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Standing Up for Ass Shot Victims

Today is a day I am celebrating. “Celebrating?!” I hear many of you gasp.  Yes, I am celebrating the day I got shot in the ass.

One year ago today I was doing a downward dog pose on the deck behind the beautiful vacation home of my dear, dear friend when I was shot in the ass by a madman.  It was touch and go for a bit and I know people cried and were worried about me.  My loving husband rushed to be by my side and was the first face I saw when I woke up after my surgery.


I post this extremely unflattering photo of myself in the hospital proudly because I am a SURVIVOR of being shot in the ass!


But lets not dwell on what happened a year ago, let’s look forward to a day when no one anywhere gets shot in the ass.  I am working to have laws put on the books that make the penalties for shooting someone in the ass, or even having a weapon within several feet of a yoga studio, stronger.

Let’s all unite to make sure that these laws get passed everywhere.  I give you permission to call them the Lah Lee laws, so people can remember that tragic time and make sure that no one, especially a poor person who can’t afford a good plastic surgeon, has to suffer as I did.