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A Beachy Surprise

This morning, as he was leaving for an agitility show with Beefy, Röbert mentioned that Ty had called the other day and offered to take Merlin hiking with him today.  What a relief!  Merlin has been talking about some sort of invention he wanted to work on and I am pretty sure he expected me to take him to the hobby shop for a few items this morning.  My worst nightmare.  I ran out while the kids were still asleep, and grabbed some bread and preserves and butter so i could have a lil’ breakfast snack ready for Ty when he arrived.  Men!  He ate it right up!  Merlin was thrilled, I was thrilled and Ty looked pretty pleased to see his lil’ buddy again too.  They were heading over to pick up the twins and the chubby girl with glasses too.  Poor Ty.

Merlin completely forgot about the stupid invention when he heard about Ty's plans. Thank goodness!

Merlin completely forgot about the stupid invention when he heard about Ty’s plans. Thank goodness!

Since we wouldn’t be stuck with Merlin all day, I decided to take the other two to the beach with me.  They both seemed a lil’ congested on the way over, so I put the teensiest bit of benadryl in their water bottles to help them out.  They sure were tired out from all our fun yesterday I guess.  They both slept the day away.  They lay in the lil’ beach tent and I was able to surf and paddleboard and read my magazines.  What a glorious day!

The water is perfect and so is my tan. Come on in!

The water is perfect and so is my tan. Come on in!

I rushed home and made a homemade looking dinner for everyone.  Röbby asked Hummus and Starling what they had done all day and they had no idea.  LOL!  We went to the beach, sillies!

Just for fun, I enetered Hummus in a “cutest kid” contest yesterday.  If you want to vote for him, here is a link.  I think he is the cutest kid in the universe, of course.


A Lil’ Adventure

This morning Röbert was up bright and early because he had planned a lil’ adventure for us.  I was so looking forward to it; a day long hike with the children up to a gorgeous waterfall for a picnic, then hike back down the mountain.  You know me, that is right up my alley!  Unfortunately I woke up with a terrible my grain and had to stay home in bed.  What a pity!

The bed is so comfy and cute, it is a shame to waste it on a my grain!

The bed is so comfy and cute, it is a shame to waste it on a my grain!

Luckily for me, the my grain disappeared quickly, so I went into town to get a lay of the land.  I had to walk into town, because Röbby had the car, and it is really hot here.  I hate perspiring!

The town is cute but smallish; just a general store, a bait store (really, is that a thing?) and a kind of shabby chic restaurant called The Cozy Nook.  Isn’t that sweet?  I wandered into the Nook (that’s what the locals call it!) and had a cup of coffee with a group of gentlemen who meet there for breakfast every morning.  They were so sweet and welcoming!

I bought the paper and was going to walk back up to the house when one of the men I had just met stopped and offered me a ride.  Air conditioning?  Yes, please!  I was telling my new friend, Jeremy, how I sometimes think it would be better if we didn’t have to wear clothing at all and he asked if I would be interested in a little excursion to a naturalists’ club he belongs to.  For those of you who don’t know, or are too inhibited to understand how the world works, a naturalists’ club is a nudist club where no one wears clothes at all but everyone doesn’t care that you don’t wear clothes. I always strut around the gym dressing room naked, so I knew it wouldn’t bother me.  It sounded wonderful, and Röbby and the kids would still be gone for hours.

I wasn’t even nervous when we got there.  After all, my body is pretty hot, what with all of the working out that I do.  I quickly stepped out of my darling little tunic and shorts and raised my head with pride and started to cry.  I just couldn’t stop crying.  The other nudists were all hideous with fat asses and jangly bits and untrimmed parts and general disregard for the sensibilities of the people who might be viewing them.

It was very upsetting.

I took a quick selfie, because I am very brave and bared my toned body to the world.

I took a quick selfie, because I am very brave and bared my toned body to the world.

I cried so hard that Jeremy took me right home.  No more nudity unless it is in an exclusive resort filled with beautiful people.  And I mean beautiful on the outside.  Inner beauty doesn’t count.

I hope Röbert comes back with something tasty for dinner!

Rainy Day

It was absolutely bucketing rain this morning, and normally I might let that get me down, but I decided it was a perfect day for a lil’ walk in the woods. Röbert was taking Beefy over to the vet this morning to get him all checked out so I let him take the kiddos too, and I was on my own.

