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Special Fun for the Little Ones

At All Praise Our Blessed Little Lambs Preschool they take their Christmas stuff very seriously.  They don’t do any of the fun stuff we do at home, with the trees and Santa and presents.  It is mostly long church services.  Today they told me that Hummus would be doing a reading and I should really come to watch him.  It is hard to believe since Hummus doesn’t speak and he certainly doesn’t read.  Also, the service was scheduled to last eight hours, and there is no way I have time for that nonsense.

He looked so cute in his lil' tie.

He looked so cute in his lil’ tie.

Miss Sherrilyn said he needed to be dressed plain, whatever that means, and she put him in some kind of white robe when he got there.  Whatever.  The other children were dressed similarly, and a couple of the moms were staying so I guess I can ask them at drop-off tomorrow what it was all about.

For Crying Out Loud

I don’t know what is going on with schools nowadays.  All of a sudden they are so sensitive and picky about what the kids are wearing.  Starling’s outfit is too skimpy, Merlin can’t wear a swing top and today I got called in to Hummus’s sweet lil’ nursery school because his outfit was deemed inappropriate.

One of the reasons I send him to a wholesome Christian preschool is so he can celebrate Christian holidays at school. I see nothing wrong with this outfit.

One of the reasons I send him to a wholesome Christian preschool is so he can celebrate Christian holidays at school. I see nothing wrong with this outfit.

Miss Sherrilyn said that they don’t celebrate the secular Christmas traditions and for some reason Santa is too “worldly” for their school.  She reminded me that Christmas is a Christian holiday, did I know that?  Of course I know that!  I get my children all spruced up and drag them to church every single Christmas and Easter, although I may just go on Christmas Eve this year so we can skip dinner with Röbert’s mother.  Anywho, I had grabbed some clothes from the lost and found at the gym so I could change him quickly and get back in time for Aerobic Boxing, I really didn’t have time to stick around for a lecture TYVM.

Speaking of Christmas, I can’t wait to see what Röbert has bought for me this year.  With Cari’s help I am sure it is something amazing!

I finally asked the ladies in the office at Starling’s school where Ty has been.  It seems that he is the teacher who is taking a leave of absence!  I wonder what is wrong.  I drove by his little house a few times and it looks like he hasn’t even been staying there.  Poor Ty.  Maybe I should stop by his parent’s home tomorrow and drop off some cookies or something so I can ask him a few questions.

My Academic Superstar

Hummus has just loved going to his school this year.  Sure, he screams like a banshee and clings to me when I drop him off every day and he seems to be hiding under a play structure from his teachers when I come to pick him up, but all children do that.  And, as Miss Sherrilynn says, children need a bit of switchin’ from time to time to beat the devil out of them.

There isn’t much time for play at his school as they all have chores to do, such as fetching well water for the compound, minding the babies, caring for the goats, etc.  I had no idea goats were so feisty.  Hummus comes home with goat bites all over his body several times a week.  But he just loves it there.

The boys all spend a lot of time with their academics while the little girls spend their time “keeping house”.  The tradition in this church is that the children only have a few years of schooling before the girls leave to get married and the boys start raising money for the church through “Godly work” whatever that means.  Hummus is doing really well.  He doesn’t speak yet, but you can see how hard he tries on his little worksheets.

He traced each number and colored in the mommy faces. Adorable!

He traced each number and colored in the mommy faces. Adorable!

Preschool is Essential

My lil’ Hummus is already learning so many interesting things in preschool.  Many of his classmates have two or three Mommies (in one case 12!) and just one Daddy, so it is a very diverse population. He is learning some interesting ideas about a coming apocalypse and just exactly who will be saved (no foreigners, buh-bye Renata!).  He has some new hymns that we have never heard before and he is starting to object to Starling and I eating before all the boys have finished their meals. He is like a sponge picking up all of these new ideas and explaining them to me in his adorable grunts and hand signals.  The problem we were having with him sleeping too much is also cured, because he is so terrified of the plague of locusts and the horsemen they talk about all day that he can’t sleep at all!

His teacher, Sherilynn Wattle, has a book she wasnts me to read called "Why Wordly Things is Wrong".  Maybe I can siuggest it for book club this month.

His teacher, Sherrilynn Wattle, has a book she wants me to read called “Why Wordly Things is Wrong”. Maybe I can suggest it for book club this month.

All of the other moms at the gym were so jealous when they heard that I had found an all-day preschool program for Hummus that they all want their little ones to enroll too.  Unfortunately the families in the church tend to have many children, so there were just a couple of spots left.  They now have a long waiting list and Hummus is suddenly in the most exclusive preschool in town!

A Special Program for My Special Guy

Well, I finally found a program that is just perfect for Hummus and he will now be “going to school” just like his big brother and sister.  The school is called “All Praise Our Blessed Little Lambs Preschool” and it is located in a church with some kind of weird and possibly immoral beliefs, but they were so eager to have me join their congregation that they were willing to overlook the fact that Hummus is a little tiny bit young and maybe not fully potty trained. “A few hours in a pair of uncomfortably wet and full underpants ought to train him right up,” is what Miss Sherrilynn, his new teacher said.  I like the way she thinks!

His first morning was this morning.

Momma's big guy! So proud.

Momma’s big guy! So proud.

I took the opportunity to sign him up for extended day today, so I won’t have to get him until 5 PM.  I had work to do!  I moved Merlin out of his bedroom, into what we used to use as a utility room and set his old room up as a second guest bedroom and yoga retreat.

Wallah. I needed something like this.

Wallah. I needed something like this.

I think Merlin will enjoy having a large wash sink in his room, but I did turn off the water to it so he doesn’t enjoy it too much.  That kid!