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The Odd Couple

I was driving home from a light workout at the gym today and I saw my old pal, Karen the snake in the park with her new buddy, Renata.  Can you imagine being so desperate for a friend that you would want to spend time with either of them?  Besides being sneaky and dishonest they are two of the most tedious individuals known to man.

1:18:16 Karen

Renata appears to be doing a top rate job helping Karen lose weight, LOL!

I think I might try to befriend Karen again.  I am sure she must miss me and it would be a hoot to hear all about Renata’s wedding plans.  Maybe I could even get myself invited to the happy event and bring Ty as my plus one!  LOL!  LOL!

Old Friends are the Best Friends

I had to stop in at school this morning to make sure everyone was getting along without my constant supervision and I saw Merlin’s class outdoors conducting some sort of experiment.  It occured to me that I hadn’t seen Ty in quite a while, so I dashed over to say hello.

I have to say that I was absolutely shocked by the change in him.  Merlin has been telling me that Mr. Williams seems sad, but it also looked like he had gained a bit of weight.  He is not a fatty or anything yet, but he doesn’t look like he has been running and biking and rowing like he used to.  He also seemed subdued. Instead of the cheerful guy I used to hang around with last year, he was almost mechanical with the children.  He barely acknowledged me when I said hello.

He's still hunky, just a lil' chunky.

He’s still hunky, just a lil’ chunky.

I have to admit that these changes may be my fault.  We used to spend so much time together and I’ll bet he is missing his old friend, Lah Lee.  I know it is too early for New Year’s resolutons, but I am making, I guess, a holiday vow to spend  lot more time with Ty.  I know i can turn that frown upside down in no time!

Fatty Fat Fat

Starling has been a bit of a piggy lately.   She gobbles down the carrot I let her have after school, and I once even caught her eating half a slice of cheese when she thought I wasn’t looking.  She has no idea how quickly her metabolism will catch up with her, obviously.

Right now I have her on a strict diet because, as beautiful as she is, she is kind of “sturdy”.

It is hard for lil’ girls.  Their friends are all cruel and make fun of them for the slightest thing.  I would hate for Starling’s friends to see her eating a big ol’ handful of celery or maybe a carb filled cracker, and make fun of how fat her thighs are.  I want to protect her from the cruelties of childhood.

Exactly how hard is it to resist a fat filled cake?  I have no idea why she cried for over an hour.  I was able to resist it easily.

Exactly how hard is it to resist a fat filled cake? I have no idea why she cried for over an hour. I was able to resist it easily.

This afternoon we ended up over at the Sullivans, and Karen had made a cake for the children.  Starling wanted a piece but, excuse me, she doesn’t need any cake.  She needs a few laps around the reservoir.  Merlin was getting a second helping (boys are so lucky, no one cares what they look like) and she started crying and begging me for a tiny taste of icing.  I told her that she was acting like a big fat baby, and to knock it off.

We ended up having to leave early because of her terrible behavior.  You would think she would be thanking me for caring about her enough to say, “No.”

I did let her have a slice of apple later as a treat, but she had to spit it out after she chewed it.

And, as soon as she has a proper thigh gap, she can be on a maintenance diet.