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I Suffer More Than Anyone Has Ever Suffered

If you have never been shot, I don’t recommend it.  First of all, it really hurts a lot.  Also, the police seem uninterested in talking to me about who I think they need to be questioning, and  very interested in bothering my friends.  Poor Ty has apparently had to speak to them several times.  He does not deserve to be harrassed in this manner!  Today Detective Wallace was actually quite dismissive when I called with a lead about ISIS targeting attractive American women with prominent blogs.

The worst thing is that I am supposed to do almost nothing all day long.  No computers, no tv, no exercise, no fun.  The kids went back to school today and I was instructed to stay home and “relax”.  Lah Lee is not a relaxer.  I tried to get up to do a lil’ light yoga on the sly but I was dizzy and could barely do a single pose without experiencing a great stabbing pain.  Then I tried to spend a tiny bit of time on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook and I watched a few episodes of Live From Lincoln Center while I read spoilers about the new season of The Bachelor on my eyepad, but I ended up with a tremendous my grain.  I don’t know what I ever did to deserve to be in such a horrible situation.

Krystyn called with some delicious gossip, though.  Apparently Cari’s latest guy dumped her the day after Christmas, calling her pushy and controlling.  For some reason this news delights me!

That's just me, Lah Lee, always smilin' through the tears.

That’s just me, Lah Lee, always smilin’ through the tears.

Even the pain pills the doctors gave me aren’t working well, but I just keep on doing my best to bring joy to everyone around me.