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Father’s Day?

I totally forgot it was Father’s Day today!  LOL!  Luckily Merlin had made some kind of desk accessory out of popsicle sticks at school and Starling went and picked some flowers from Karen’s perennial bed.  Karen spends so much time working on her garden and I know she has some extremely rare specimens in there, but I am sure she would be delighted to have a lovely lil’ girl like Starling pick something for her Daddy.

She is such a thoughtful child!

She is such a thoughtful child!

I think I will stop by Macy’s later and see if they have any of those pre-wrapped desktop accessories or something for Röbert.  He doesn’t like desktop accessories, but it is the thought that counts.

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Memorial Day

On Memorial Day it is important to remember the real meaning of the holiday; grilling, parades, America and the beach.  We are doing a little of all of that at my house!

This morning we went into town to watch our local Memorial Day parade.  Well three people watched the parade while two of us marched in it.

First came Merlin with his baseball team.  I wish they had nicer uniforms.  I need to get on that if he plays again next year.  He may be on the travel soccer team by then.

They weren't going to let Merlin hold the banner until I stepped in.  Some of those other kids can barely hold a bat, why should they be front and center?

They weren’t going to let Merlin hold the banner until I stepped in. Some of those other kids can barely hold a bat, why should they be front and center?

Since I had to be at the parade anyway, I thought it would be fun to march in it.  I approached the staff at my gym about doing a lil’ promotion and they decided I was perfect advertising for them.  I wore a tiara and a sash that said “Ms. Bikini Bod 2015”  I passed out flyers for the gym as I walked along the street, and when I got tired of that I saw Margie sitting along the parade route, and gave her the rest to hand out.  She dropped the ball on the gala, she needs to help out somewhere!

Princess Bikini Bod is in the house, yo!

Princess Bikini Bod is in the house, yo!

After the parade I sent Röbert over to the beach with the kiddos for some fun in the sun.  I simply have too much going on with the gala and a very special event on Wednesday to join them, plus it is a public beach.  Ick.

We usually go to a big party at the Sullivans for Memorial Day but we didn’t receive an invitation this year.  I really don’t think it is happening, so I have invited all of our friends and neighbors over here later.  Röbert will grill for everyone and I had a caterer whip up some salads and sides.  It should be fun.  I hope we don’t keep Karen up too late.  I think Mitch might stop by with the boys, who are home from school and staying with Karen until their internships start up.  Such nice kids, despite their upbringing.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Runners Everywhere

When my gym fired Renata from the child-care center they allowed her to stay on as a trainer of some sort, only she comes to your home.  According to Krystyn there was apparently some real crazy at the gym who also wanted her fired , and she was scared to run into her.  LOL.  I wonder who it was?  Maybe Fat Alice’s mom?

Anywho, I guess Karen is now employing her to teach her to run or something.  It is sad to watch.  Poor Hummus was so upset to see Renata that he was literally banging on the windows and yelling.  Poor scared lil’ guy!

Maybe Renata will be cruel to Karen too.

Maybe Renata will be cruel to Karen too.

I called Karen to ask her to get a different running coach because, obviously it doesn’t matter to her, but poor Hummus was so upset.  She said something extremely rude and hung up on me!

Later I told Starling it might be good for her diet to get a lil’ exercise so she went to run around Karen’s yard while Karen was out shopping.  By mistake she trampled all of her flower beds.  What a shame.  Karen has always taken such pride in her gardens.

Sweet Starling had no idea that you shouldn't crush young plants by running on them.  Oops.

Sweet Starling had no idea that you shouldn’t crush young plants by running on them. Oops.

Karen called me later and I was tempted to say something rude back to her, but I am a lady, so I told her that I had no idea what she was talking about and hung up.

I think I will take Starling out for a tiny cup of frozen yogurt later, since she deserves a lil’ treat.

Poor Dog

Is there some place like CPS that you can anonymously call about a dog being abused?  I would never name names here of course, because I am the furthest thing from a gossip, but I have a neighbor who seems to have some sort of mental health issues and she has been neglecting her dog.

The neighbor used to try to keep up her figure by taking the dog on long walks and running with it, but she is now a sad elderly shut-in and never takes the dog outside.  I can hear the dog crying at night, but when I call my neighbor she tells me to, “Go to hell, Lah Lee, and for the one hundredth times it is coyotes out by the landfill.”  Then I hear her crying too.  See, mental health issues.

Anywho, I was looking through Starling’s telephoto lens at the neighbor”s backyard, trying to see coyotes last night and I saw the poor dog.  He is not looking cute.

Beefeater needs "Beginner's Weight Loss" too!

Beefeater needs “Beginner’s Weight Loss” too!

Poor lil’ anonymous dog!  I have not always been a fan of this animal but I would really love to have him removed from the home so he can be in a happier place.

A Romantic Evening

I woke up this morning with a bit of a my grain so Röbert was happy to let me sleep in, and he even brought me breakfast (black coffee, my favorite!) and the newspaper (actually Us Weekly, we don’t get a newspaper) in bed so I could relax.  What a wonderful husband!

