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Bad Day

I am having a bad day.  I can’t put my finger on why I feel so sad today.  I put Frozen on the tv this morning and threw a couple of boxes of Gogurt into the family room, and that is about as much parenting as I can stand.

I thought exercising would help, but I had to do it alone at home because I am stuck with two kids who are too old for child care at the gym.  Somehow all of that made me feel even worse.

Despite being sad, I am smoking hot!

Despite being sad, I am smoking hot!

And do you know what I found out about Karen’s stupid party?  It was an engagement party for Ty and Renata.  I should have been invited.  Ty is practically my best friend.  It is so horrible of her to steal my best friend and not invite me to his party.

All of those ugly old people must be Renata’s awful family.  Poor Ty!

Another My Grain

This morning I woke up with a lil’ my grain.  Röbert pulled out all the stops last night. He had arranged for Grandmama to have the lil’ ones overnight and we had dinner in the city at that new restaurant where it is impossible to get reservations.   Afterward he suggested we go out for a drink and he took me to a hot disco where Cari and Krystyn were both waiting to surprise me.  We all just danced the night away!  I think Cari may have helped him out a bit with ideas about where to go, but it was magical!

He also didn’t completely fail with the gift.  He bought me some beautiful shoes in the right size.  They are moccasins, so more for slumming around home than anything, but he found the right store. Again, I think I have Cari to thank.  I love how close she and Röbert have gotten!

A huge improvement over the kayak lessons, right?

A huge improvement over the kayak lessons, right?

The kids had homemade gifts for me.  Honestly, when will they learn?  Hummus has been too busy with his tennis career to make anything, so I think my payoff with him will be well worth it, but ten or twelve years off.  Starling’s gift was actually really sweet.  It was a book of coupons with things like “Good For…One Hug,” in it.  I can’t wait to redeem them!

She is just so thoughtful to think of all of these treats for me!

She is just so thoughtful to think of all of these treats for me!

Merlin made me a cake but it wasn’t even the kind I like.  Oh well, I had a lovely piece of cake at the restaurant last night.

It is all crooked and wonky!  LOL!  We couldn't stop laughing when we saw it!

It is all crooked and wonky! LOL! We couldn’t stop laughing when we saw it!

Röbert is lucky he did so well for my birthday because he pulled a lil’ prank on me today that would normally have me furious.  He has been telling me that he is “working on” the vacay, so I shouldn’t reserve the gorgeous beach front villa just yet, even though it will probably be rented right out from under us at any minute.  Then, when I finally dragged myself out of bed at midday, he said he had arranged with one of his friends to borrow his hunting cabin for a week.  He had better be joking.  He even went so far as to show me a photo.

Obviously this has to be a joke.  Right?

Obviously this has to be a joke. Right?

I didn’t give him the satisfaction of laughing or crying.  I just said, “Right,” and walked away.  I kept thinking about it all through Pilates for Pros and Extreme Yoga.  It’s a joke.  I am sure it is a joke.

It’s obviously just a not very funny joke.  I am not laughing, but it must be a joke.

I think a lil’ drop of vodka will help the my grain.


Happy New Year!

As per usual, Röbert and I were the absolute life of the the party last night.  Karen wanted it to be elegant and it really was lovely, with a small string ensemble playing classical music and passed hors d’ouevres, but I thought we should be a lil’ more lively than that!  So I put my iPhone in their Sonos system and we started dancing!  Such fun!  Of course everyone was staring at us the whole night, we have some great moves.  I am not sure why no one else joined in though.

We're doin' the Harlem Shake, if you couldn't tell!

We’re doin’ the Harlem Shake, if you couldn’t tell!

Apparently all of the children, who were having a pajama party upstairs with a magician and so many cupcakes, heard the change in tempo and came down to watch the fun.  Merlin gave an adorable demonstration of his Daddy dancing.

He was so funny.  He had us in stitches.

He was so funny. He had us in stitches.

Starling then did an imitation of me, which I found to be very mean spirited and actually cruel.  She was sent back upstairs, pronto!

I have a lil’ my grain this morning, so it is a lazy day in bed for me.

Gossip is Wrong!

I can barely bring myself to write this post because I have been crying all morning long!

I started the day trying on outfits for Thanksgiving.  The Sullivans have asked us over for dessert after dinner and I want to look my best.

Too much?  I think I look very elegant but probably should let Röbert do most of the cooking on Turkey Day!

Too much? I think I look very elegant but probably should let Röbert do most of the cooking on Turkey Day!

