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My Quiet Lil’ Mousy

Hummus continues to choose not to speak.  Miss Sherrilyn says he may have a bit of Satan in him and she has offered to hold a special ceremony to compel Satan to leave his body, but it takes all weekend and I would be required to attend quite a lot of it.  I don’t think we are there yet.

He did grunt quite excitedly when he saw Renata this morning.  She came over to pick me and Karen up to do a lil’ retail therapy and he seemed happy to see her.  I didn’t even remember that they had met, but apparently Renata used to work in the child care room at the gym and she remembered Hummus too.

2:28:16 renata

Maybe she can get him to lose the stupid Santa outfit.  He won’t wear anything else.

Renata said she would love to babysit my children for me sometime.  She just loves kids and I could certainly use a lil’ break from all my mommying from time to time.  I am just not sure I want them left with her stupid fiance, though.  He might lose them or something.