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A Lil’ Setback

The silly lil’ rule about not exercising for a few weeks (Weeks!  Not days!  Weeks!) has started getting to me a tiny bit so I headed off to the gym this morning after dropping the kids off, just to hang out.  By mistake I somehow ended up in “Spin to Win” and tore an eensy bit of my stitches out.  Ouchy!  Krystyn brought me over to the hospital and they stitched me right back up and gave me some more painkillers.  Thank goodness, because I was almost out and my doctor’s office has been very stingy about giving me more.

To celebrate I had a couple of extra pills with a teensy glass of vodka and celery.  I feel a lil’ dizzy but I guess it is time to pick Hummus up from school.  I think we will all have some Benadryl for dinner, for our sniffy noses.

Trying Out

Since Cari has been so “difficult” lately, I decided to give some of my other gal pals a bit of a tryout as my new bestie.  I called Krystyn this morning and we decided to go have coffee together after Rowing to Rap at the gym.

It was fun.  She is a wicked gossip and had many unflattering things to say about Cari (I had, indeed, noticed that her butt is getting lumpy) but it just wasn’t the same.  And she actually licked her finger after she touched the pastry we ordered to share, which I find so unnatural.  It’s as if she wants to be overweight.  You order pastries when you go out for coffee, but no one actually eats them.

Krystyn is fun and such a natural beauty, but I always feel like I want to ridicule her!

Krystyn is great, and such a natural beauty, but I always feel like I want to talk behind her back.

I am calling Tabs on Monday and asking her to go on a run with me.

Halloween Party

On Saturday Krystyn organized a last minute Halloween party at her house.  Fortunately I had anticipated it and had costumes ready for Röbby and me.  I had ordered Röbby’s for him to take the children trick or treating, so he was Poseidon, in keeping with the family’s nautical theme. I like to surprise people with cute costumes of a topical nature, so I couldn’t wear the same thing I wore to school.  My costume was surprisingly difficult to find in a sexy version, so I threw it together myself.  I am clever that way, though.

Wallah! Sexy Pope. Cute, right?

Wallah! Sexy Pope. Cute, right?

Unfortunately the only babysitter available last minute was one of the teachers from Hummus’s school, Miss Adaline-Sheba, so it was ixnay on the ostumescay and no trick or treating for the kids.  Oh well, maybe next year. Röbby and I had to sneak out the back door. LOL.

Beer Garden Fun

Last night there was a pop-up beer garden in the park near Krystyn’s house, so Cari and Krystyn and I all felt like we had to “pop” in!  Röbert was a little late from work, but he hadn’t seen the kids all day so I am sure he was fine taking them out for dinner and bathing them and getting them to bed.  They were all wound up from the summer dollar matinee I brought them to yesterday afternoon.  It was some old movie called “Three Ninjas”.  Who knows?  I loaded them up with treats, got them seated and went out to the lobby to read my twitter feed.  Some of the other parents were so rude!  Sure my kids might make a lil’ noise during the movie.  Who cares?  Did you expect to really enjoy a movie called “Three Ninjas”?  Whatever.

‘The beer garden was a hoot.  Krystyn got as lil’ tipsy and ended up taking off most of her clothes because she was hot.  LOL!  We ran into Ty and his hipster friends playing skeeball.  It was so nice to see my old buddy again and he just seems happier than I have seen him in a long time.

Today is the christening of Röbby’s grad school roommate’s daughter.  It is at an actual church three hours away in the middle of nowhere, with a backyard reception in the 95 degree heat afterward.  I had been looking forward to going and discussing people I had never met with people I will never enjoy, but unfortunately I woke up with a my grain again.  When will this curse of my grains ever end for me?  I try to be brave, but it is truly a burden I struggle to bear.  Anywho, Röbert took the kids and i am at home alone, suffering.  Becuase my head is hurting so badly, I can’t even concentrate on PBS so I am watching Teen Mom 2.  Oh Leah, never change.

Röbby looked so cute in his suit, but I know he is going to be hot in this weather.  I wish I could have gone.

Röbby looked so cute in his suit, but I know he is going to be hot in this weather. I wish I could have gone.

Photos Don’t Lie!

