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Lengthy Lunch

This morning, right after I dropped Hummus off at school, I got a phone call from Röbert’s friend, Stefan.  I didn’t even know he had my number!  He said he was back in town for a meeting and wanted to take me out for lunch. I had told him about an idea I have for a business on Saturday night, and he wanted to help me with it.

He took me out to a lovely restaurant and ordered champagne, my favorite.  I was flattered that he remembered how much I love expensive bubbly, since I so rarely have it.  We had a very long lunch, and he listened carefully to my ideas and gave me some thoughtful advice.  We could see the waiter kind of glaring at us (he needn’t have worried, he got a great tip) so Stefan suggested that we retire to the bar and have a little digestif.  I scooted to the bathroom and then called Cari to ask her to pick up the kiddos for me.  She is such a good friend.

When I got to the bar Stefan had found us a cozy booth and had ordered me a delicious snifter of cognac.  Expensive brands truly are better, and I love being spoiled that way.  I was already a little light headed from drinking most of the bottle of the champagne and not eating anything all day (I had just moved my lunch around the plate a bit).  Stefan had put his briefcase on one side of the booth, so I just slid right in next to him.

The bar at the restaurant was extremely elegant, and so is Stefan.

The bar at the restaurant was extremely elegant, and so is Stefan.

Stefan started telling me a little bit about his marriage to Kathy, and all is not well in their extremely large and well appointed home, gorgeous lake cottage and charming pied a terre.  I am a feminist and would never say anything against another woman, so I just listened.  I am a very good listener.  Poor Stefan.  Kathy is just as awful and shrewish as I suspected.  It seemed natural to hold his hand while he told me how unhappy his marriage is. I had another sip of cognac and then he ordered me some coffee with a naughty bit of Bailey’s in it to warm me up.  By this point I had heard from Röbert, who said he would be late home from work, and Cari who was feeding the kids for me.  Like I said, a fantastic friend.

It was dark by the time we left and I stumbled a bit on the steps so Stefan put his arm around me.  He asked his driver to bring my car home and he said he would take me home in his car.  He had somehow managed to drink a lot less than I did.

When we got back to the house I thanked him and leaned in to hug him goodbye and somehow we ended up kissing.  It was a pretty serious kiss.  I shocked myself because I haven’t kissed anyone except Röbert since we started dating.  Except, of course, a few men at parties or sometimes someone I met on a girls’ night out.  And of course my gal pals when we have a few drinks. I have certainly never kissed Röbert’s best friend before.  I was surprised that I didn’t mind it very much.  Stefan is very handsome and charming, with an accent I have always found very attractive.  He smells amazing.

After a few minutes Stefan walked me to the door and told me he would call me soon.  He likes my business ideas and thinks we should meet again to discuss them further.  Cari dropped the kids off and I made sure I was in bed before Röb got home.  I feel very confused.  I have certainly had men interested in me before, but never anyone I find so interesting.  It would kill Kathy if she ever found out that her husband kissed me. LOL.





Photos Don’t Lie!

Yesterday afternoon Starling was complaining about being bored, so I sent her out with a lil’ art project.  She took her camera and the telephoto lens and tried to get “arty” closeup shots of some of our neighbors.  She caught Renata out looking for Dementor mid-afternoon.  Poor Renata is not looking cute. Her skin is all broken out and she has dark circles under her eyes like she isn’t getting enough sleep. if I didn’t know better, I would say she contracted a bad case of pink eye too. Amber got it at horse camp last week, and Cari said you have to be very careful to change your sheets regularly. I hope she doesn’t end up with impetigo too, Amber also brought that back from horsey camp and it is very unsightly.

"Pretty Lady"

“Pretty Lady”

Amber and Starling were off to their art camp this morning, where I am sure they won’t be picking up skin diseases.  It is a very high end and expensive camp.  I raced over to drop Hummus at the gym and had a fun lunch with Cari and Krystyn.  We were looking at funny pictures and laughing and laughing.

Injustice Towards Women!

