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Leaving in the AM

I can’t believe it is only one more day to our perfect family vacay.  Cari and Krystyn are going to stop by every day to collect mail, switch our lights, and make sure that snake, Karen Sullivan, isn’t up to anything!

I am trying to whittle down my suitcases to two large ones and a big duffle bag.  It is so hard! I am thinking this top will work for the car ride up tomorrow.  It is a little Yodel-lay-ee-hoo/Heidi looking which is just the right note for the mountains, and comfy for the car.

I want to be comfortable and casual, and I think this works.

I want to be comfortable and casual, and I think this works.

I keep wondering if I should run out and buy something gingham.  Do I need a gingham dress?

Mr. Funny, aka Röbert told me last night that he would show me a photo of the house.  Then he showed me this:

Hahaha...so funny.  I would NOT be happy in a trailer.

Hahaha…so funny. I would NOT be happy in a trailer.

He said he knew that I would love it with the firepit and the twinkle lights.  I don’t know why I stay married to this guy!

Do I need cowboy boots?  What do you think.  I have a pair, but they may not be cute enough.  And I should probably get some fancy hiking boots, just in case.

It’s So Hot!

A new family moved into our neighborhood last weekend, so, of course, I stopped by with a bottle of wine to catch the mom, Tabs, up on all of the local goings on and be neighborly.  She and her husband came by on Sunday afternoon for a lil’ get to know you barbecue with the usual gang, Krystyn and Wesley, Cari and Mitch and all of the kids.  Fortunately for us, the Watsons have children who will be in the same grades as my children this fall, and Starling, Merlin, Alcott and Hemingway have been inseperable all week.  To thank me for having them basically move into my backyard while she unpacked, Tabs offered to take them with her to a water park today.  The kids were dressed and ready by the door at about 6:30 this morning!

Of course I raced over to the gym to grab the last spot at child care for Hummus, and came home to try on outfits for my trip next week.  Did I mention that Röbert is whisking us all away for a fun-filled family vacay on Saturday?  I am very excited.

Right now it is so hot out.  The only bad thing about summer (besides stinging insects and having to watch children all day every day) is the heat!  I don’t like to just give up like a lot of people I see around town, but honestly, sometimes it would be more comfortable to wear nothing at all.

Cool and classy.  No frumpy t-shirts for Lah Lee!

Cool and classy. No frumpy t-shirts for Lah Lee!

Since I realized how fantastic I look in hats, I have gone on a bit of a shopping spree.  Shhh, don’t tell!  I think this one is going to be perfect for the mountains!

A lil' floppy and unstructured, but still very cool.

A lil’ floppy and unstructured, but still very cool.

I think it was very thoughtful of Röbert to choose a mountain destination instead of the beach.  The cool mountain air will be quite a relief after this hot and busy week!

Birthday Countdown

My birthday is coming up soon and I am so excited to see what kind of party and gift Röbert comes up with this year.  Last year was a bit of a disappointment, but I am sure he will step up now!

I would plan my own party, but that seems kind of desperate and pathetic, no?  But I did do something really smart this morning.  I went up to the mountains with Robert while the kids were all visiting friends (except Hummus, who had an extra day of sessions at his tennis academy). We went there to go kayaking so Röbert would be feeling extra happy with me while he considers how much he wants to spend on my birthday.

I think this photo should be worth at least one karat.

I think this photo should be worth at least one karat.

I Save the Dog Again, Of Course

Once again, I have saved Beefeater’s life, but for you to understand the story, I need to share a lil’ background info.

Beefeater was actually Röbert’s dog originally, and he really loved that animal.  Beefeater was his hiking buddy and the two of them spent a lot of time up in the mountains together.  Unfortunately, when Beefeater was not in the mountains I started to see some signs of allergies in Starling.  It was never anything that we had diagnosed (Röbert wanted to take her to a doctor, I didn’t think it was necessary) but she was just “off” when he was in the house.

At first, Röbert was resistant to getting rid of Beefeater, but then I thought of my dearest friend at the time, my next door neighbor, Karen.  Her youngest had just left for college and she was a lil’ down, so I gifted her with the dog.  Surprisingly, Röbert seemed fine with her keeping him so it worked out for everyone.  And Karen just loved him to pieces, until recently.

When I showed Röbert the picture of Beefeater yesterday, he was shocked.  He immediately went over to Karen’s and I went out back to check on the garden near our fence line.  I happened to overhear a significant argument about Karen “pulling herself together” and lots of crying and weeping and sobbing from her.  LOL.  Later, I could tell Röbert was upset, so I ordered in his favorite dinner and let him watch ESPN for half an hour.

