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Hoppy Easter

It is so hard and tragic for me to be doing Easter all by myself this year.  Röbby thought he might take the children to his mother’s for the holiday, but I couldn’t bear to be without my lil’ angles on such an important day!

Hummus’s cute little preschool had a special event on Saturday morning where the children of the church members participated in a prayer vigil and the worldly children met the Easter bunny.  Such fun for everyone!

3:26:16 Easter bunny

Hummus is so reserved and he wasn’t crazy about the Easter Bunny!  He might have preferred the prayer vigil.  LOL.

This morning we all got dressed up and got ready for church, but there wasn’t a convenient service.

3:26:16 easter duds

We looked amazing.

We spent the day driving around looking for a good church.  A lot of the congregations looked kind of lower class.  The kids all got hungry and started crying and obviously I couldn’t be expected to make an entire dinner on my own.  I dropped them off at Grandmama’s late afternoon.  I hope she enjoyed them!

Hoppy Easter


Since Merlin is being grounded for creating a very rude egg this year, I have to stay home from church so he is not alone in the house.  He claims that Starling had them both write something in white crayon on their eggs and then trade them to see the secret message, but I think we all know who would use that kind of vulgar language in our house, and it is not my lil’ girl.  Starling’s egg said, “I love Mommy”.  What a sweet thing she is!



I will also be missing the fun of watching all of the overtired lil’ children having their egg hunt on the lawn behind the church, but I had Röbert take Starling and Hummus.  He has been in an awful mood all weekend, so I am sure the time in church will do him good.

Merlin is all dressed up and cleaning his bedroom.  My parents are coming over later for my home-cooked Easter Dinner.  I have a Honey Baked Ham and a couple of rotisserie chickens along with some mac and cheese and mashed potatoes and roasted veggies from the prepared food section at our gourmet shop.  I swear, getting ready for these big meals is exhausting.  Next year we will just hire a caterer.

After he cleans his bedroom he will be setting the table for me.  I hope he remembered to polish the silver and iron the linens.

After he cleans his bedroom he will be setting the table for me. I hope he remembered to polish the silver and iron the linens.

So to all of my sweat friends, Happy Easter, whether you be Christian, Jewish or Muslim.  Happy Easter even if you are a Scientologist or Catholic.

Is it pinot-o-clock yet?

Is it pinot-o-clock yet?