I am fired up right now!  Starling just told me that she did not place first in the science fair.  Once again some dopey boy from the genius class won with some ridiculously boring project that he had spent months holed up in his basement working on.  Starling’s board looked absolutely darling.  We hired a photographer to take pictures of her looking sciency to include on it and I put it together for her so it would be profesh and nice.

Believe it or not,  this is not an actual experiment!

Believe it or not, this is not an actual experiment!

If they had allowed Starling to continue with her original experiment I am sure she would have gone on to nationals!

Meanwhile, I guess I’d better confess that the nerdy kid who won the science fair is my own lil’ Merlin.  Why does he want to be so weird and unpopular?  His boards had way too many words on them. and the whole project was so boring that I can’t even deal.

He tried to explain this to me but just, ugh!

He tried to explain this to me but just, ugh!

I didn’t make it to the science fair last night because I forgot all about it, and of course Merlin never mentioned his win to me.  He said that Mr. Williams and his girlfriend were planning to take him out to lunch to celebrate today, but I put the kibosh on that.  I don’t need that Renata person being cruel to another one of my children.  I explained to Merlin that we can’t really celebrate because Starling didn’t win and she would feel bad.  Of course he understood.

Do we have to go to the regionals?  That just sounds like such a bummer.  Why can’t girls win in science sometimes?

Guess Who?

I was running a few errands downtown today and I ran into Mitch Sullivan!  He talked me into having a quick lunchtime cocktail with him and catch up.  I must say, he seems much happier than I have ever seen him.  It’s almost as if he had lost a 247 pound weight from around his neck. LOL.

He was concerned about Karen’s rapid weight gain but when I told him that she was now employing a foreigner who might be a part of Al Quaeda for all we know, as her running coach, he just laughed and told me that he had missed me.

I had to rush home to get Hummus ready for tennis, but we agreed to meet again soon.

Maybe next time I will bring Cari along.  He is not a looker, but he is wealthy and sweet and they might hit it off.

Maybe next time I will bring Cari along. He is not a looker, but he is wealthy and sweet and they might hit it off.

Hummus is doing much better in tennis.  Already he is at the top of the toddler group and they are considering whether it is safe to put so young a child in with the “Lil’ Lobsters”.  He has all the skills, they are just worried that the other children might be too crazy and hurt my baby.

The daily coaching I have been getting for him has been  very effective.

The daily coaching I have been getting for him has been very effective.

I am feeling pretty happy with my world right now.  I have a wonderful husband, beautiful children, a dog who adores me, a lovely garden, and a great figure.  I wonder how Karen is feeling next door.  Maybe I will take Beefeater out back to watch me cut some flowers from my garden to remind Karen that it was her own carelessness that caused her to lose it all.



Shopping With Röbert

Yesterday was the day I was supposed to plan as a special day with Röbert.  He had suggested shopping, which was sweet, but I didn’t really want to do that because we have different definitions for the word “affordable”.  I decided a spa day would be perfect, but Röbert got a call confirming our mani-pedi, and told me that he just didn’t think he felt comfortable with that.  Just like I don’t feel comfortable with camping, I guess.  So we ended up shopping anyway.

Here’s the thing, as nice as it was for Röbert to offer, it wasn’t as much fun to do with him as it would be with one of my gal pals.  He really doesn’t like poking in stores and I think he looked bored at the makeup counter.  I did get some cute everyday things, but I didn’t dare look at the designer places or even glance towards my favorite purses.

We went to the cutest lil’ cafe for brunch and we were seated on the patio, which was fantastic.  I think Röbert enjoyed that part.

I did manage to find one or two things to buy.

I did manage to find one or two things to buy.

Our next date should probably be to a neutral place.  No mountains, no stores…maybe a fashion show or antiquing.


Sunday, Funday

Röbert and I have been talking a lot about how to spend more time together as a couple.  He suggested we spend some time in the mountains together yesterday and then he and I could go shopping together another day.  That sounded like a great idea.  We dropped the kids off at Röb’s mom’s house on Saturday night after the baseball game, and we got up early yesterday morning and headed up to the mountains.  He had bought me some cute-ish hiking boots when he got the baseball stuff for Merlin and I had some adorable hiking short-shorts and a sporty fitted t-shirt, so I would look the part of an outdoorsy gal!

