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A Few Last Minute Ideas for New Years Eve

9:5:15 LL

It is impolite to your hostess to look less than your best!

Röbert and I have a very glamorous and fun evening ahead of us, but I know that not everyone has great friends with fabulous parties. I have some ideas for last minute plans for those of you who aren’t exactly losers, but who just haven’t a soul in the world who will invite you over on the biggest, most important night of the year. Sad.

  • Dancing Under the Stars on a Fabulous Yacht: Röbbie and I did this one year when there was a bit of a falling out with one of our dear, dear friends who was hosting that year.  Just a silly misunderstanding but we needed to think fast or our entire year would have been ruined.  We convinced our friends with the largest yacht that the husband had invited a small group of us for dancing to a swing band at the previous New Year’s party, knowing that he wouldn’t remember a thing.  We let him and his wife feel the teeniest bit guilty and wallah! They planned an entire party in less than 24 hours.  Fun!
  • Attend a Fab Fundraiser at a Luxury Resort: Pitch an absolute fit when they claim they don’t have your reservation and they will eventually let you in.  When they ask for information about our donation I just write down Karen’s info.  You can do the same.
  • Dinner at a Swanky Restaurant: You will be surprised how easy it is to get last minute reservations when your name is Kate Middleton.  Try it.  I even had an ID made up to show them that that is actually my name if they try to give me a hard time.  Note: You must pick a high class celebrity, none of this Kardashian nonsense.  That will get you nowhere.  Cindy McCain might even work in Tempe.
  • Crash a Party: If you wait until late enough, not a soul will even remember you being there.  I always bring a few bottles of champagne home with me a for a bit of an after-party with my friends.  Good bubbles are wasted on most people, so, with my refined palate, I may as well drink it.

I think some people stay in and watch ugly people on television.  If this is what you choose you must never admit to it.

Happy New Year!