Yesterday afternoon Starling was complaining about being bored, so I sent her out with a lil’ art project.  She took her camera and the telephoto lens and tried to get “arty” closeup shots of some of our neighbors.  She caught Renata out looking for Dementor mid-afternoon.  Poor Renata is not looking cute. Her skin is all broken out and she has dark circles under her eyes like she isn’t getting enough sleep. if I didn’t know better, I would say she contracted a bad case of pink eye too. Amber got it at horse camp last week, and Cari said you have to be very careful to change your sheets regularly. I hope she doesn’t end up with impetigo too, Amber also brought that back from horsey camp and it is very unsightly.

"Pretty Lady"

“Pretty Lady”

Amber and Starling were off to their art camp this morning, where I am sure they won’t be picking up skin diseases.  It is a very high end and expensive camp.  I raced over to drop Hummus at the gym and had a fun lunch with Cari and Krystyn.  We were looking at funny pictures and laughing and laughing.

Problem Solved

I’d had enough of Starling hanging around and asking me to do things with her all day yesterday, so I packed her off to school this morning, kicking and screaming.  When we got there I had to drag her inside to the office and it turns out that she had actually been suspended again for bullying.  The reason she refused to go to school yesterday was because Röbert and I were supposed to go in for a meeting with the principal and a school counselor and the poor little dear was scared to tell us.

This adorable lil' moppet would never bully anyone! She's a lover, not a fighter, Paul.

This adorable lil’ moppet would never bully anyone! She’s a lover, not a fighter, Paul.

I met with them alone, and signed her up to talk to the school counselor twice a week instead of going to music class.  Mrs. Weems, who teaches music, has a really distracting hairline, so Starling can’t concentrate in there anyway.  Starling wasn’t excited about meeting with the weird school counselor until I explained that it was a good place to complain about friends.  I think she needs an outlet for that.

Once that was taken care of, I was free to leave her there, so I scampered right over to the gym.  I have missed my morning routine!

After Pilates for Pros, I was walking to the bookstore, when I happened to see Renata again.  She was sitting at that new outdoor cafe next to the park, enjoying what looked like a frothy, fattening cup of java.  How lovely for her.  Maybe it will give her the energy to stalk me some more!

I know some people think she is "cutish" but I just don't see it.

I know some people think she is “cutish” but I just don’t see it.

As I passed her, I noticed that she got up to go inside the building for a moment.  In this day and age it is really not safe to leave food and beverages unattended, but maybe it is fine in Guam or Canada or wherever she is from.  It is really none of my business.

After I had made my purchase at Books A Million, Krystyn called to let me know that Fat Alice’s mom was signed up for Spin to the 90’s again, so I was racing back to gym to see that, when I heard sirens.  I was shocked to see who was being loaded into an ambulance.

I wonder what could have happened that she became ill so suddenly?  She looked fine twenty minutes earlier.

I wonder what could have happened that she became ill so suddenly? She looked fine twenty minutes earlier.

Renata being taken to the hospital does make me reflect on the fragility of life.  I will give my three lil’ angles an extra big hug before I pack them up to bed tonight!

I wonder how I can support Ty through this crisis?  I am sure he really doesn’t care, but I want to be a friend to him anyway.  I hope she isn’t a marijuana addict or have a heroin problem or something.


I can barely even speak now, I am so furious.

Yesterday I told the people at the gym about that nasty woman in the child care who keeps making my lil’ Hummus cry for some reason.  Gemma, the new girl, promised me that they would move her to another department but when I went in to drop him off there today, who was signing him in?  Renata!  I marched right down to the membership office and gave them a piece of my mind, but they didn’t have any record of my conversation with the new girl yesterday, and they claimed that Renata was the most popular employee at the club because all of the children adore her.  Well, my bebe cries every single time I come to pick him up, and someone needs to answer for that.

An hour later I was walking by the spin room on the way to my sauna with Krystyn and who should I see but sweet lil’ Hummus, wandering around the dangerous spin room on his own.

How the heck did he get out here?  Someone must be terrible at her job would be my guess.

How the heck did he get out here? Someone must be terrible at her job would be my guess.

Renata claimed that they got a bunch of hang-up calls and then a cat was released into the child care room but they didn’t see who did it.  In the ensuing chaos, Hummus must have climbed up over the counter and picked two locks to get out, since he doesn’t have a swipe card.

I don’t care how it happened, of course.  There is no excuse for them losing my child and I enjoyed watching as Renata was told that her services will no longer be required.