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Shopping for the Angles

I woke up with a start this morning.  I have been working so hard to make sure that people with Go Fund Me crybaby pleas are getting what they want this year that I haven’t bought a single thing for my own lil’ babbies.  I certainly hope that Röbby has been shopping for me!!!!

My children had the usual selfish christmas lists.  “Dear Santa, I want clarinet lessons, a few Criterion Collection DVDs, and a book about Ancient Rome?”  “Dear Santa, This year can you bring me some Atlanta Hip Hop music ?” “Mglmpfhg mmmphitteseesd”

This year I got them the stuff that I knew they really wanted, which was coincidentally exactly what was left at ToysRus this afternoon at 4PM.


What lil’ guy doesn’t want a machine gun?

Well, Merlin keeps saying he is against weapons and violence, but this is not an actual machine gun.  He will love it!

Starling is such a great lil’ mommy someday, even though she is going through a bit of a phase right now.  I found some babbies that she will LOVE!



Who knows what Hummus wants.  He is darling and so, so smart, but doesn’t express himself well yet.


Merlin says this is too babyish but it was near the door at ToysRUs.

I think I have done a fantastic job shopping for my littles.  I just hope that they have chosen thoughtful gifts for me!

Happy Mother’s Day

I woke up to such a sweet surprise this morning.  All of my darling littles had piled into bed to cover me with hugs and kisses and bring me breakfast in bed.  Toast (LOL forever!) and black coffee.  I reminded them that Mommy and Starling don’t eat carbs, but I did drink a teensy bit of the coffee.  Not good.  I showed Merlin how to make a better pot of coffee after I got home from the gym.

They also each had made me a special gift.  From Hummus (I am sure you can guess) it was coloring pages from the gym.  He just loves coloring in the gym child care and that is why I let him spend so much time there.  Obviously it is very educational for him, now that they are no longer employing foreigners.

Haha!  He had scribbled all over the place where he was supposed to draw Mommy's face in all of them.  So innocent and adorable.

Haha! He had scribbled all over the place where he was supposed to draw Mommy’s face in all of them. So innocent and adorable.

Merlin had made me a a book of poetry at school.  Fine.  But when I opened it they were all poems written by him.  The first one was a haiku, for crying out loud.

I don't even get haiku.

I don’t even get haiku.

Who wants to read poems written by children?  Not me!  Straight into the rubbish bin went that little number,

Nice try teachers, next time a lil' sun catcher might be nice.

Nice try teachers, next time a lil’ sun catcher might be nice.

Starling had written a darling paper entitled “Five Things I Love About My Mother”.  I just adore it!

Hashtags and everything!

Hashtags and everything!

Röbert said he doesn’t have a gift for me because I am not his mother.  That man had better be joking!

I think I will spend the rest of the day shopping and checking Instagram to make sure that my Mother’s Day is the best of all!

A Serious Discussion

I felt as if Röbert and I had a lil’ communication problem at Christmas.  You may recall that he got me just the sweetest, most thoughtful gift imaginable, kayak lessons.  Unfortunately, the kayaks were all used and dirty looking , so I ended up lying about taking the lessons and spending that time getting spa treatments instead.  Well, I started getting very excited about Valentine’s Day, just thinking about the jewelry I was bound to receive, when it occurred to me that a person who thinks of kayak lessons for Christmas might not exactly “get” Valentine’s Day.

I sat him down this morning with a catalog from the jewelry store, and I let him know, in no uncertain terms, what would make a good Valentine’s Day present.  I am so excited!

He was laughing like I was joking, but I think that was to throw me off.  He loves to surprise me!

He was laughing like I was joking, but I think that was to throw me off. He loves to surprise me!

I wonder if he will get the necklace or the brooch?  Which would you want?