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Helping Others

Margie and Fat Alice’s mom were supposed to be in charge of decorating the atrium at school for December, but of course Margie’s mother had some attention seeking heart surgery over the weekend and Margie couldn’t spare a single second from her bedside.  Once again, it was Lah Lee to the rescue with a cute lil’ “Let’s Keep Christ in Christmas” manger type display for the school.  I skipped Stretch ‘n Lift  to pick up a cute light up baby Jesus I found on the Craig’s List and headed over to school to set up.

I had only hung up the sign when there was a big kerfuffle with the vice principal (the one who wears all the ugly neck scarves) about not having Christmas displays in public schools.  Thanks a lot, Obama.  Everyone celebrates Christmas nowadays, even that weird foreign family.  It is pretty much an All-American holiday at this point.

Anywho, I told her that I would speak to Margie about the display she had asked me to set up for her and left, but not before I overheard a couple of the office ladies talking.  Apparently one of the teachers was in the principal’s office crying and asking for a leave of absence for “personal reasons”.  I’ll bet it was Mrs. Giordano with the all of the facial moles who teaches second grade.  She looks like she might have some personal stuff going on.  I tried to peek in a window to see who it was, but it was too high and there was no tree to climb.  I guess I will know soon enough.