Cari has been through a divorce and she gave me excellent advice about acting as if I like the stuff Röbert likes.  She told me to pretend that I was hiking on a treadmill at the gym, and I did.  It was mostly not terrible.  And of course it was divine to have some time alone with the hub.

He packed a cute lil’ picnic for us of some sandwiches (LOL!  Bread!) but he also had grapes and the darling man had a split of champagne in there for me too!  He knows and loves his wife.

Mr. Mountain man!

Mr. Mountain man!

I was tired after lunch but Röbert brought me to a beautiful waterfall, which was very romantic.  It was too cold to swim, but we dangled our feet in.  The hike down was much easier and I pretended I was doing cross-fit the whole time.

Grandmama loved having her littles with her for the day, so it was a win for everyone!

I have to look up hikers on the internet later and figure out if I might end up with some weird looking muscles if I do this too often.

When a Door Closes You Can Sometimes Open a Window or Even Another Door or a Chimney

Röbert gets home from his trip tonight and I am really looking forward to seeing him.  I wonder if he found the photo I left to replace the one of Karen I found?  I decided on the one of me in my nighty, so I expect he will be happy to see me too!

Karen was also supposed to be at the beach for a few days, but she got back yesterday evening and she looked like she had been crying.  Good.

The more I think about her hiding that picture in Röbert’s luggage, the sicker and crueler I realize she is.  I have been a wonderful, generous friend to her, so for her to act this way is just despicable.  I did find another picture I plan to put in his luggage.  I know this one will make him laugh, so I kind of hope he actually finds it.

She sure looks ridiculous here.  What could she have been thinking, pursuing my hotty?

She sure looks ridiculous here. What could she have been thinking, pursuing my hotty?

I was still feeling very upset about the whole situation, but I got up early and, using Starling’s binoculars, was able to watch her weeping in her backyard for a an hour or so before I left for the gym.  That cheered me up immensely.  Whatever made her leave her beach house early sure made her miserable.

I can think of no better use for Röbert's telephoto lens.  That is one ugly cry!

I can think of no better use for Röbert’s telephoto lens. That is one ugly cry!

When I got to the gym I saw Margie and her weird twins heading up to the children’s open gym so I told Starling and Merlin to follow them in.  A parent is supposed to be there for these vacation open gyms, and I was relieved that Margie could be there so I could make it to my Morning Stretch and Complete Body Conditioning before Spin With Quinn.  Margie seemed a bit perturbed when I picked the kids up, but I am sure she was just making up the dental appointment she missed.  I think there must be something wrong with the public address system in the gym, because I never even heard them call my name.

I love ya, Morning Stretch!

I love ya, Morning Stretch!

When I went to pick up Hummus from the childcare he was crying and clinging to that woman, Renata.  I don’t know what she does to make him so unhappy, but I plan to complain.  He is crying every time I pick him up lately, and I swear she rolled her eyes when I gave her a piece of my mind yesterday.  I don’t think she will have her job for very long.  I am a very important gym member, and she should know her place.

Despite all the stress of my morning and my friendship with Karen being kaput, I did run into Cari, the mother of Starling’s new little friend, Amber at Spin with Quinn.  We just have so much in common and I can tell we are going to be fast friends.  She is an actual single mom, which means her husband has to send her money and she doesn’t have to do his laundry anymore.  Sounds ideal, LOL!  She let me drop all of the kids with her ex-sister-in-law for a playdate and we went for a nice long lunch, complete with cocktails.  It was nice to finally relax and take some time for myself, and we laughed so hard when she told me she had seen Fat Alice’s mom in cross fit.

Cari is fun and fit, unlike certain other friends I used to have.

Cari is fun and fit, unlike certain other friends I used to have.

For a big treat tonight I am letting the children “Make their own salad” using all of the leftovers in the fridge, then sending them to bed early so I can slip into something comfortable and a glass of wine!