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Big Meeting

Apparently someone at school (Margie) has been complaining that I am delegating all of my PTO work.  Of course I am.  That stuff is boring.  I was called by the school secretary yesterday and told to come to a meeting this morning with the PTO board and the school administrators.

I know that the most important thing about these meetings is to look put together, so I bought myself a darling suit.

Business lady ready to take care of business.

Business lady ready to take care of business.

Margie was looking surprisingly smug when I got there.  The principal asked if the charges were true and of course I said yes, that I am very good at delegating.  Then I asked if there was any problem with the quality or the timing of the work.  Apparently the only problem they had was with some of the fundraising stuff I had asked Margie to do, so I told her to drop it and I would ask that cute new family in the kindergarten to take care of it instead.  Problem solved.

I wasn’t even late for Cross Fit.

School Daze

This morning was the big day!  Merlin and Starling headed back to school bright and early this morning.  Cari and I decided it was important that we show up and let the parents know that we are in charge this year, so I had to get up at 7:30 AM in order to get my hair and makeup done for my first meet & greet with my constituents.  It is practically still dark out that early!

We stood in the cafeteria with some coffee and cookies that the cafeteria ladies had provided and people could come in and meet us if they chose to.  Krystyn, Cari and I couldn’t stop laughing about an overweight woman we had seen at barre yesterday and, while a few women poked their noses in, no one seemed to want to stay.  It’s just as well; they all seemed pretty dreary.  Speaking of dreary, Margie was hanging out with the cafeteria ladies and, of course knows all of their names and asked them about their families.  What a show-off.

Röbert got a quick photo of the kids before we left for school.

Several people mentioned how skinny Starling looks and Krystyn called her "emaciated". She was thrilled, of course!

Several people mentioned how skinny Starling looks and Krystyn called her “emaciated”. She was thrilled, of course!

We already knew that Ty would be Merlin’s teacher again, but Starling has Miss Cole, who is known for being pretty strict.  I am sure Starling will charm the strict right out of her.  LOL!  Poor Amber got a new teacher named Mrs. Dingus.  LOL LOL!  How will the children keep a straight face?  If your last name is Dingus you should prroabably change it before you start teaching.  Starling and Amber were making up funny little songs about Mrs. Dingus the whole way home from school.  Adorable!  Merlin couldn’t stop talking about some special project he is starting with mentoring or something.  Oh well, at least it makes him happy.

Hummus apparently slept his morning away at the gym.  That kid must be growing, because he just can’t quit sleeping.

Amber is staying for dinner so Cari can finish packing for their little trip to the desert.  We sure are going to miss them.



Kudos to Me

This morning we held a lil’ pow wow to rehash what went well and where we needed to improve on our planning for next year’s gala.  For the most part we all agreed that it was a pretty epic party.  But there were a few things we need to work on.

1.  Some people were dressed terribly!  Margie and that woman with the weird hair both came in capri pants.  Does that sound festive?  Some of the men wore jeans.  Even Ty, who was on the committee, showed up in khakis and a madras shirt.  Next year we need to hire security to kick underdressed people out.

2. The VIP area definitely needs to be addressed.  Weird kids kept trying to sit up there.  Again, security needs to be a priority.

3. More photographers!

4. The food was totally fab, but I didn’t like the idea of paper napkins and plates at a gala.  I was scared something might happen to my dress, which I had tucked the tags in on so I could return it today.  Luckily it was fine, because Röbert would have blown a gasket if we had to actually pay for it.

Everything else was perfection.  I even received a standing ovation when I arrived at our brunch meeting! LOL

I am so humble that a group of people cheering for me is a lil' embarrassing.  But it was a good party.

I am so humble that a group of people cheering for me is a lil’ embarrassing. But it was a good party.