We were up late last night having an absolutely wonderful time with Röbert’s friends from college and their wives, who are now such dear friends to me.  We barbecued steaks and ate outside for the first time this spring.  I love casual fun evenings like we had, filled with laughter and happy memories.

The only uncomfortable part was that we could actually hear Karen crying really loudly in her house, which overlooks our yard.  I was mortified for her, felt kind of sorry for her, but also, it  put a real damper on our own festivities.  I asked Röbert to go over to encourage her to stop crying, but he would not go over.  So finally I had to walk over there and found her looking even worse than I imagined.  Her whole face was red and puffy (well, even puffier than usual) and she has gained a bit of weight since I last saw her.  I invited her to come join us but she wasn’t interested (thank goodness!  Imagine that pulling up to join our group of young, chic friends, LOL!) I told her we could hear her making some noise and I wanted to make sure she was okay, and she said something very rude and slammed the door in my face.  At least she stopped wailing, so we could enjoy ourselves after that.

I told Röbert how rude she was to me and shed a quiet tear, and I think he now understands what a monster she really is.

At the end of the evening one of the gals took a quick snapshot of us, which is already my favorite photo ever.  I wonder if it would be weird to send it to a few select friends and neighbors, to remind them how happy we are and to prevent any gossip about us?  LOL.

So happy with my guy!

So happy with my guy!


What is Going On?

I got up a little early today to make sure that Merlin and Starling got on their bus.  Röbert was acting like a big mope all weekend, and I frankly didn’t trust him to do his job and they needed to be back in school.  Like yesterday.

Röbert was a little more himself this morning and when I suggested that he come home early so we could have a special dinner tonight he said he’d like that.  He also told me that he won’t be doing as much travel for work for awhile.  Röbert and I have what I would describe as a nearly perfect marriage, but I have to admit that the for the last few weeks he has seemed a lil’ preoccupied, so I am relieved to have my old sweetheart back.  I even asked when we could go kayaking together, so you know I’m feeling that loving feeling, LOL.

After he left for work I could actually hear Karen screaming and crying from next door.  Wow. They must have had a damaging water leak or maybe even a small fire at their beach house.

I had missed my AM Zen Weight Bearing class at the gym because Röbert and I were having our little talk, so I did a quick workout on my own while Hummus ate a nutritious granola bar for breakfast.

I was sorry to miss class, but oh well.

I was sorry to miss class, but oh well.

I was just finishing up and getting ready to head to school for our first end of year party meeting, when I heard someone in the front hall.  I was so surprised to see Mitch there, and it looked like he was heading off on a long trip!  He seemed very flustered and told me how much he admired me, which was very sweet.  I know I am a good neighbor and have been a wonderful friend to his shrew of a wife, but it is still kind of him to say so.  He said that he won’t be around for awhile and he gave me his phone number.  Then he looked all serious and said he wanted to tell me something important.  Of course I was already late for my meeting so I said we had to talk later.  I can’t imagine what he wanted to tell me.  Probably something about his crazy wife, but I have heard enough about her already!

I wonder where he is going?

I wonder where he is going?

The meeting went VERY well.  Cari and I are the co-chairs of the End-of Year Party Committee for Starling’s class.  Everyone knows that this is the most important party of the year and a real opportunity for us to shine.  Fat Alice’s mom and the Wozinski woman from next door both also wanted to be in charge, but we had spread sheets from the Christmas party at Amber’s last school, so they will be working for us.  I am thrilled.

Nearly a Tragedy

Merlin probably did really well at they debate thingy earlier this week.  I kind of zoned out while he was telling me about it.  It is so boring. But to each their own, I guess.  I want to catch up with Ty and ask him how it went sometime soon.

Today Merlin wanted to practice bow and arrowing again.  I know it is a weird sport that is bound to get him bullied and teased, but he likes it so I figure as long as it is in a place where no one can see him it will be fine.  I helped him set it up behind our house and he was shooting at a target but he never ever misses.  It is crazy, he is very accurate at shooting that thing.  I kept moving him back further and further from the target.

At this point he is clear across the yard, nearly in the azaleas.

At this point he is clear across the yard, nearly in the azaleas.

I swear I could barely even see the target, but he kept hitting it.  Then he asked if I heard a noise.  I said, “No, keep shooting!  You are like Robin Hood.  Keep shooting those arrows.  Faster!”  But he insisted that we go investigate the noise and you will never believe what we found.  It was Beefeater.  Somehow he had escaped from his house again and his leash was stuck under a rock right next to the target, but you couldn’t see him at all.  He was sleeping back there I guess.  Merlin could easily have hit him and killed him.

How on earth did he get back there?  He appeared to have Benadryl on his breath as well.

How on earth did he get back there? He appeared to have Benadryl on his breath as well.

I had Merlin bring him back over to the Sullivans and put him in the house before Karen got home from shopping.  No need to unnecessarily upset her.