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Call me, gurl

I have had the hardest time catching up with Cari over the last couple of weeks.  I think she must be busting to tell me what she helped Röbby choose for my Christmas gift and she doesn’t want to ruin my surprise.

Yesterday I ran into Mitch at the nice mall with the Tori Burch shop.  He told me that Cari had broken up with him last week, right after she heard from her lawyers about her inheritance from “James”.  Interesting.

Cari and Mitch in happier times.

Cari and Mitch in happier times.  Have I ever mentioned how wealthy he is?

I tried to call her several times, and I only got a text back that said “Luv ya! Busy! XOXO!”

So I called Krystyn who said she’d seen her at a new hot yoga I didn”t even know about.  Apparently Cari has a hot new man who is MARRIED!  She wouldn’t even tell Krystyn who he is.  Now that she has money of her own she is planning to run away with with her new guy.  They are waiting until the day after Christmas, so he can spend the holiday with his children.  This is such crazy gossip that I can’t wait to hear all about it from her!

Of course I don’t believe in dating happily married men, but Cari is such a free spirit and does whatever she pleases.

Another Day at the Beach

This morning Cari and I got up bright and early to drop off all of the kiddos with her former sister-in-law for the day.  She seemed surprised to see my three, but I am sure she ended up enjoying them, everyone does.  Cari and I have tans to attend to!

This summer Mitch is staying at the beach condo he usually rents out for the summer and he has the big cottage that was Karen’s pride and joy rented out to a group of young people for the whole summer.  Cari found these kids through her volunteer work at the local soup kitchen and they are doing what is known as a “share”.  I have no idea what that means, but I am sure they will take wonderful care of Karen’s dream home.

He looked so cute in front of his 4000 SF beachfront condo.

He looked so cute in front of his 4000 SF beachfront condo.

Mitch was already outside on the hammock when we got there.  He had mixed up a big batch of vodka and diet tonics for us and we had a wonderful morning frolicking in the surf.  I was so glad I didn’t have to keep track of my littles all day.  They are forever wandering away and forgetting to remind me to reapply sunscreen, so the beach is just better without children.

After lunch, Mitch and Cari went for a romantic walk and I lay down on the hammock for a little snooze.  When I woke up who should I see but our newly engaged lovebirds.  They were walking down the beach towards me, but I guess they didn’t see me because they headed back the other way after I waved them over.  I must say that the body language between them was not good at all.  Renata was leaning towards Ty, but he was leaning away and had his body turned from her too.  There must be trouble in paradise already.

The poor man looks like he wants to be rescued!

The poor man looks like he wants to be rescued!

I really wanted to talk to Ty, but I hadn’t seen him at all since the engagement announcement. I guess he was trying to enjoy a lil’ beach vacay and got stuck with the old ball and chain, poor guy.

Afternoon at the Pool

I saw Karen packing up her car for a trip of some sort today, so I decided to invite Cari and Amber over for a fun afternoon at her pool.  I know Mitch would want us to enjoy it, as long as we didn’t disturb Karen, so this was the perfect opportunity.

The kids were all having a wonderful time (except Merlin, who still had to mow the lawn and finish cleaning the playroom).  Cari brought “James” along to liven up the party.  He chose not to swim, but it was good to hang around with him!  According to Cari, he absolutely loves her new car and has been driving it everywhere since they bought it.  Everyone loves a convertible!

Just friends, but so adorable together!

Just friends, but so adorable together!

Röbert won’t be home until late tonight so I think I will throw a lil’ pool party for my book group!  Margaritas and mysteries anyone?

A Nice Surprise

Poor Cari.  She is always thinking of others and just gives and gives, but she has her share of bad luck.   We both thought she had finally found true love when she met the dashing and extremely wealthy “James”, but it was not to be!  His cruel children were determined to split them up and forced poor “James” out to the family summer compound and away from Cari.  When she tried to call him they would make excuses like, “He is not agitated right now so we want to keep him calm,” or, “His nurse has taken him to see his dementia specialist.”  Obviously they were just making excuses to keep them apart.  She never stopped smiling, because that is just the way she is, but I could tell that it got her a lil’ down.

Well last night Röbert and I had her over for dinner and she brought a new beau.  Are you sitting down?  She is now dating Mitch and I think it might be getting serious.

They went out for a drink last weekend and they have been inseparable ever since.  It is one of those whirlwind things and I swear they would probably elope this weekend if he wasn’t stuck with the tedious Karen.  He is trying to be generous in his settlement with her, but Cari and I are both telling him to forget her.  She is a bad person who almost killed Beefeater!

They are absolutely adorable together!  Especially when you consider how wealthy he is.

They are absolutely adorable together! Especially when you consider how wealthy he is.

So I feel like an amazing matchmaker right now.  Forget Tindr, call Lah Lee!

