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Nightmare Week

Merlin and Starling both had last week off and Röbby was away at a conference.  So infuriating!  They were able to watch a lot of tv (they watched some show called Happy Valley…it sounds very sweet!) and tried to keep out of my way, but these vacations while I am a struggling single parent are so difficult.  I just keep on smiling through the struggle and am very brave.

They both refused to go help out at Hummus’s school.  They said the men there are “touchy” or something.  I found a lovely lil’ vacation school at the local Episcopal church.  The priest there drives a BMW and his wife drives a Saab, so I know that is my kind of God.  Unfortunately, the children have to be enrolled in their regular Sunday School to enroll.  I think that is wrong, but the church secretary hung up on me three times.

3:27:16 church

Those fancy church choir outfits are adorable!

Maybe I can drop the kids off on a few Sundays so they can enroll in the summer mission trips.