I was rudely interrupted by a phone call from The mother of Starling’s friend, Martha.  I can’t remember the mom’s name.  She is in one of my spin classes and is so slow and uncoordinated.   A couple of us like to get behind her and imitate her, LOL.  Anywhoo, she was uninviting Starling from the slumber party tonight!  Can you believe it?  She said Starling is a bully and Martha is afraid of her.  I told her that it was all petty gossip and she should be a better person and ignore it.  She hung up on me.  How completely rude!  I called all of my friends and told them what a bitch she is and also maybe mentioned that she has been diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder which, while not entirely true, I am sure she would be if she went to a psychologist like she needs to.

Gossip is so cruel and it hurts, actually hurts, people like my own lil’ angle, Starling.  I think I may start an anti bullying and gossip campaign or something.

Starling was upset and so we cried together for hours.  Then I went out and bought her a nice guitar because she said she might want to play it and won’t Martha and her mother be sorry when she is a famous singer songwriter and Martha is just a nothing.

Out of the the way Taylor Swift, here comes Starling!

Out of the the way Taylor Swift, here comes Starling!

I made peanut butter crackers for dinner tonight because I was exhausted from crying.  Can you believe I forgot that Merlin is allergic to peanuts? LOL.

That School is Crazy!

I am still so frustrated with the school and their absolutely ridiculous and arbitrary way of deciding who is gifted.  Starling is so smart, especially for a girl!  How many girls can there possibly be who got a B in math last year?  I’ll bet Starling is the only one.  She is such a wonderful and curious little girl.  I found her after school today, measuring away for some assignment.  Why does she have to be held back in that way?  She learned measurement LAST year and she needs to be challenged!!!!!

Warning, genius crossing!

Warning, genius crossing!


Meanwhile, the gifted teacher acted like he had no idea what I was talking about when I told him that a violin is a girl’s instrument.  Hello?  And this is a TEACHER!  Wow!  Finally he agreed to give Merlin another instrument.  The first day he came home with a practice drum pad.  Well, we marched that right back.  Now Merlin has a guitar, of all things.  Oh well, he seems to like it anyway, and I guess the rest of us will have to walk around with ear plugs in while he insists on practicing every single day.  UGH.

He'd better not start listening to heavy metal.

He’d better not start listening to heavy metal.

At least Starling is one of the most popular girls in her class.  She has tight knit little clique and they are all very pretty to top it off.  I couldn’t be happier to have her friends over.

Starling with two of her MANY friends.

Starling with two of her MANY friends.

I went in one more time today to ask about gifted classes for Starling and the office lady told me  that the decision had been made and I needed to move on.  I even offered to give up Merlin’s spot for her and was told, “It doesn’t work that way.”  I don’t see why not.  It is all so frustrating that it has given me a my grain!

Röbert is Home!

What a week it was with Röbert being away until last night.  I am exhausted and have a my grain.  I let him get up with the kids this morning and I slept in.  When I got up he had let Merlin and Starling dress up in some kind of crazy get ups!  What was he thinking?  I took a picture.  I wish that I had gotten a lot more wall in it.

8:2 wall

Can you believe it?  Starling liked those ugly things and was mad that I threw away the gift her father had bought her.  What to the ever!  I sent them up to change and walked into the family room.  Hummus was out of his car seat for some reason and trying to crawl on the sofa.  It was so cute so I did get a picture.  I was checking my phone to make sure I had a good one and the clumsy little thing fell off the sofa!  What was he thinking even being on it in the first place?

8:2 crawling

What can I say? There was blood everywhere, I was crying, Hummus was crying,.  Thank goodness Röbert was home to clean it all up.

I went upstairs to recover for awhile and when I came down Merlin was running around like a crazy man!  I need a vacation from summer vacation!

8:2 super merlin

Next week I have Starling signed up for a wonderful art camp with her best friend.  I think I will try to find some sort of program for Merlin and Hummus too.  Merlin is a bit old for the day care on Main Street but I may see if Mrs. Watkins will take him for a week or two.

I think I need a glass of wine now!

8:2 dining room

A Lil’ Time on my Own

So I woke up early this morning and decided to make a special breakfast for my whole family.  I have been having a lot of my grains lately and sleeping in a lot, so this was a nice treat for everyone!  And for me, yum, mimosas!

8:2 kitchen


After breakfast Röbert had to leave on another business trip!

8:2 robert

So I guess my life as a single mom continues.  It sure is hard and I wish my friends could begin to understand so they would be able to support me a little bit better!  I cried and cried, then I took the children out for a drive.  When we passed the Liebners’ house we could see their children were out back playing, so I told the kids to run back and play with them.  I just know the Liebners won’t mind having my lil’ angles for a few hours.  They are never a bit of trouble.  Of course Hummus was asleep.  He seemed to be about to come down with a cough earlier so I had given him a little preventative Benadryl in his lunch bottle and he was out like a light.

At last, a little me time.  I drove us right to the beach!


The waves were great!  It made me feel so much better about being a single mom!  It takes a village y’all!