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A Model Child

From time to time I take Starling to an open casting for child models.  I also take her to visit modeling agencies, but the people who work at them are just terrible. How are we supposed to have an appointment if they won’t grant us an appointment?

In November we were at a casting and Merlin had a tummy bug so he had to come with us.  We were approached by someone from an agency in the city about Merlin, of all things.  I had a photographer put together a quick portfolio for him and he was signed.  I am a savvy negotiator, so they signed Starling too.  They haven’t found the perfect opportunity for her yet, but Merlin has been out for quite a few bookings.  Nothing prestigious, but the cheap newspaper inserts pay cash money and, as his manager, I get to keep some of it.

For the first time this weekend I saw him in a newspaper ad.  He actually looked darling!

2:28:16 ad

Cheap suit, handsome model.

What do you know? Merlin will be making more money than his daddy in no time.