At first I was not enjoying it so much.  The rain was dripping in my eyes and the trail was kind of squoodgy with mud, but then I looked around and just enjoyed the beauty of a lovely spring morning, despite the incessant downpour.

I am a positive person and I enjoy exercise and nature, no matter what the weather.

I am a positive person and I enjoy exercise and nature, no matter what the weather.

My hair was getting kind of droopy though, so I decided to head back to the car when who should I run into but my old friend Ty!  What a nice surprise for both of us.  He said he had left Dementor home because of the weather and I told him all about how I had rescued a dog from a cruel owner this week.  He told me that I am a true canine hero.  No wonder Merlin loves him, he is a wonderfully kind person, just like me.

It is such a coincidence that we meet almost everywhere.  it must be because we have so many interests in common.

It is such a coincidence that we meet almost everywhere. it must be because we have so many interests in common.

Next we will be running into each other at the dog park!

When Röbert got home from the vet he was more upset than I have ever seen him.  The vet told him that in order for Beefeater to have gained so much weight so quickly someone would have had to be force feeding him in the manner of a foie gras goose.  He is absolutely furious with Karen, which is too bad since they have always been very cordial in the past.  I discouraged him from confronting her about it, since she is still our neighbor, and is clearly crazy.  Poor, sweet Beefeater, I wonder why anyone would do that to him.  LOL.

I Save the Dog Again, Of Course

Once again, I have saved Beefeater’s life, but for you to understand the story, I need to share a lil’ background info.

Beefeater was actually Röbert’s dog originally, and he really loved that animal.  Beefeater was his hiking buddy and the two of them spent a lot of time up in the mountains together.  Unfortunately, when Beefeater was not in the mountains I started to see some signs of allergies in Starling.  It was never anything that we had diagnosed (Röbert wanted to take her to a doctor, I didn’t think it was necessary) but she was just “off” when he was in the house.

At first, Röbert was resistant to getting rid of Beefeater, but then I thought of my dearest friend at the time, my next door neighbor, Karen.  Her youngest had just left for college and she was a lil’ down, so I gifted her with the dog.  Surprisingly, Röbert seemed fine with her keeping him so it worked out for everyone.  And Karen just loved him to pieces, until recently.

When I showed Röbert the picture of Beefeater yesterday, he was shocked.  He immediately went over to Karen’s and I went out back to check on the garden near our fence line.  I happened to overhear a significant argument about Karen “pulling herself together” and lots of crying and weeping and sobbing from her.  LOL.  Later, I could tell Röbert was upset, so I ordered in his favorite dinner and let him watch ESPN for half an hour.

This morning I heard a knock on my kitchen door and I went outside to discover a fat golden retriever with note tied to his collar (with a messy bit of twine.  If I were to tie a note to a dog’s collar you bet your stars it would be with some pretty gingham ribbon!).  The note said,

“Dear Röbert,

I just can’t bear to have the dog around to remind me of old times.  Please treat him as he deserves.


I guess Beefeater must remind her of Mitch and her failed marriage.  I burned the note, brought poor Beefeater inside, dosed Starling with some Benadryl and called Cari to pick up some doggy weight loss food on her way over for coffee.

Merlin has been playing with him out back all afternoon.

Let's face it, the dog is still fat, but at least he is getting some exercise.  I hope Merlin's joyous laughter didn't disturb our neighbors.

Let’s face it, the dog is still fat, but at least he is getting some exercise. I hope Merlin’s joyous laughter didn’t disturb our neighbors.

I can’t wait for Röbert to see him when he gets home tonight.

Sunday, Funday

Röbert and I have been talking a lot about how to spend more time together as a couple.  He suggested we spend some time in the mountains together yesterday and then he and I could go shopping together another day.  That sounded like a great idea.  We dropped the kids off at Röb’s mom’s house on Saturday night after the baseball game, and we got up early yesterday morning and headed up to the mountains.  He had bought me some cute-ish hiking boots when he got the baseball stuff for Merlin and I had some adorable hiking short-shorts and a sporty fitted t-shirt, so I would look the part of an outdoorsy gal!

Cari has been through a divorce and she gave me excellent advice about acting as if I like the stuff Röbert likes.  She told me to pretend that I was hiking on a treadmill at the gym, and I did.  It was mostly not terrible.  And of course it was divine to have some time alone with the hub.

