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Marital Happiness

It is so wonderful to be married to your absolute best friend in the world!  Röbby and I “get” each other on a level which most couples can never even dream of understanding.

Because we are so completely blissful together, Röb moved into a condo closer to his work over the weekend.  He is now able to get to work earlier each day, so he can make even more money to support his beloved family.  The move also gives me more freedom to spend one-on-one time with the kiddos during the week, and I am sure we will be happier than ever!

I know that our thoughtful decision to live separately during the week and maybe some weekends will bother those people who are stuck in the past and don’t understand modern marriages, but for us it is absolutely perfect and has only brought us closer together.  I am sure that our time together will be even better than ever after spending time apart.

I have also decided to stop using my wheelchair, despite my constant, unendurable pain.  It is just too hard to carry such a bulky thing to the car by myself.

This morning I got the kiddos off to school by myself and was able to make it to the gym with a smile on my face.  I am a glass fully full gal!  And I had a fully full glass of vodka to celebrate.

1:31:16 sad eyes

Changes are fantastic, y’all!

I could not possibly be any happier right now!!!!!




What is Going On?

I got up a little early today to make sure that Merlin and Starling got on their bus.  Röbert was acting like a big mope all weekend, and I frankly didn’t trust him to do his job and they needed to be back in school.  Like yesterday.

Röbert was a little more himself this morning and when I suggested that he come home early so we could have a special dinner tonight he said he’d like that.  He also told me that he won’t be doing as much travel for work for awhile.  Röbert and I have what I would describe as a nearly perfect marriage, but I have to admit that the for the last few weeks he has seemed a lil’ preoccupied, so I am relieved to have my old sweetheart back.  I even asked when we could go kayaking together, so you know I’m feeling that loving feeling, LOL.

After he left for work I could actually hear Karen screaming and crying from next door.  Wow. They must have had a damaging water leak or maybe even a small fire at their beach house.

I had missed my AM Zen Weight Bearing class at the gym because Röbert and I were having our little talk, so I did a quick workout on my own while Hummus ate a nutritious granola bar for breakfast.

I was sorry to miss class, but oh well.

I was sorry to miss class, but oh well.

I was just finishing up and getting ready to head to school for our first end of year party meeting, when I heard someone in the front hall.  I was so surprised to see Mitch there, and it looked like he was heading off on a long trip!  He seemed very flustered and told me how much he admired me, which was very sweet.  I know I am a good neighbor and have been a wonderful friend to his shrew of a wife, but it is still kind of him to say so.  He said that he won’t be around for awhile and he gave me his phone number.  Then he looked all serious and said he wanted to tell me something important.  Of course I was already late for my meeting so I said we had to talk later.  I can’t imagine what he wanted to tell me.  Probably something about his crazy wife, but I have heard enough about her already!

I wonder where he is going?

I wonder where he is going?

The meeting went VERY well.  Cari and I are the co-chairs of the End-of Year Party Committee for Starling’s class.  Everyone knows that this is the most important party of the year and a real opportunity for us to shine.  Fat Alice’s mom and the Wozinski woman from next door both also wanted to be in charge, but we had spread sheets from the Christmas party at Amber’s last school, so they will be working for us.  I am thrilled.