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Great Idea

I had this great idea after watching Merlin yank Hummus around in the snow today.  Hummus was all bundled up in his lil’ drag behind sled and Merlin was pulling him all over the place and then tried to get Beefy to pull him around too.

1:18:16 Hummus

They couldn’t stop laughing!

Maybe I could get Beefeater to pull my wheelchair around for me and be a service dog.  That would be so adorable and I would be the toast of the town and could probably end up famous for my amazing invention!  But when I looked up how to get a dog designated as a service dog it seems like a lot of work.  I think I will just buy a service dog patch on Etsy and get to work on a cute lil’ harness set-up.  I think jingle bells would be sweet and attract the kind of notice I am looking for.