He packed a cute lil’ picnic for us of some sandwiches (LOL!  Bread!) but he also had grapes and the darling man had a split of champagne in there for me too!  He knows and loves his wife.

Mr. Mountain man!

Mr. Mountain man!

I was tired after lunch but Röbert brought me to a beautiful waterfall, which was very romantic.  It was too cold to swim, but we dangled our feet in.  The hike down was much easier and I pretended I was doing cross-fit the whole time.

Grandmama loved having her littles with her for the day, so it was a win for everyone!

I have to look up hikers on the internet later and figure out if I might end up with some weird looking muscles if I do this too often.

Crazy Coincidence

This afternoon my mother decided to actually act like a grandmother and take her grandchildren to the park after school.  I just know she will enjoy spending time with my lil’ angles even though Merlin had that stomach thing overnight.  He was fine by this morning, he hadn’t thrown up since 6:30 AM, so I sent them off to school, shed a lil’ tear, and headed over to the gym.

After the gym I dropped Hummus off with Mom a few hours early (she was fine with it I am sure.  I dropped him in her kitchen, and called her on her cell phone to let her know he was there from my car.)  I had a long standing appointment for a “make-under” and a blow out at my salon, then I went and bought some cute hiking leggings and bra top at Marmot so I could go explore this wilderness area I had heard about.  I am sure you all know how much I just love, love, love the outdoors!

Well, it was a pretty primitive area, such fun, and I was able to hike around for a couple of hours before I ran into someone I knew.  I was so surprised!  Ty was there fishing on his boat.  I had no idea there even was fishing in this state park!

I had no idea Ty came here after work most days.  We do have a lot in common!

I had no idea Ty came here after work most days. We do have a lot in common!

The Cap’n invited me on board and like a good first mate I went up and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon with him.

The funniest thing happened though.  When I offered him a lil’ sip from my canteen it was actually filled with vodka instead of water.  How do these things happen to me?  I was so embarrassed but we laughed and laughed every time we looked at the canteen.

I came home with a lil’ my grain so I let Röbert pick the kids up and put them to bed while I drank a glass of champagne in the bath.


Christmas Cheer

I had the most wonderful Christmas ever, because it really is all about time spent with people you love and sharing laughter and spreading joy, etc.

A couple of my friends were instagramming their gifts and and actually bragging about them instead of just focussing on the important things and how VERY, very thoughtful the giver was. I found it quite vulgar.

But I will do a lil’ braggin’ here, because I have the most thoughtful husband, who truly loves me.  I had mistakenly thought that I really wanted this lovely glittery necklace that I saw at the jewelers last week when I brought my hubby in to just look, but Röbert told me we couldn’t afford it.  LOL, I thought he meant he was going to race back and buy it for me but of course he had a much better idea for me.  Because he knows deep down what a good and caring person I am, he made a donation in my name to a charity that helps sick children or children in the third world or something.  It really doesn’t matter, because I DO care about that cause VERY much and that is exactly how I want to spend my money, not on shallow but lovely things like jewelry.  Missy can just shut her mouth about her stupid Tiffany’s Christmas any time now.

He also bought me kayaking lessons which, hello? I just can’t be more excited.  He said it is so we can spend more time together which I am sure is much better than it sounds.  After all, outdoors etc. on a gorgeous day for a few minutes is fantastic.  I haven’t had the chance to tell him about that awful tent last week (it’s not that I can’t, it just hasn’t come up in conversation), but I hope that is not what he is picturing because that ain’t happening.

Anywho, he was all excited about the lovely new camera I bought him yesterday so we dropped the kids at my parent’s to get spoiled and drove up to the mountains to do photography today.  He even packed a picnic lunch for us which was SOOOOO thoughtful and I could see that darling little inn from where we sat on the very cold hard ground, but he is just so sweet and thoughtful.

My darling husband.  It is so cute that he wants me to spend time in the great outdoors.

My darling husband. It is so cute that he wants me to spend time in the great outdoors.

Well, let me tell you, he does like hiking around etc.  After about twenty minutes I insisted that he bring me back to a coffee shop in town where I was able to do a lil’ shopping on the web while he hiked or whatever for 3 more hours.  Yikes.  I found some great after Christmas sales.  Then, as we were leaving, Röbert told me that I looked beautiful and took a very artsy picture of me.

I do look cute.

I do look cute.

So, I am the luckiest gal in the world!