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Regrets, I Have a Few

While I was away, living it up at my beautiful and relaxing ashram, life went on at home. Unfortunately, there were events that I missed.

Last year I planned a wonderful fundraiser for the children’s school.  This year, because I was involved in an unfortunate shooting incident, Margie was put in charge of the Spring Fling.

You probably remember that at my event, there was a lovely barn for a catered dinner/dance, a petting zoo and horse back riding for the children, and champagne everywhere.

5:22 interior

Absolutely gorgeous!

This year, instead of trying to make it even better, Margie held it in the school.  According to Krystyn, the children’s games were in the cafeteria and there was no band or pretty twinkle lights.  I guess it is okay to have no ambition.

4:15:16 Merlin

How festive for the children, celebrating in their classroom!

Merlin looked darling, but it sounds like the whole evening was a downer.  Maybe next year they can find a volunteer with a vision once again.


Merlin’s Doll

I was passing through our conservatory over the weekend and I noticed something behind one of the cushions on a bench we have out there.  It was pretty well hidden because it is the same color as the color on the throw pillows and it just blended right in.  It might have been there for months!

1:31:16 foot

Can you see it back there?

When I pulled it out it was Merlin’s dolly!

Last year I refitted a storage closet as Merlin’s room since I desperately needed more space for exercising and obviously he didn’t really need a big room filled with his toys and books.  I curated his bookshelf so that he now has just three books, all vintage and picturesque and he has just a small wodden airplane and a retro metal rocketship.  I got rid of all of his stuffed toys too, since they were all worn out and ugly.

1:31:16 lion

Ugh!  Lion Baby was filthy looking and worn out.  Merlin cried quite a bit when he found out that he was gone, but he barely mentions him anymore.

I was able to find an artist to create a fun and modern looking soft toy to keep on his bed so his room looked cohesive.  And now I find it behind a pillow in the conservatory?

When I confronted Merlin he started crying again.  He said his doll scares him!  I do not need a wimpy boy in my life right now.  I have too much going on.

1:31:16 dolly

It’s a doll.  Nothing scary here.

I made him march his doll right back upstairs to his bedroom and I will be checking to make sure it is there every single morning.  Someday he will appreciate what I personally sacrificed so he can grow up in a beautiful and harmonious environment.  Right now he is putting on quite a show of silent weeping, though.

A Thoughtful and Neighborly Gift

I wanted to send an Edible Arrangement to Karen to begin to heal our friendship, but I am having a tiny cash flow situation as a result of the beautiful Frozen castle in our yard and I haven’t been able to find any of Röbert’s hidden credit cards.   Being industrious, I found a lovely fruit tray online and asked Merlin to recreate it for me.

1:24:16 fruit platter

Simple enough, and he can get back to his all-important homework when he is done.

Imagine my surprise when I saw him upstairs on the computer not two hours later and he told me he was done.

1:24:16 fruit

Does this look done to anyone?  And kale?  Really, Merlin?

He is back downstairs finishing it now, but I don’t think I will have the opportunity to drop it off until tomorrow.

MLK Round Up

Yesterday was a day off from school for the big kiddos, but there is never a day off for a busy work from home blogger like me!  I had no idea how I would entertain my wee ones all day with the wintry weather we had and all my important duties at the gym etc., so I signed them both up for a day of service.

Hummus’s school actually doesn’t believe in Martin Luther King.  They say he is a hoax and everyone knows it, so we were covered there.  I signed Starling up to perform some songs and serve cookies at the senior center but old people scare her, so Röb took her to a local 55+ active living community and she dropped some oreos off in the sales office there instead.  Then she got to go help Daddy at the hardware store, the grocery store, the dry cleaner, the paint store, the garden center, the oil change place and a meeting about the new swim club we are thinking about joining.  There is no sense letting Daddy have too much free time on his hands right now, and Mommy is so badly injured that he needs to help out.  It was a very special, very long day together for those two.

Merlin was signed up to do some work for Habitat for Humanity, but when I dropped him off they told him he was too young to work on the building site, but couldn’t reach me on my phone to pick him back up.  Oh well, he had a wonderful time reorganizing their files for them and fixing up a few problems with their computer systems. In the end they told me he could come back anytime.  They must all have a high tolerance for nonsense talk!

1:18:16 Merlin

The sweater is from his grandparents.  Hideous, right?

I didn’t have time to help others, what with my busy blogging schedule, but I took a lil’ time to hang out in the sauna and get a healing massage at the gym.  Still no sign of that bitch Cari, and Krystyn thinks she may have quit the gym completely.  Good.

Smiling Through My Pain

Merlin came to me this morning and asked why it is that I am having trouble walking.

“It’s because someone made a bad choice about using a gun.”

“Guns are for hunting game or protecting your home, right Mommy?”

“Exactly.  And guns are a right protected by the constitution.”

“That is great, Mommy.  I love the constitution since it protects our rights.”

We cuddled and talked about gun laws for a bit, then Merlin said the cutest thing, “I love your funny little walk, Mommy”


I won't be doing this for quite some time due to an unknown hunter irresponsibly shooting in a very expensive residential area.

I won’t be doing this for quite some time due to an unknown hunter irresponsibly shooting in a very expensive residential area.


Another Mystery

I was going to ask the other moms who stayed for the church service at All Praise Our Blessed Little Lambs Preschool what happened and whether Hummus actually spoke, but Miss Sherrilyn said they had both decided that the tuition was too high and had withdrawn their children.  That is too bad, but maybe they now have room for a little boy from the gym whose mom I like.  She lives right nearby and could probably drive Hummus back and forth to school for me too.  Like a carpool, except with her driving.

I was cleaning out Merlin’s pockets today and I found a letter to Santa.  Good news!  He doesn’t want anything real!

Honestly, his handwriting is atrocious.  Hopefully his substitute teacher can do something about that!

Honestly, his handwriting is atrocious. Hopefully his substitute teacher can do something about that!