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A Special Program for My Special Guy

Well, I finally found a program that is just perfect for Hummus and he will now be “going to school” just like his big brother and sister.  The school is called “All Praise Our Blessed Little Lambs Preschool” and it is located in a church with some kind of weird and possibly immoral beliefs, but they were so eager to have me join their congregation that they were willing to overlook the fact that Hummus is a little tiny bit young and maybe not fully potty trained. “A few hours in a pair of uncomfortably wet and full underpants ought to train him right up,” is what Miss Sherrilynn, his new teacher said.  I like the way she thinks!

His first morning was this morning.

Momma's big guy! So proud.

Momma’s big guy! So proud.

I took the opportunity to sign him up for extended day today, so I won’t have to get him until 5 PM.  I had work to do!  I moved Merlin out of his bedroom, into what we used to use as a utility room and set his old room up as a second guest bedroom and yoga retreat.

Wallah. I needed something like this.

Wallah. I needed something like this.

I think Merlin will enjoy having a large wash sink in his room, but I did turn off the water to it so he doesn’t enjoy it too much.  That kid!