I hope Karen wasn’t kept up by our late night carousing.  We brought speakers out to the backyard so we could all dance under the stars (and the twinkle lights which are low enough to be romantic, but make it bright enough that a person could see who was out there!) and that meant we were dancing under her bedroom window again.  Oh well.  Hopefully her psychiatrist has given her some pills or something.


Beefeater is a Champ!

I am tired after our late night Memorial Day festivities.  A lot of people showed up and we ran out of ribs, but it was so nice to get together with all of our old friends.  I just love summer, don’t you?

Mitch was able to make it, and he just couldn’t believe the difference a few weeks with me has made in Beefeater.  Beefy looks like his old self again.  I did mention that I was worried what Karen might do to his boys, who are staying with her for a week or two right now.  Mitch agreed.  They are college boys but who knows what Karen is capable of.  Shiver!

Anywho, I couldn’t resist showing off the ribbons Beefeater has been winning.  That is right, Beefeater is a champion agility dog!

He won this one on Saturday!

He won this one on Saturday!

While I was running with Beefeater for hours every day to help him get back in shape (Lah Lee can not be seen with a fat dog! No!) I noticed how fast he was.  I immediately bought him an agility course for our yard and he is really good!  Then I started watching agility competitions on television and those ladies are not cute.  So I was out, but I decided it would be a good thing to keep Röbert busy since he has a lil’ more time on his hands lately.  He has enjoyed bonding with his dog and they keep bringing the ribbons home!

It must be sad for Karen to watch her old dog, the one she thought would keep her company in her old age, the one she let her marriage disintegrate for, the one she cried and cried over, looking so fit and healthy as he practices in my backyard every evening.  It must be very difficult for her to see how much he loves me and never even thinks about her anymore.  Oh well.  I am an extremely nice person, but don’t make me mad.

Happy Memorial Day

On Memorial Day it is important to remember the real meaning of the holiday; grilling, parades, America and the beach.  We are doing a little of all of that at my house!

This morning we went into town to watch our local Memorial Day parade.  Well three people watched the parade while two of us marched in it.

First came Merlin with his baseball team.  I wish they had nicer uniforms.  I need to get on that if he plays again next year.  He may be on the travel soccer team by then.

They weren't going to let Merlin hold the banner until I stepped in.  Some of those other kids can barely hold a bat, why should they be front and center?

They weren’t going to let Merlin hold the banner until I stepped in. Some of those other kids can barely hold a bat, why should they be front and center?

Since I had to be at the parade anyway, I thought it would be fun to march in it.  I approached the staff at my gym about doing a lil’ promotion and they decided I was perfect advertising for them.  I wore a tiara and a sash that said “Ms. Bikini Bod 2015”  I passed out flyers for the gym as I walked along the street, and when I got tired of that I saw Margie sitting along the parade route, and gave her the rest to hand out.  She dropped the ball on the gala, she needs to help out somewhere!

Princess Bikini Bod is in the house, yo!

Princess Bikini Bod is in the house, yo!

After the parade I sent Röbert over to the beach with the kiddos for some fun in the sun.  I simply have too much going on with the gala and a very special event on Wednesday to join them, plus it is a public beach.  Ick.

We usually go to a big party at the Sullivans for Memorial Day but we didn’t receive an invitation this year.  I really don’t think it is happening, so I have invited all of our friends and neighbors over here later.  Röbert will grill for everyone and I had a caterer whip up some salads and sides.  It should be fun.  I hope we don’t keep Karen up too late.  I think Mitch might stop by with the boys, who are home from school and staying with Karen until their internships start up.  Such nice kids, despite their upbringing.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Guess Who?

I was running a few errands downtown today and I ran into Mitch Sullivan!  He talked me into having a quick lunchtime cocktail with him and catch up.  I must say, he seems much happier than I have ever seen him.  It’s almost as if he had lost a 247 pound weight from around his neck. LOL.

He was concerned about Karen’s rapid weight gain but when I told him that she was now employing a foreigner who might be a part of Al Quaeda for all we know, as her running coach, he just laughed and told me that he had missed me.

I had to rush home to get Hummus ready for tennis, but we agreed to meet again soon.

Maybe next time I will bring Cari along.  He is not a looker, but he is wealthy and sweet and they might hit it off.

Maybe next time I will bring Cari along. He is not a looker, but he is wealthy and sweet and they might hit it off.

Hummus is doing much better in tennis.  Already he is at the top of the toddler group and they are considering whether it is safe to put so young a child in with the “Lil’ Lobsters”.  He has all the skills, they are just worried that the other children might be too crazy and hurt my baby.

The daily coaching I have been getting for him has been  very effective.

The daily coaching I have been getting for him has been very effective.

I am feeling pretty happy with my world right now.  I have a wonderful husband, beautiful children, a dog who adores me, a lovely garden, and a great figure.  I wonder how Karen is feeling next door.  Maybe I will take Beefeater out back to watch me cut some flowers from my garden to remind Karen that it was her own carelessness that caused her to lose it all.