me and shed a quiet tear, and I think he now understands what a monster she really is.

At the end of the evening one of the gals took a quick snapshot of us, which is already my favorite photo ever.  I wonder if it would be weird to send it to a few select friends and neighbors, to remind them how happy we are and to prevent any gossip about us?  LOL.

So happy with my guy!

So happy with my guy!