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It’s So Hot!

A new family moved into our neighborhood last weekend, so, of course, I stopped by with a bottle of wine to catch the mom, Tabs, up on all of the local goings on and be neighborly.  She and her husband came by on Sunday afternoon for a lil’ get to know you barbecue with the usual gang, Krystyn and Wesley, Cari and Mitch and all of the kids.  Fortunately for us, the Watsons have children who will be in the same grades as my children this fall, and Starling, Merlin, Alcott and Hemingway have been inseperable all week.  To thank me for having them basically move into my backyard while she unpacked, Tabs offered to take them with her to a water park today.  The kids were dressed and ready by the door at about 6:30 this morning!

Of course I raced over to the gym to grab the last spot at child care for Hummus, and came home to try on outfits for my trip next week.  Did I mention that Röbert is whisking us all away for a fun-filled family vacay on Saturday?  I am very excited.

Right now it is so hot out.  The only bad thing about summer (besides stinging insects and having to watch children all day every day) is the heat!  I don’t like to just give up like a lot of people I see around town, but honestly, sometimes it would be more comfortable to wear nothing at all.

Cool and classy.  No frumpy t-shirts for Lah Lee!

Cool and classy. No frumpy t-shirts for Lah Lee!

Since I realized how fantastic I look in hats, I have gone on a bit of a shopping spree.  Shhh, don’t tell!  I think this one is going to be perfect for the mountains!

A lil' floppy and unstructured, but still very cool.

A lil’ floppy and unstructured, but still very cool.

I think it was very thoughtful of Röbert to choose a mountain destination instead of the beach.  The cool mountain air will be quite a relief after this hot and busy week!