This morning I heard a knock on my kitchen door and I went outside to discover a fat golden retriever with note tied to his collar (with a messy bit of twine.  If I were to tie a note to a dog’s collar you bet your stars it would be with some pretty gingham ribbon!).  The note said,

“Dear Röbert,

I just can’t bear to have the dog around to remind me of old times.  Please treat him as he deserves.


I guess Beefeater must remind her of Mitch and her failed marriage.  I burned the note, brought poor Beefeater inside, dosed Starling with some Benadryl and called Cari to pick up some doggy weight loss food on her way over for coffee.

Merlin has been playing with him out back all afternoon.

Let's face it, the dog is still fat, but at least he is getting some exercise.  I hope Merlin's joyous laughter didn't disturb our neighbors.

Let’s face it, the dog is still fat, but at least he is getting some exercise. I hope Merlin’s joyous laughter didn’t disturb our neighbors.

I can’t wait for Röbert to see him when he gets home tonight.

Sunday, Funday

Röbert and I have been talking a lot about how to spend more time together as a couple.  He suggested we spend some time in the mountains together yesterday and then he and I could go shopping together another day.  That sounded like a great idea.  We dropped the kids off at Röb’s mom’s house on Saturday night after the baseball game, and we got up early yesterday morning and headed up to the mountains.  He had bought me some cute-ish hiking boots when he got the baseball stuff for Merlin and I had some adorable hiking short-shorts and a sporty fitted t-shirt, so I would look the part of an outdoorsy gal!

Cari has been through a divorce and she gave me excellent advice about acting as if I like the stuff Röbert likes.  She told me to pretend that I was hiking on a treadmill at the gym, and I did.  It was mostly not terrible.  And of course it was divine to have some time alone with the hub.

He packed a cute lil’ picnic for us of some sandwiches (LOL!  Bread!) but he also had grapes and the darling man had a split of champagne in there for me too!  He knows and loves his wife.

Mr. Mountain man!

Mr. Mountain man!

I was tired after lunch but Röbert brought me to a beautiful waterfall, which was very romantic.  It was too cold to swim, but we dangled our feet in.  The hike down was much easier and I pretended I was doing cross-fit the whole time.

Grandmama loved having her littles with her for the day, so it was a win for everyone!

I have to look up hikers on the internet later and figure out if I might end up with some weird looking muscles if I do this too often.

Go Ski Racers

Röbert mentioned last night that he was going to the mountains today.  One thing that I have noticed is that he is sometimes a lil’ inaccurate about what time he is leaving.  I decided to surprise him and got all the children up and dressed at 4 AM since he said he was leaving at 6 AM.  We all slept in the car for an hour and then, surprise! I am sure he was delighted to have all of us go with him.

He had to stop to make a few business calls, but then we had the most amazing time skiing together.  At first he seemed jumpy, but I just know he enjoyed spending his day taking Merlin and Starling up the bunny hill.  Bonding time is so important.

They were very energetic all day!  Röbert must have had so much fun with them.

They were very energetic all day! Röbert must have had so much fun with them.

I was able to drop Hummus into the Little Mountain Goats program at the lodge and then went to the outlet mall about an hour away,  There was a Coach store there!  Win!

When I got back to pick everyone up I guess the mountain had been closed for about an hour, so they had plenty of time to wrap it up and get ready for me.  I let Röbert drive everyone home while I had a nice snooze.

I am about to meet my date for the night, Mr. Pinot.  i am not sure if his last name is Grigio or Noir.  Röbert is having a lil’ Daddy time, getting his babies ready for bed.

Family time is the best!

Ski Bum

I slept absolutely terribly last night.  Karen’s dog Beefeater was up half the night barking at something.    He sounded crazy.  I finally called her at 3:15 AM to ask her to please get him to stop, and she “claimed” that Beefeater was sleeping at the foot of her bed ( I would never let that vicious animal sleep in my room!) and the sound that I was hearing was coyotes.  As if!  Everyone knows that coyotes only live near ranches.

I was exhausted this morning, and really fed up with that horrible dog, so I decided to cheer myself up with a snowboarding trip.  Hummus is old enough for the day care at the lodge, so I packed him up and off we went.

The mountains were beautiful and it had just snowed the night before so we had a lil’ powder.  I was really surprised that I recognized so many faces there.  It was like the whole town had up and decided to go snowboarding today!

When I went into the lodge to warm up a little bit and have some cocoa and schnapps, who should I run into but Ty!? I had totally forgotten that today was the school ski trip and that he is the sponsor for the ski club.  Starling didn’t want to go and I forgot to send in Merlin’s permission form, so it had slipped my mind.

He is a skier.  I would have thought he was a snowboarder like me.

He is a skier. I would have thought he was a snowboarder like me.

I think he wasn’t feeling very well, because he had to excuse himself to go to the men’s room and then he didn’t come out for over an hour.  I had to leave to meet the children’s schoolbus.